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Meet Drew…

Check out Drew’s interview on the Paul Gallo Show:

Gallo Radio Show_9_18
9/18/14: Interview with Drew (son) Angela and Michael Traylor (parents), Stephanie St John (teacher) from the Little Light House 


Drew Traylor was born on November 8, 2011. When he was 7 months old, he came down with bacterial meningitis. It was only 19 hours from the time he showed his first symptom of being sick to him being in the ER on a ventilator not able to breathe on his own. We don’t know how he got the infection and probably never will. We just know that day changed our lives forever. Drew was in the hospital for 35 days initially and was on a breathing tube for 9 of those days. We thought he would wake up, pull that breathing tube out of his mouth, and be ready to go. Oh how we were wrong! When he got sick, he lost his ability to do everything he was able to do before. He no longer knew how to eat and had to be fed through a feeding tube. He couldn’t roll over, sit up, pick up his head, use his right side, cry, or even coo. He lost all of his eye sight and most of his hearing, and something as simple as smile he could no longer do. All areas of his brain were damaged from the meningitis, and as a result he has had many, very hard to control seizures. It has been a little over 2 years now since this happened, and Drew has proven to be a little fighter. He can now eat by mouth, smile, coo, sit up, has head control, move his right side better, most of his hearing has returned, and he tries his best to communicate with us by making sounds. He does still have CVI, cortical visual impairment, so as far as we can tell he is not seeing anything. He has also been on the ketogenic diet for 1 year now to help with seizure control. He is working on things like rolling over, lifting his head from his stomach, putting weight through his arms and legs, using his right hand to pick up toys, saying simple sounds, transitioning from a bottle to a straw cup, and many more things. Drew has come a long way, and we give God all the glory. He still has a long way to go, but we know that God is in control and has a special plan for Drew’s life.

We first heard about The Little Light House from his therapists at Beyond Therapy and immediately put him on the waiting list. We were so excited when we got the call that there was an opening for Drew. The timing of this happening was perfect. Drew is now much more awake and alert during the day ready for more stimulation and extensive therapy, and that is exactly what he gets at The Little Light House. He has only been at The Little Light House for a little over a month now, but it has already been a huge blessing to us. Drew loves his teachers and his new friends. He receives OT, PT, and ST while there and is also learning about God through their Bible based curriculum. With it being tuition free, that is another burden taken off of us as parents. We are very excited about having this opportunity for The Little Light House to be another way to help Drew progress. The Little Light House has also been a blessing to us as parents because it has given us the opportunity to connect with other families that share similar challenges. We are very thankful and blessed to have a special place like this to care for our sweet Drew.



