Phil Bryant for Governor


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Recording NameNotesDate
Head to Head 3:00pm 5/22/14
Head to Head_5_22_SteveShaw 3:00pm 5/22/14
The J.T. Show 11:00 am- Marty Wiseman - Director of the John C. Stennis Institute/Professor of Political Science | 12:00 pm- Geno Lee- owner of Big Apple Inn 10:00am 5/22/14
Gallo Radio Show 7:30 am- Matt Steffy/MC Law Professor | 8:00 am- Amber Douglas- Senior Market Advisor MWG Senior Services 6:00am 5/22/14
Head to Head 3:00pm 5/21/14
The J.T. Show 10:30 am- Doc Sadler as the 20th head men’s bas... 10:00am 5/21/14
Gallo Radio Show 7:30 am- John Moore - Chairman of Education/House of Rep/HD Seat 60 : MAEP 6:00am 5/21/14
Head to Head 3:00pm 5/20/14
The J.T. Show Stacey Pickering - State Auditor 10:00am 5/20/14
Gallo Radio Show 7:30 a.m. : State Senator Chris McDaniel : TOPIC: ... 6:00am 5/20/14
Gallo Radio Show - One on One with Chris McDaniel One on One with Chris McDaniel 6:00am 5/20/14
Head to Head 3:00pm 5/19/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 5/19/14
Gallo Radio Show 7:30 am- John Moore - Chairman of Education/House ... 6:00am 5/19/14
Handyman 10:00am 5/17/14
Garden Mama 8:00am 5/17/14
Head to Head 3:00pm 5/16/14
The J.T. Show 10:45 am- Harvey Saul - Saul Surveying & Mapping &... 10:00am 5/16/14
Gallo Radio Show 6:00am 5/16/14
Head to Head 3:00pm 5/15/14
The J.T. Show 11:30 am- Phil Bryant - Governor of MS : TOPIC: May 15. FALLEN OFFICER SERVICES 10:00am 5/15/14
Gallo Radio Show 7:30 am- Giles Ward - MS State Senator/Seat 18 (Philadelphia) | 8:05 am- Kipp Greggory- SuperTalk Radio Station Manager in GulfPort 6:00am 5/15/14
Head to Head 3:00pm 5/14/14
The J.T. Show 10:45 am- Jim Richards- CEO of KLLM | 11:05 am- ... 10:00am 5/14/14
Gallo Radio Show 7:30 am- Haley Barbour - Former Republican Governo... 6:00am 5/14/14


Phil Bryant for Governor

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