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Scores for 10-10-14


  • Amite Co 52   West Lincoln 0
  • Bassfield 53   Enterprise-Lincoln 14
  • Brandon 28   Petal 21
  • Caledonia 34   West Lauderdale 28
  • Callaway 33   Lanier 19
  • Center Hill 21   West Point 56
  • Charleston 40   Independence 17
  • Choctaw County 42   Choctaw Central 6
  • Clarksdale 20   Saltillo 15
  • Clinton 28   Murrah 14
  • Coffeeville 33   Smithville 0
  • Columbia Academy 33   Parklane 28
  • Collins 48   St. Andrews 3
  • Corinth 64   Tishomingo County 14
  • East Marion 36   Loyd Star 6
  • Hattiesburg 62   St. Martin 20
  • Itawamba AHS 28   Shannon 14
  • Jackson Prep 24   Jackson Academy 19
  • Kember Academy 54   Hebron Christian 26
  • Kosciusko 34   Houston 10
  • Kossuth 41   Belmont 20
  • Long Beach 35   Stone County 28
  • Lumberton 46   Bogue Chitto 7
  • MRA 27   Washington 6
  • McComb 28   Lawrence County 21
  • Mendenhall 31   Richland 8
  • Mize 35   North Forrest 16
  • Moss Point 24   Vancleave 18
  • Nanih Waiya 49   West Lowndes 34
  • Natchez 56   South Jones 13
  • New Site 34   Mantachie 6
  • Newton County Academy 26   Heidelberg Academy 24
  • NW Rankin 20   Columbus 7
  • Oak Grove 28   Meridian 21
  • Ocean Springs 35   Biloxi 21
  • Pearl 54   Germantown 34
  • Pearl River Central 28   Laurel 21
  • Picayune 24   Pascagoula 10
  • Philadelphia 27   Raleigh 26
  • Purvis High 34   North Pike 27
  • Quitman 28   Forrest County AHS 14
  • Raymond 14  Port Gibson 12
  • Ridgeland 35   Vicksburg 20
  • Ripley 26   Senatobia 6
  • St. Aloysius 28   Ray Brooks 8
  • Seminary 51   Sumrall 9
  • Simpson Academy 34   Lamar 31
  • Starkville Academy 33   French Camp 6
  • Taylorsville 43   Richton 6
  • Walnut 35   East Union 14
  • Warren Central 16   Madison Central 14
  • West Jones 34   Brookhaven 26
  • West Point 56   Center Hill 21

Meet Carter…

carterJust by taking a look at Carter’s beautiful face you would never know he has been to the operating room more than 30 times.  Born August of 2010, Carter was diagnosed with Cloacal Exstrophy in utero.  He was born a fighter.

Last year Carter had an orthopedic surgery that required him to lay flat on his back and not move anything below his waist for nearly 3 months.  By the grace of God Carter pulled through. Now he is walking, talking and loving life.

Carter still has a lot of medical needs, which became puzzling when Brandon and Meagan Cline, his mom and dad, started looking for a preschool that could serve Carter.  Meagan thought that she would call around and everyone would understand his condition and be happy to accept him into their school.  With Carter’s medical needs, this was far from the case.  That was until she found The Little Lighthouse.

Upon calling and speaking with the Director, Carter’s parents knew The Little Lighthouse would be a great fit for him.  Carter was placed on the waiting list. With several major surgeries ahead of him, this was a true blessing.  God’s timing is always perfect and as soon as Carter had healed from the surgeries Meagan got a phone call.  Carter would soon be able to start school at The Little Lighthouse.

The improvements Carter has made have been amazing.  Due to all of his surgeries Carter had become delayed in speech.  Just a few months after starting The Little Lighthouse Carter’s speech has blossomed.  One morning, while driving Carter to school Meagan heard a small voice in the backseat say Jesus.  She glanced at the backseat where Carter, still half asleep gave her the “What are you looking at?” face.  She turned around and continued to school.  A few minutes passed and then she heard it again although this time it was followed with an entire sentence and a HUGE smile.  “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”  She quickly looked back and Carter was singing Jesus loves me, with the most proud grin on his face.  In just a few short months at The Little Lighthouse, Carter has gone from saying little to no words to singing the most precious words here on earth. Jesus loves me!  This is what The Little Lighthouse is all about!  We are blessed to call The Little Lighthouse Carter’s school.  To God be the Glory!


