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ON DEMAND | The J.T. Show (3rd Hour)
12:06 pm - October 18
Richard Parker and Josh Seymour(U.S. Military Veterans) stop by to sit down with JT at Shaggy's on the Rez to talk about how Veterans are involved with the Bass Tactix Tournament taking place on the Ross Barnett Reservoir tomorrow,
12:37 pm - October 18
Steven Gagliano(News MS Multimedia Journalist and Host of Farm Bureau High School Football Scoreboard Show) stops by the studio to go over the slate of games available on the Gridiron in the Magnolia State this weekend,
12:54 pm - October 18
Selling beer at Ole Miss tomorrow - JT can't figure out why Ole Miss is pouring 16 oz aluminum cans into cups,
The J.T. Show (1st Hour)
June 29
The J.T. Show (1st Hour)
November 26
ON DEMAND | The J.T. Show
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