This Weekend With Tanya T – 8/29/14

Happy Labor Day!  Hopefully, you’ll get a long weekend to celebrate by checking out a movie or two.  New this weekend:

As Above So BelowIf you like the horror genre, then I have the perfect movie for you.   As Above, So Below tells the story of a team of archaeologists in search of answers about the world’s history.  They venture into the catacombs underneath the city of Paris, and what they discover is pure terror.  This one is Rated R for intense images and blood – lots and lots of blood.

The November Man is another Rated R movie, but this time for violence and language. Pierce Brosnan stars as an ex-CIA operative who returns for a mission that pits him against a former pupil.  This one is gritty, so be sure you’re in the mood for some hard-to-watch moments.

GhostbustersAnd last, but no where near least, Ghostbusters is coming back to theaters this weekend! In honor of its 30th anniversary, this beloved movie has been remastered and will be a fun outing for your whole family.  The stay-puft marshmallow man and Dan Aykroyd in one movie?  Yes, please!

Tune in to the Paul Gallo show each Friday morning and I’ll keep YOU in the movie loop!