MS Farm Bureau HS Scoreboard Show : Scores for 9-12-14


  • Baldwyn 55   Belmont 14
  • Bay 39   Long Beach 28
  • Bay Springs 19   Heidelberg 0
  • Benton Academy 53   Carroll Academy 0
  • Blytheville (AR) 25   Okolona 24
  • Booneville 38   Corinth 33
  • Brookhaven 34   McComb 27
  • Brookhaven Academy 29   Bowling Green (LA) 15
  • Calhoun City 35   Pontotoc 0
  • Canton Academy 18   Newton 0
  • Central Hinds Academy 40   Prairie View Academy 20
  • Centreville Academy 55   Parklane 15
  • Charleston 48   Senatobia 27
  • Choctaw County 76   Union 48
  • Christian Coll Academy 62   Veritas School 28
  • Cleveland 46   Hernando 40
  • Clinton 19   Meridian 14
  • Clinton Chr Academy 38    Humphreys Academy 0
  • Coffeeville 58   Houlka 0
  • Collins 40   Bassfield 34
  • Crystal Springs 34   Raymond 0
  • D’Iberville 21   Pascagoula 10
  • East Central 42   Perry Central 20
  • East Marion 44   Hazlehurst 14
  • East Rankin Academy 31   Tri-County Academy 21
  • East Union 40   Tupelo Christian 9
  • Enterprise-Clarke 48   Pisgah 24
  • Eupora 42   Ethel Tigers 16
  • Florence 21  Terry 14
  • Forest 33   Newton County 21
  • French Camp 14   Noxapater 13
  • George County 26   Vancleave 9
  • Germantown 19   North Pike 16
  • Grenada 27   Kosciusko 14
  • Gulfport 28   Moss Point 6
  • Hamilton 46   Vardaman 13
  • Hancock 34   Sumrall 15
  • Harrison Central 35   Greene County 0
  • Hatley 40   Alcorn Central 0
  • Hebron Christian School 30    Calvary Christian School 6
  • Houlka 58   Coffeeville 0
  • Houston 26   East Webster 7
  • Jackson Academy 35   Heritage Academy 13
  • Jackson Prep 35   Lamar School 0
  • JZ George 21   Winona 14
  • Kossuth 39   Tishomingo County 0
  • Lake 24   Lloyd Star 6
  • Lawrence County 21   Prentiss 20
  • Leake County 58   Enterprise-Lincoln 8
  • Lee Academy-MS 35   Tunica 0
  • Magnolia Heights 69   Marshall Academy 40
  • Mooreville 40   Mantachie 6
  • Morton 34   Scott Central 6
  • Mt Olive 8   Bogue Chitto 0
  • Murrah 24   Callaway 14
  • North Forrest 32   Wingfield 22
  • Nanih Waiya 49   East Oktibbeha 0
  • New Hope 41   Caledonia 17
  • New Site 34  Columbus Christian 26
  • North Delta School 34    Kirk Academy 21
  • North Forrest 32   Wingfield 22
  • North Panola 34   Ripley 32
  • North Pontotoc 63   South Pontotoc 33
  • NE Jones 28   South Jones 13
  • Noxubee 29   Aberdeen 0
  • Oak Hill Academy 14   Winston Academy 0
  • Oak Grove 59   Biloxi 35
  • Ocean Springs 24   Gautier 13
  • Oxford 41   Lafayette 7
  • PCS 35   Richton 24
  • Pass Christian 48   West Harrison 17
  • Pearl 26   Mendenhall 12
  • Petal 40   Madison Central 37
  • Picayune 19   Pearl River Central 14
  • Poplarville 43   Stone 42
  • Provine 36   Lanier 0  (Game called with 6:48 left in 3Q due to lightening.)
  • Resurrection Catholic 29   Lumberton 0
  • Richland 20   McLaurin 14
  • St. Patrick 35   W Lincoln 0
  • St. Stanislaus 34   St. Martin 31
  • Salem 37   Stringer 20
  • Shaw 28   Durant 0
  • Silliman 28   Copiah Academy 7
  • Simpson Academy 42   Leake Academy 0
  • Smithville 20   Thrasher 7
  • Southeast Lauderdale 42   Clarksdale 0
  • Stone County 42   Poplarville 35
  • Sylva Bay 40   Park Place 0
  • Trinity Episcopal 32    Porters Chapel Academy 25
  • Tylertown at Franklin Co. cancelled due to lightening.
  • Washington School 35   River Oaks School 6
  • Wayne County 49   Hattiesburg 6
  • West Bolivar 20   Cleveland Eastside 13
  • Vicksburg 21   Gentry 14
  • Victory Christian 64   Tabernacle 20
  • Warren Central 30   Natchez 0
  • Water Valley 32   Bruce 21
  • West Bolivar 20   East Side 13
  • West Point 35   Columbus 7
  • Yazoo County 42   Jim Hill 0





Meet Huntleigh

Check out Huntleigh’s interview on Head to Head:

H2H Interview with the LLH
9/9/14: Interview with Candice, Beth and Huntleigh from the Little Light House 



During a routine check up while I was pregnant, Huntleigh was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and a Bilateral Interventricular Hemorrhage.  Hydrocephalus basically means “water on the brain”.  Hydrocephalus occurs when the cerebral spinal fluid is blocked within the ventricles causing the ventricles to enlarge.  Huntleighs’ ventricles were so large that the fluid ended up pushing her brain to to the rim of her skull.  Somewhere along the way, she also had two hemorrhages within her ventricles.  Both of these events cause brain damage.  I can remember talking with the surgeon one day and him telling us that Huntleigh would most likely be a “vegetable”.  He said to not expect much out of her life.

