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The J.T. Show
5/9/14: 10:45 am- Snuffy Smith-Country Creek RV || 11:00 am: John Moore,Chairman of Education/House of Rep/HD Seat 60 : Education in Mississippi, MAEP, and Rankin County School District abolishing its autism program, the reason behind this and could special needs in other schools be taken away. || 11:45 am- Mike Cheng, M.D., radiation oncologist with Forrest General’s Cancer Center : Forrest General’s Cancer Center opened in 1999 and ranks among the largest and most sophisticated regional cancer centers in South Mississippi. || 12:45 pm: Ryan Kelly, chief advancement officer of William Carey University: The significant growth of Carey in recent past, Economic impact of Carey to the Pine Belt, College of Osteopathic Medicine graduating its first class, Community involvement and alumni events, How alumni, donors, community partners can support Carey and keep it growing 

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