Meet Julia…

juliaThe more people I meet, the more I realize that we all have a story to tell, some pivotal moment in our lives when we knew nothing would be the same. That moment for me was when the doctor informed my husband, Baxter, and I that our little girl who had been growing inside me for 33 weeks had Down Syndrome. I was 32 years old at the time with 2 other perfectly healthy children. The wind was knocked out of me as I felt we just lost our baby girl. I dreaded giving birth to her. Had I known then what a joy Julia would be, I would have saved myself weeks of heartache and grief. Julia is now 3 years old and we have loved her 100% since the moment we first held her in our arms! She is full of love, joy, and SASS! Yes, she struggles to do some things her peers find easy and learned naturally on their own. Yes, it takes her a little longer to learn things but she gets it. Julia is as mischievous, curious, and independent as any 3 year old, maybe even more so.
Julia is in her third year at The Little Light House. I had heard of the school from a fellow church member so I was able to put Julia on the waiting list shortly after she was born. We waited and waited to get our admission call. When the executive director did finally call us with the good news, we were thrilled. Julia was 1 year old when she started school at The Little Light House in August 2012. When she began school, she could not sit up unassisted. She did not crawl, even disliked putting weight through her arms. She did not feed herself or hold her own milk unassisted. She was still young but these are all things I knew my other children did with ease at this age and I watched her peers at church pass her by on meeting milestones! Within the first few months of being at the school, I watched her get stronger, sitting up without falling over backwards, army crawling (and rolling) to get where she wanted, and drinking from a straw. Julia as learned numerous signs to help her communicate requests, objects, and daily activities. I’ve had to learn these to keep up with her! She has progressed so much in the past 2 years at The Little Light House that she is now practically running everywhere she goes, climbing stairs, chairs and anything she can find, feeding herself with a spoon and fork, saying several recognizable words, and even started toilet training this year with some success. Her teachers joke that will lose their jobs to Julia – she is quite bossy and loves to be the teacher using the pointer emphasize the lesson!
Being at The Little Light House has not only been a blessing to Julia but also to our family. Julia has an older sister (11) and brother (8). When Julia was born, I worried how it would affect the two of them. Would I have enough time to spend with them while taking care of Julia doing therapy and education programs at home. TLLH has allowed me to spend more time with them. Since she is at school from 8:15-1:15 Monday through Thursday, I am free to be more involved in their school activities. I feel like they are getting special attention while I have full confidence that Julia is being well cared for. TLLH has also opened the door to many new friendships. Parents of children with special needs rely on each other for support, encouragement, and laughter. I have found these things through friends, other moms I have met at the school. We all have family and friends who support us but not all of them know what we have been and are going through as a parent of a child with special needs. We have many of the same problems as any other parents yet there are many that are unique and specific to our children. We need each other to strengthen our spirits, lift us up to carry on another day – The Little Light House helps foster these relationships.
Our family is so blessed and encouraged by the teachers and staff at The Little Light House. I can go on and on about why we love this school. We feel truly loved by our red room teachers, Mrs. Stephanie and Mrs. Candace, as well as by all our therapists who work with Julia weekly. These people are salt of the earth and we adore them all! As the only school of its kind in Mississippi, and being tuition-free, it is essential that we spread the word about The Little Light House and help raise funds to keep it running so that more children like Julia and her friends can grow and thrive!


Meet Brody…

jedibrody2-255x300Brody is a happy, beautiful little boy with a big smile and a laugh that can bring sunshine to the darkest days. He loves trucks, trains, cars, and anything with wheels. He’s also a very affectionate son and brother who gives great hugs and big, messy kisses.

Brody was diagnosed with heart tumors through a routine ultrasound before his birth. The doctor told us they were likely caused by Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a rare genetic condition that causes tumors to grow throughout the body and on vital organs including the brain, heart, and kidneys. Tuberous Sclerosis is the leading genetic cause of epilepsy and autism.

Brody has multiple brain tumors, and as a result, has suffered from epilepsy since he was two months old. Even so, we held on to the hope that he would be part of the 1/3 of children with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex who are mildly affected and developmentally normal. As the seizures progressed and he failed several medicines, we noticed more significant delays in his development. When he was one year old, we decided to put him on the waiting list at The Little Lighthouse so he could get more therapy and help.

In November 2013, Brody went through a two stage brain surgery to remove two of his tumors which were triggering seizures. The following month, I got the call that he would be starting The Little Lighthouse in January. It was the perfect timing because he was able to start school seizure-free and able to learn.