20130905_072330_resizedAfter Huntleigh was born she had brain surgery and received a VP shunt.  The shunt drains the fluid from her brain caused by the hydrocephalus.  The shunt is not a cure, but it does allow her to regulate her fluid in a more normal way.  She was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and also has seizures.  All of these things combined made it hard to find a place that she could go to school.  A nurse in the NICU gave me information on The Little Light House and I immediately put her on the waiting list.  We were told that it would be two to three years before she would be able to attend.

The daycare Huntleigh was attending was beginning to not be able to accommodate her needs anymore.  I was so stressed about what to do and where to put her. Soon after that, I received the phone call that Huntleigh had been accepted into The Little Light House.  She attended the school for a little over two years. I can not express what this school has meant for her.  When she started she was just starting to sit up, did not say very many words, and had no imaginative play.

She graduated this past May walking, talking (and doesn’t stop), and has the biggest imagination of any three year old I know.  The Little Light House is a beacon of hope for families like ours.  It is a ministry not only to the kids but also to the families.  We are proud to be a part of this family.



Meet Grace

Grace was diagnosed prenatally with severe brain birth defects and was not expected to live. The doctors told us that if she did live she would live with severe disabilities. She was born screaming and has made her presence in our lives known! I learned about tllh through friends, and I knew it was the perfect place for Grace.

grace-300x291She got on The Little Light House waiting list when she was 11 months old. We were told it could take 1-2 years for a spot for her to become available. I’m not sure how but when I called to check her status on the waiting list, she had moved up from number 23 to number 7 within months! We got a call a few months later saying there was a spot and it could be hers!! We were overjoyed! Grace started at TLLH when she was 19 months old. When she started, she could only crawl, was still drinking from bottles, wasn’t very interactive with her peers, wasn’t saying any words, and could hardly use her hands purposefully at all.

Now, at 3 years old, she can walk with a walker, is beginning to learn how to balance so that she can walk on her own, holds and drinks from a straw cup, plays alongside her friends, can now say some words, can sing lots of songs, has learned a few signs, and can do things like stack rings on a ring stacker. Tllh to us means hope and a brighter future for Grace! She has learned and grown so much over the past two years! The staff and other parents at tllh are a huge support to us as parents, and tllh provides a place of community and belonging. We are forever thankful for this amazing place!



Meet Sophia

sofia-290x300All we had were two pictures and two sentences about little Sofia when we signed up for the Little Light House waiting list. While we were dreaming about our daughter halfway around the world and talking to other parents of children with Down syndrome, we kept hearing about this wonderful school that served kids who needed help meeting their developmental milestones. I remember being shocked at how far down we were on the waiting list and thinking Sofia would probably not make it in before she was too old to attend. But to our surprise, in August 2013, just nine months after Sofia officially became a Mississippian, we got a call that there was a spot for her! And after one year we have already seen the blessings flow in Sofia’s daily life. She feeds herself real food with a spoon (quickly), chases her big sister Riley everywhere (also quickly), and most recently has begun signing her first words, “eat” and “more” (yes, there’s a theme…). We are so grateful to everyone at the Little Light House. And we can think of nothing we want more than for more kids on that super long waiting list the opportunity to be loved and nurtured by the amazing professionals at the Little Light House.

All of this happens with no tuition to the families. That means we rely on generous donations to keep the school running. The biggest fundraising event of the year is coming up and we need your help.

Sign up to run the Laps for Little Ones 5K and fun run in honor of Sofia!


