Another Courtside Replay View on Sterling’s Racist Rant

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.30.45 PMThere is another thought process on this Donald Sterling full court, front page press story. It involves an issue with people like Sterling from all ethnicities-white, black, brown-it doesn’t matter. It’s the story of self-control. Here’s what I’m talking about.
If the owner of the NBA LA Clippers, Donald Sterling racist rant had not been recorded, he would have continued making his way through life as a racist under self-control. On a daily basis he would have continued to placate and tolerate people of different color, as long as they didn’t come close enough to the sanctum of his private world for that color would rub off. Other than his past fouls on the court of life, Sterling’s story wouldn’t be dominating both sports and news headlines.

Understand, I’m not taking up for Sterling, but I am saying that his self-control should be recognized as his last remaining redeeming quality. For instance, if truth is told, how many African-Americans, who are the target of racial arrows during any given day, would love to put a fist in the face? But 99.9% don’t because of…self-control. How many want to retaliate with an equally insensitive racial remark but don’t because of…self-control?
How many teachers would love to be honest with their children’s parents and say, “You’ve got one of the dumbest kids I’ve ever taught. Do the world a favor and instead of having another child and neglecting him, buy a dog. And by the way, make it an old dog so he doesn’t have long to suffer.” The truth is that the only thing keeping a vast number of teachers from doing this is… self-control.

How many pastors look over the congregation on any given Sunday and have the urge to say, God help you all, because I sure can’t. It’s only self-control that keeps him for pointing out Becky on the front row who begs him weekly to pray to that God would help in her finances, then grabs her cell phone for the next hair appointment as she quickly departs in her $600 a month Lexus SUV. How many spouses teeter on the edge of losing it in a one-sided marriage but exercise unimaginable self-control for the sake of the kids?

So, the very rich Mr. Sterling, with all his creepy proclivities, has been cast forth from the closet. There he stands naked in full view as just another old, white and rich racist. Maybe he should have exercised that same self-control in the selection of a girlfriend. But then again, in hindsight, that kind of logic is a slam dunk!