In the time Brody has been at the Little Lighthouse, he has increased significantly in his vocalization and learned to drink through a straw. What has made me most happy is seeing how much his teacher and the other children love him. I can’t wait to see the improvements he makes in the future.



Meet Taylor Reed

taylor-reed-291x300I was sent home from the hospital with what I thought was a perfectly healthy baby boy. It wasn’t until he was eight weeks we found out something was wrong… We just didn’t know what. After lots of tests.. a few weeks later we found out that Taylor Reed was actually born with something called Pachgyria. It’s an extremely rare congenital malformation of the cerebral hemisphere. Because of this he suffers from seizures, developmental delay and a rather long list of other issues.

The Little Lighthouse has been one of the biggest blessing since finding out Taylor Reed was sick. When people ask me about it the only way I know how to describe it is as a “magical little land.” It is the most loving place and you can feel that from the second you walk in the door! Taylor Reed has gone from not being able to sit up to crawling &/or hopping everywhere! He has come SO far because of his amazing teachers and therapists!



Meet Tyler…

tyler-266x300On August 5, 2011 (the day after our 10-year wedding anniversary), we found out we were going to be the lucky parents of twins! We didn’t know the turn our lives were taking at that time and the journey we were about to embark on as a family.

The day before Thanksgiving 2011 we received news that our two little girls growth had slowed down causing concern with our doctor. We were sent to a specialist who confirmed intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). Our goal was to make it to 34 weeks, but we would be closely monitored for the rest of the pregnancy. However, due to complications we had to make the difficult decision to deliver the girls at 26 weeks 2 days (14 weeks early) in order to try and save their tiny lives. Tyler Annabelle (Twin A) was born at 1 lb 3 oz 11.75 inches long and Bailey Grace (Twin B) was born at 1 lb 2 oz 11 inches long. Tyler was smaller than the sock monkey she is holding in this picture. We use it for reference to show how small she was and how far she has come. This was taken on her 2nd birthday (12/14/13).

The girls came out screaming. Knowing in advance we were having issues, we were lucky to be able to get 2 rounds of steroid shots to help their lungs develop. As we began the long journey, Tyler was having gastrointestinal issues, but Bailey Grace was doing everything “by the book.” On December 29, we were called to the hospital as Bailey Grace had taken a turn for the worst. She had developed necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Within 8 hours of her developing this infection, she gained her angel wings. This had completely hit us out of nowhere as she was the one doing everything “by the book” and Tyler was having the medical issues.

This caused us to stop and rethink our course of treatment for Tyler. We made the decision with the medical staff at both Baptist Hospital and UMMC to transfer Tyler to UMMC for surgery to determine what was causing her gastrointestinal issues. At a little over 2 lbs and less than a month old, our surviving twin had surgery to determine the cause of the intestinal issues and were prepped (as much as we could be) for the worse case scenarios. After 120 days in the NICU and watching our little warrior flat-line in front of us twice due to infections during her NICU stay, we were finally able to bring her home where the next phase of our journey began.

Due to her being a micro-preemie, having major abdominal surgery, and her extreme prematurity, she has had some developmental delays in all areas, chronic lung disease, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and mild optic atrophy. Her speech is slightly delayed, while her motor skills, such as standing and walking are moderately delayed. Tyler’s pediatrician and neurologist told us about the Little Lighthouse once they started noticing the developmental delays and we immediately put her on the waiting list. On August 11, 2014, we were blessed with being accepted to the Little Lighthouse! God’s timing is perfect in so many ways! We were told this school had a 2-3 year waiting list, but Tyler was enrolled within 8 months! We had made arrangements for Tyler to start going to a day care 2 days a week, but the day before we got the call that Tyler had been accepted to the Little Lighthouse, that opportunity had fallen through and I was frantically searching for other options. Our prayers had been answered!

She has been attending this school for approximately 1 month now and to see how much she has progressed has been amazing. She is talking independently so much more, where before she was only repeating words we asked her to repeat. She is working hard to get her motor skills caught up as well. Not only have we been amazed, but our family and friends have noted a major change in her since starting school. We are still working toward standing and walking independently, as well as making general strides at catching up developmental with peers her same age. She has made so many new friends and looks forward to going to school each day.