Meet Walt…

Walt was diagnosed with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect called AV canal in utero. We immediately put him on the waiting list at The Little Light House, and were told that it would probably be 3 years before he got in.

waltWhen he was 6 months old, I received a call at work from the director. We talked about how our days were going and the upcoming Tees for Tots fundraiser. Then, she casually said that she had some great news for us. I was expecting it to be 2-3 more years before there was a spot open for Walt at TLLH so that was the last thing I was expecting her to say. To my surprise, the good news actually was that Walt would be able to start at TLLH the following fall!!! I immediately started crying, thanking her and praising the Lord for this great news! I was so overwhelmed with joy because I knew that this was going to be so amazing for Walt, but I never could have imagined just how amazing and life changing his time at TLLH would be.

On his first day at TLLH, he wasn’t even able to sit up independently. In his first year, he had two open heart surgeries and a sternal revision to repair his sternum follwing the open heart surgeries. Although the surgeries may have set him back a little developmentally, you would never know. The teachers and therapists at TLLH work so hard to help him not just meet his goals, but exceed them. By the beginning of his second school year, he was able to eat, stand, and even walk on his own!!! I am absolutely blown away by the progress that he has made in just one year at TLLH, and I can’t wait to see what he is able to accomplish in the future at this AMAZING school!


Meet Hollis…

hollisHollis is our 4 1/2 year old daughter who was diagnosed with a rare brain abnormality called Incomplete Lissencephaly. She is our joyful little miracle! We were absolutely thrilled to get the phone call that Hollis was off of the waiting list and would be attending LLH this fall! Hollis has been at LLH for a couple of weeks, and we love it so much. All staff go above and beyond to find was to teach each individual child. Stephanie and Candice are such amazing teachers. Hollis is working on motor skills, cause & effect, and learning through music. We are so excited to be part of LLH family! It truly is a blessing in every way! – Hollis’ Mom




