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Recording NameNotesDate
The J.T. Show 10:00am 11/26/14
The J.T. Show November 25th: 10:45 a.m.: Ross Bjork, Athletic Di... 10:00am 11/25/14
The J.T. Show November 24th: 10:30 am- Scott Stricklin - AD/MSU | 11:05 am- Ward Emling - Director of Mississippi Film Commission 10:00am 11/24/14
The J.T. Show November 21st 11:05 am- Phyllis Kramer- Butterball... 10:00am 11/21/14
The J.T. Show 10:15 am- - Kathy Warwick - Registered Dietician/o... 10:00am 11/20/14
The J.T. Show 12:05 pm- Malcolm reed- famous BBQer 10:00am 11/19/14
The J.T. Show 12:05 pm- Bob Dane - Communications Director/FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) 10:00am 11/18/14
The J.T. Show 12:05 pm- Rick Ward- Writer for MS Gun News Website 10:00am 11/17/14
The J.T. Show 10:30 am- Cindy Hyde smith | 11:05 am- Teb Jones, a Hattiesburg native- Mississippi native headed to national Bassmaster Classic 10:00am 11/14/14
The J.T. Show 10:45 am- Dan McLemore - Lake Hill Motors/Corinth,... 10:00am 11/13/14
The J.T. Show 12:05 pm- lori smith director of training with the highway patrol 10:00am 11/12/14
The J.T. Show 12:30 pm- CJ Stewart - War Veteran 10:00am 11/11/14
The J.T. Show ?12:05 pm- Tommy Taylor Topic: Christopher Epps 10:00am 11/10/14
The J.T. Show 11:05 am- Erich Pratt is the Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America, a national gun lobby with over 500,000 members. 10:00am 11/7/14
The J.T. Show 12:05 pm- David Veal, Executive Director of the American Shrimp Processors Association Supports Efforts to Ensure Product Integrity and Quality 10:00am 11/6/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 11/5/14
The J.T. Show 11:05 am- Steve. Adcock,Chief of Law Enforcement a... 10:00am 11/4/14
The J.T. Show 11:05 am- Dr. Meryl Nass has debunked government c... 10:00am 11/3/14
The J.T. Show 11:30 am- Courtney Ingle- the director of News Ope... 10:00am 10/31/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 10/30/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 10/29/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 10/28/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 10/27/14
The J.T. Show 10:45 am- Blake Walker (The Citizen’s Bank) | 10... 10:00am 10/24/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 10/23/14

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