It has also been a blessing for this school to be tuition-free. Since she does not have an actual diagnosis for her delays other than being extremely premature and a micro-preemie, she did not qualify for any additional medical/health insurance assistance. Therefore, we have to come out of our pocket for the medical expenses our health insurance does not cover. It is a major burden off our shoulders to be able to concentrate on helping our daughter and not have to worry about tuition to this wonderful school on top of her medical expenses. Thank you to all that have made monetary donations and/or given their time to the Little Lighthouse. My family and I will forever be grateful. Because of your generous donations my daughter and her classmates, will be able to reach their full potential in a loving, caring, and Godly environment. Her smile every morning and when she talks about her new friends, her teachers, and therapists is proof that God answers prayers and that miracles do happen!


Meet Kaiden

kaiden-260x300Kaiden was born in October 2011 with a rare genetic disorder known as Apert syndrome. Apert occurs in approximately 1 out of every 160,000-200,000 live births and affects the skull, midface, hands and feet. Kaiden has had two cranial surgeries to allow room for his brain to grow. His fingers and toes were fused at birth and he’s had one operation to separate some of his digits.

Kaiden spent nearly a month in NICU after birth and at discharge we were given some information that lead us to The Little Light House where he was placed on the wait list when he was a few months old. In December 2013, we received a call from LLH that a NEW classroom opened up and that Kaiden would be ready to start in January 2014! We were so excited!

In 8 months at LLH, Kaiden has learned the entire alphabet, shapes, colors, uses a few signs, and more! We are so blessed to be a part of the LLH family!! The fact that this amazing school is tuition free for the parents means so much to our family! The staff at LLH are so dedicated to our children and love each and every one of them, and our children love them!

Kaiden is a different person because of LLH and he is doing things that doctors said he may never do. We love LLH!

The Mann Family




Meet Henry…

henry-300x200Henry entered this world by emergency c-section and hasn’t stopped surprising us since! Henry was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after he was born. I was already in love with this beautiful boy and scared to death at the same time. Henry was the first person I’d ever met with Down syndrome and everything I “knew” about this diagnosis was stereotypical and outdated. When Henry was 1 week old, a wonderful friend connected me with a couple whose son had attended LLH and they encouraged me to go as soon as possible to put him on the waiting list. At 10 days old Henry was the youngest person (at that time) to be on the waiting list. That night, this couple brought their son to meet me and my husband. I’ll be forever grateful to them for showing us so early so many of the good things coming that I couldn’t yet imagine.

When Henry was 9 months old I received the call informing me there would be a spot open for him in January. We were nervous and excited all at once! Henry was 11 months old when he started LLH, he is 2.5 years old now and wow! He has progressed from a bottle to a straw cup, eating baby food to eating most meals with the rest of the family and feeding himself some foods with a fork or spoon (messily!!); he was barely sitting on his own when he started school, now he runs and jumps and climbs and dances!!

We have always used sign language with him at home, the school uses the same program we use, so he is signing with most everyone he knows. Henry knows well over 150 ASL signs and learns more all the time. My favorite thing is when he surprises me with a new one. The other day he told me he wanted to read the “bunny book”. It’s one of his favorites! He knew “bunny” and he knew “book” but this was the first time he put them together to ask for a specific book. I was thrilled at this progress! The Little Lighthouse has been an amazing blessing for our family. Not only does Henry have tuition-free access to wonderful teachers and therapists, but we have also connected with wonderful, loving families. Henry is smart and funny, sweet and loving, oh so loving. We see this every day at home, but TLLH has helped Henry blossom outside of our immediate family to show all his great qualities to the rest of the world!




Meet Taylor…

taylor-250x300Taylor was born with a rare set of birth defects called occulo-auriculo-vertebral spectrum dysplasia (OAV), which are a lot of really big words to mean at birth he was missing some things most of take for granted, like part of his jaw, small pieces of his spine, his inner ears, and his esophagus. Some of it is surgically repairable and he has already been to the operating room so many times, his family has lost count. He will also have many more surgeries in the future. To date, there is no known cause for his condition, and, for his specific grouping, the rate of occurrence is only 1 in nearly 600,000.

Life has not been easy for Taylor. Like many of his peers, Taylor has had some close calls. He spent 7 months in the NICU. It was there that a sweet nurse told his family about The Little Light House. They wasted no time getting him on the waiting list.