MS Farm Bureau HS Scoreboard Show : Scores for 9-05-14


  • Aberdeen 36   Amory 28
  • Baldwyn 30   Mooreville 14
  • Bassfield 44   Prentiss 16
  • Bay High 17   West Harrison 7
  • Bay Springs 49   Pelahatchie 6
  • Belmont 35   Tishomingo County 21
  • Bowling Green School 13   WCCA 12
  • Brandon 21   Clinton 7
  • Briarfield Academy 72   Strider Academy 18
  • Caledonia 46   Smithville 13
  • Calhoun Academy 42   North Sunflower 12
  • Calhoun City 28   Water Valley 7
  • Cathedral 52   Bogue Chitto 17
  • Centerhill 45   Byhalia 6
  • Central Academy 44   The Veritas School 0
  • Claiborne Academy 60   Prairie View Academy 32
  • Cleveland High 61   Leland 20
  • Coffeeville 36   Bruce 13
  • Corinth 45   Lewisburg 27
  • Enterprise-Clarke 28   Stringer 7
  • Eupora 35   Winona Tigers 14
  • Florence 73   McLaurin 32
  • Forest Hill 39   Wingfield 0
  • Franklinton (LA) 20   Tylertown 12
  • Germantown 21   Mendenhall 8
  • George County 45   South Jones 7
  • Greenville Christian Sch 39   Desoto School 16
  • Greneda 21   Greenville-Weston 6
  • Harrison Central 38   Collins 24
  • Hazelhurst 24   S Delta 12
  • Heidelberg Academy 32   Central Holmes 12
  • Houston 44   Okalona 6
  • Jackson Prep 38   Forest HS 2
  • JZ George 35   Montgomery County 12
  • Kemper County 58   French Camp 6
  • Kosciusko 30   Newton County 7
  • Kossuth 44   New Site 16
  • Lafayette 3   DeSoto Central 0
  • Lamar 7   ERA 0
  • Laurel 42   Northeast Jones 0
  • Leake Academy 30   Manchester Academy 24
  • Macon Central 44   Veritas 0
  • Madison Central 33   West Monroe 21
  • Magnolia Heights 40   Jackson Academy 26
  • Mantachie 19   South Pontotoc 16
  • Marshall Academy 55   Tunica Academy 6
  • Murrah 41   Jim Hill 0
  • New Hope 35   Columbus 24
  • Newton County Academy 40   Porters Chapel 0
  • North Forrest 22   Seminary 20
  • North Pike 28   Brookhaven 27
  • Northwest Rankin 42   Pearl 21
  • Noxapater 47   Vardaman 7
  • Noxubee Co 49   Louisville 14
  • Oak Forest 38   PCS 14
  • Ocean Springs 14   Moss Point 0
  • Olive Branch 26   Charleston 16
  • Petal 31   West Jones 0
  • Philadelphia 37   Neshoba 19
  • Picayune 19   D’Iberville 10
  • Pillow Academy 48   Lee Academy 0
  • Pontotoc 16   New Albany 14
  • Poplarville 48   Long Beach 10
  • Potts Camp 21   East Union 20
  • Prattville 43   Gulfport 23
  • Prentiss 21   Brookhaven Academy 20
  • Provine 8   Callaway 7
  • Puckett 33   Enterprise-Lincoln 6
  • Purvis 21   Sumrall 14
  • Resurrection 12   Salem 7
  • Richland 35   Riverside 0
  • Richton HS 48   Wayne Academy 0
  • Riverfield Academy 48   Riverdale Academy 6
  • Sacred Heart 31   Park Place 14
  • St. Aloysius 31   Madison St. Joe 7
  • St. Andrews 14   Pisgah 6
  • St. Joe 47   West Lowndes 22
  • Saltillo 22   Itawamba AHS 7
  • Silliman 20   Parklane Academy 6
  • Simpson 20   Canton Academy 0
  • Smithville 46   Caledonia 13
  • South Panola 42   Meridian 13
  • Southeast Lauderdale 34   Northeast Lauderdale 7
  • Springfield (LA) 33   Loyd Star 12
  • Starkville 34   West Point 3
  • Starkville Academy 24   Washington School 0
  • Stone co 28   Forrest Co AHS 14
  • Taylorsville 14   MRA 6
  • Terry 16   Ridgeland 13
  • Trinity 20   Central Private 7
  • Tupelo 38   Shannon 8
  • Union 54   Sebastopol 33
  • Walnut 44   Alcorn Central 6
  • Warren Central 42   Vicksburg 0
  • Wayne County 46   Quitman 0
  • Wesson 28   West Lauderdale 19
  • West Memphis Chr Sch 38    Lee Academy (AR) 0
  • Wilkinson Co 38   Amite Co 16
  • Yazoo Co 13   Velma Jackson 2

Meet Lottie…

lottieLottie is three years old and has spina bifida. She began attending The Little Lighthouse in August of 2014.  Lottie was adopted from China into her forever family in April of 2013. Her parents did not know much about her condition when they brought her home and began seeing specialists and reaching out to others in the special needs community to learn as much as they could about providing for Lottie’s needs. So many people they talked with highly recommended The Little Lighthouse and had wonderful stories to share about the difference the school had made in the lives of children they knew.

Lottie’s parents called The Little Lighthouse to have her added to the waiting list and were told she would be number 44 on the list and to expect a wait of possibly three years! While they were initially discouraged by the potential wait, they also knew and trusted that God’s timing was perfect and committed to praying for God’s will to be done in Lottie’s admittance to The Little Lighthouse.

Just eight months after joining the waiting list, they received a call that there was a spot available for Lottie beginning in August!  Lottie’s family was soexcited and rejoiced in such an answer to prayer. Although Lottie has only completed a few weeks at The Little Lighthouse so far, she is definitely thriving and loving her new school environment. Herteachers greet her with a warm welcome every morning and have made her transition to the schoolso seamless and positive. Her parents, teachers, and therapists have already seen Lottie reach a significant milestone since starting just a few short weeks ago. When she started at The Little Lighthouse, Lottie had just begun using a walker but was not very confident in maneuvering it and was still building up her strength to walk with it outside of therapy sessions. With daily practice at The Little Lighthouse and during only her third week at the school, Lottie was not only using the walker much more frequently and with much more confidence, she actually took her first steps unassisted! Lottie was quite proud of herself and her family along with her Little Lighthouse family celebrated such a major accomplishment in her life! Lottie and her family are so thankful for the ministry of The Little Lighthouse.

