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ON DEMAND | | Ep. 23 - Caddyshack Roundtable
10:46 pm - February 4
Caddyshack, the iconic 1980 golf comedy, is an all-time classic. This is a fun roundtable reliving the movie with Ryno, Lindsay, and John Bond.
Ep. 22 - Rick Cleveland
January 31
Ep. 24 - Baseball Is A Companion; Don Williams
February 11
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Ep. 33 | Making Heads/Tails of Ole Miss N.O.A.
What are the football allegations? | What happens next? | Where did misleading info come from?,
Ep. 32 | John L. Pitts
John L. Pitts, Sports Editor, Daily Journal | Draft lessons in social media, crisis management,
Ep. 31 | Dan Mullen | Bret Beauchamp
Veteran runner Bret Beauchamp was blown away by Dan Mullen finishing Boston Marathon in 4:28,
Ep. 30 - MLB Opening Day special
What does Opening Day mean to you? Fans of the Indians, Rays, Cubs, Tigers, Braves, and Reds weigh in.,
Ep. 29 - John Pitts
Guest: John Pitts, Sports Editor, NE Miss Daily Journal,
Ep. 28 - Jeff Brantley
Matt's conversation with Jeff Brantley, former MSU/Major League pitcher, + three favorite sound bites from the week,
Ep. 27 - Steve Robertson
Matt and Steve cover David Turner, threats, media, and the NCAA. ,
Ep. 26 - Best Soundbites of the Week
Best of the week from Booger McFarland, Phil Savage, Todd McShay, Tim Brando, and more.,
Ep. 25 - Jamie Arrington
The Man Behind The Mask: Jamie Arrington, of Hub City Comedy,
Ep. 24 - Baseball Is A Companion; Don Williams
Lifelong baseball fan - Tigers & Braves - Don Williams joins me to chat baseball, one week in advance of Spring Training beginning for MLB teams.,
Ep. 23 - Caddyshack Roundtable
Caddyshack, the iconic 1980 golf comedy, is an all-time classic. This is a fun roundtable reliving the movie with Ryno, Lindsay, and John Bond. ,
Ep. 22 - Rick Cleveland
Rick Cleveland talks about (5:05) USM's hiring of Jay Hopson, and (17:05) the role of local media covering NCAA investigations.,
Ep. 21 - Favorite Things
May favorite moment from the past week: celebrating Bob Uecker's 82nd birthday, and the announcement of my new, 1-hour show on SuperTalk!,
Ep. 20 - Chuck Rounsaville
Chuck on how The Spirit was born, what it's grown into, and that time he interviewed Bear Bryant 1-on-1. ,
Ep. 19 - Lisa Cornwell
From world class amateur golfer, sports reporter in Columbus, MS, to The Golf Channel: Lisa Cornwell has had quite the journey.,
Ep. 18 - Steve Robertson
Robertson of scout.com discusses the "business" of recruiting, and his belief that an NCAA investigation continues at Ole Miss ,
Ep. 17 - The State of College Basketball
Is college basketball's popularity growing? Andy Kennedy, Ben Howland, and Shane Power weigh in.,
Ep. 16 - CFB Favorite Things
Checking in with an Alabama fan before, during, and immediately after their title game win over Clemson. Also, my top-10 favorite things from the 2015 college football season.,
Ep. 15 - SixPackSpeak Story
SixPackSpeak's Story - over a decade ago, some fans on a Mississippi State message board broke away and started a new forum. This is their story, with Stephen Agostinelli and Brian Hadad.,
Ep. 14 - Paul Finebaum
Paul Finebaum of the SEC Network and ESPN is my guest on NEEDLE #14. Hear Paul discuss his move to Charlotte, rivalries in the SEC, what made The Finebaum Show so popular, Harvey Updyke (17:35) and more. ,