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2768 Recordings.   
Recording NameNotesDate
The J.T. Show 11:30 a.m. - Russ Jones 10:00am 7/10/14
The J.T. Show 11:05am - Bob Dane - Communications Director/FAIR 10:00am 7/9/14
The J.T. Show 11:05 am- Matt Steffy/MC Law Professor 10:00am 7/8/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 7/7/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 7/4/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 7/3/14
The J.T. Show 10:45 - John and Nancy Guice- Representing the cit... 10:00am 7/2/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 7/1/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 6/30/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 6/27/14
The J.T. Show Palmer Home Radiothon 2014 10:00am 6/26/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 6/25/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 6/24/14
The J.T. Show 12:00 pm- Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann 10:00am 6/23/14
The J.T. Show 11:30 a.m.: Brett Wilcox, A licensed professional ... 10:00am 6/20/14
The J.T. Show 10:30 a.m.: Lynn Fitch, State Treasurer of Mississ... 10:00am 6/19/14
The J.T. Show 11:10 am- Joe Tessitore is a play-by-play commenta... 10:00am 6/18/14
The J.T. Show 11:30 a.m.: Jana Bell, Development Director at the Palmer Home, will join the J.T. Show to discuss who the Palmer Home benefits and how you can help. 10:00am 6/17/14
The J.T. Show 10:30 am- Brett Wilcox- A licensed professional c... 10:00am 6/16/14
The J.T. Show 11:00 a.m.: Linkie Marais, Finalist on Next Food Network Star 10:00am 6/13/14
The J.T. Show Live from MS Blood Services : 11:05 a.m.: Doug Joh... 10:00am 6/12/14
The J.T. Show 10:30 a.m.: Bob Dane, Communications Director/FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) 10:00am 6/11/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 6/10/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 6/9/14
The J.T. Show 10:00am 6/6/14