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11657 Recordings.   
Recording NameNotesDate
Head to Head December 9th 3:00pm 12/9/14
The J.T. Show December 9th: 10:45 a.m.: Denise Reid, Owner, Ring... 10:00am 12/9/14
PrimeTime with Don Taylor December 9th: Janet Spears, Director of Developmen... 9:00am 12/9/14
Gallo Radio Show December 9th: 7:30 am- Gray Tollison/ Chairmans of... 6:00am 12/9/14
Head to Head December 8th 3:00pm 12/8/14
The J.T. Show December 8th: 11:30 am- Mara Hartman – Entergy Mississippi Media Spokeswoman 10:00am 12/8/14
One Call with Richard Schwartz December 8th 9:00am 12/8/14
Gallo Radio Show December 8th: 7:30 am- Sam Mims/House of Rep/HD Seat 97 (Adams,Amite,Franklin,Pike) 6:00am 12/8/14
Handyman December 6th 10:00am 12/6/14
Garden Mama December 6th 8:00am 12/6/14
Head to Head December 5th 3:00pm 12/5/14
The J.T. Show December 5th: 11:30 am- Robert St. John – Chef/Charity: Extra Table Charity and Mac McAnally- Musician from Belmont, MS 10:00am 12/5/14
Gallo Radio Show December 5th: 7:30 am- Joe Nosef - Chairman of Mis... 6:00am 12/5/14
Head to Head December 4th 3:00pm 12/4/14
The J.T. Show December 4th: 10:30 am- Dr. Mark Carney is an inte... 10:00am 12/4/14
Gallo Radio Show December 4th: 7:30 am- Ron Rychlak,- University of... 6:00am 12/4/14
Head to Head December 3rd 3:00pm 12/3/14
The J.T. Show December 3rd: 12:00 pm- John Moore - Chairman of Education/House of Rep/HD Seat 60 10:00am 12/3/14
Gallo Radio Show December 3rd: 7:30 am- Jeff Smith – Chairman/Ways & Means Committee –MS House of Rep/HD Seat 39(Columbus) 6:00am 12/3/14
Head to Head December 2nd: 3:45- Rick Cleveland - Director of M... 3:00pm 12/2/14
The J.T. Show 10:30 am- Aston hall- social media director for JSU and two student protest organizers 10:00am 12/2/14
PrimeTime with Don Taylor December 2nd 9:00am 12/2/14
Gallo Radio Show 7:30 am- Mark Baker/House of Representatives/HD Seat 74 6:00am 12/2/14
Head to Head December 1st 3:00pm 12/1/14
The J.T. Show December 1st: 12:05 pm- Edward Meyer Topic: New Ripley's Believe It or Not book. 10:00am 12/1/14