You see, Taylor has a tracheostomy to help him be able to breathe. He also has feeding tubes going into his abdomen because he can’t eat anything by mouth. Without a special sound processor, his world is pretty much silent. Because he gets sick very easily and most illnesses are much more serious for him than the majority of us, he can’t be around a lot of people. And since he breathes through his trach and everything goes directly into his lungs, he also can’t go anywhere he might encounter smoke. He also has a great deal of medical equipment and supplies that he has to use on a daily basis, and some even have to stay with him 24/7. For him, there are no trips to the fair or the beach, the mall or the movies. No restaurants or even the grocery store. He can’t even attend regular church with kids his age. So you can imagine what a blessing it has been for him to be at The Little Light House.

This is Taylor’s third year at LLH and it is absolutely his favorite place in the world (I kid you not, he’d rather be there than Disney Land). His mamma gets in a lot of trouble on days school is out. At The Little Light House, he is not some fragile, medically-complicated kid who can’t talk or hear well; he’s a rock star, a mischievous little firecracker, a super hero. They see in him all the potential he has, all the little things he does that set him apart and make him special. They see his God-given worth, and a full-blown personality. And they help bring it out so the rest of the world can see it too.

At The Little Light House, Taylor receives a great education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. He is introduced to music, art, and all kinds of new experiences. And most importantly he is taught about the Bible and God’s love for him.

Taylor has grown so much since he started at The Little Light House. He went from not being able to sit upright by himself to learning how to run. He went from staring off into space all day, to acting like he is the head honcho. He went from not responding to sounds, to singing and signing songs from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed. He’s even discovering he can peck out tunes he knows on instruments. He is doing things no one ever expected. Taylor gets to be a part of a group where he not only fits in, he is loved. He doesn’t just get by at school; he thrives there. His family could not be more grateful to The Little Light House and to all the people who support this wonderful school!



Meet Caitlyn…

caitlyn-242x300When Caitlyn Ann Stewart was born with Down syndrome, it was really a secondary concern. First we were worried about whether or not she would live. Caitlyn had problems with her heart, which took two surgeries to fix.

Once Caitlyn was recovered, we wanted Caitlyn to get the best possible care in a Christian environment. The Little Light House is that environment. Whether it’s Caitlyn learning how to say God in sign language or getting attention from her team of therapists, the Little Light House is a great environment for our daughter.

The best thing about the Little Light House is the people that work there. From the teachers to the therapists to the administration, I’ve never seen such a group of professionals who so clearly love their job. Their enthusiasm is infectious for the rest of us!

Not only has the Little Light House connected us to so many other families that have similar challenges, but it also has made such a difference for our daughter’s development. Caitlyn will have a long road with school, but getting started right before her 2nd birthday at school gives her a great head start.

It’s a blessing that the best place for our daughter is also tuition-free. Normally there is a wait list, but due to everyone stepping up an extra classroom was added and Caitlyn was accepted in only a few short months. Having a child with special needs can be tough even without considering the financial aspects, whether it be the many doctor and therapy appointments, waiting a little longer for your child to be out of diapers or walk, or living any worries about what types of limitations your child will have to live with. We so very much appreciate the gifts everyone has made to help fund the Little Light House to help manage the financial stress that could otherwise be present.

When we found out our little girl could have Down syndrome, I never thought of praying for her to be different. Prayers were said to have the strength to handle it. God put the Little Light House in Caitlyn’s path as part of His answer to provide that strength.

– Caitlyn’s Dad





Meet RJ

RJ-225x300Rj was born March 12,2010 27 wks premature. He was born with a heart defect. At the age of eight months- he underwent open heart surgery. The surgery was a success but a week later he took a turn for the worse. During this time he flatlined and the decrease of oxygen to the brain left him with brain damage. I remembered when the doctor came in and told my family and I that the prognosis was grim. My mother looked at me and said,”Don’t look at the circumstances, look to GOD.” Rj finally came home when he was fourteen months old, with a trach for continuous oxygen along with a g-tube for feeding. By the GRACE of GOD a year later Rj was blessed to breathe on his own and the trach was removed. Through God’s grace Rj is still progressing.

I ironically learned about the LLH by seeing a flyer of another child and her story. I was so overjoyed to hear about a school just for children with special needs. Immediately I called and learned that Rj was going to be placed on the waiting list and best of all it would be Tuition Free. What a blessing to hear!! My prayers where answered when I received the call that Rj would begin school August 11,2014. The school not only provides small classes with qualified teachers but also have on staff PT,OT and ST.

It’s nice to know and meet other families who are in similar situations and because it is a Christian school this has afforded me peace of mind that Rj is in good care. In the little time Rj has been at the LLH, I can see progress and that lets me know that this was a good decision and GOD is in control.