Raising a child with special needs is such a blessing but it can also feel very overwhelming. Lottie’s mother, Gloria, explains, “The support and encouragement wereceive from the teachers and staff at The Little Lighthouse and the fact that the program is tuition free is such a blessing to our family. We could not be more thankful to be a part of The Little Lighthouse family.”



Meet Solon…

My husband and I had been married for 7 years before deciding we were ready to have a child or at least we thought we were as ready as would ever be. We had enjoyed our time together, worked on our careers, and traveled as much as we could.

solonFast forward two years later……we discover we are pregnant! We are ecstatic and joyful and giddy with excitement. We go for our first ultrasound to discover that there is not just a Baby A but a Baby B as well! To say the least we were surprised, shocked, and scared. How would we handle two babies, how would we afford two babies, would this jeopardize my well being carrying multiples. When the initial shock wore off, we then became excited to start playing the guessing game of 2 girls, 2 boys, 1 of each. Again, fast forward to 28 weeks pregnant. At this point, I started having premature labor and contractions and was put on bedrest. Ending up not being that bad…who doesn’t like to be waited on 24 hrs/day?

At 36.5 weeks, my blood pressure begin to creep up. My OB-GYN decided best to go ahead and induce labor. After a very easy delivery, we met Adeline Claire Dobbs and Solon Carter Dobbs, IV. Both appeared to be healthy and well at delivery. Both were sent to the well baby nursery for the first night. The next morning the neonatologist thought it would be best to send Solon down to NICU for closer monitoring. He was having some difficulty maintaining body temperature and blood sugars were a bit low. No need to panic…..just to be safe. 

Fast forward one more week, Solon still in NICU and doctors decide to do further testing including chromosomal testing….just to rule everything out. Two days later we received news at that time what was the worst news of our life. Yes, your son does have Trisomy 21. I am sorry we missed it earlier. So now…..we have a 2 week old daughter at home and a 2 week old son with Down Syndrome in NICU. I was immediately contacted by the Central MS Down Syndrome Society, given references and resources, and instructed by our NICU case manager on our next steps. We were given information immediately regarding the Little Lighthouse. Although we had lived in Jackson for over ten years, this was our first introduction to such an amazing school. I immediately had Solon placed on the wait list and was told to expect about a two year wait. I had no idea there would be such a long wait list and was disappointed to know he would possibly be two before getting in. We prayed for God’s guidance and wisdom on what steps to take next. As we waited, at 9 months of age we got the best phone call a parent could receive. The Little Lighthouse had a spot for Solon if we were still interested. I of course said yes and begin calling and texting friends and family to tell them the good news.

Solon started the Little Lighthouse on August 11. He is not only the youngest in his class but also the youngest in the school. It was hard the first week but we know that this is truly the best place for him to grow and develop. In just 3 weeks time we have seen significant progress with attention to tasks, alertness, eye contact, engaging in purposeful play, and overall a little boy that loves school. We cannot say enough about the teachers, therapists, support staff and volunteers. This place is truly a dream come true for parents with disabled children.

And not only is this a dream come true emotionally but also financially, being tuition free. With that being said, if you are looking for a cause to support locally, look no further. I encourage all of you to go to the Little Lighthouse website and Facebook page. Your heart will melt upon seeing all these beautiful children so wonderfully made in God’s eyes. As a parent, my Solon is no different from any other child. His hugs, laughs, and smiles are just the same to me!

We ask that you give whatever you can! We all know that every penny counts.



Meet Mackenzie

Bwn5FsCIMAA8SPfMeet Mackenzie…she was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Genitopatellar Syndrome at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in October 2010. All we knew is that she would have severe physical and mental delay. While we were in the NICU, we kept hearing about this school called The Little Light House and how we needed to get on the waiting list immediately. Time after time we were hearing about LLH. We were so excited to get our little Mackenzie on the waiting list and visit the school. In April of 2011 we got a call saying there was a place for Mackenzie for the next school year and set up a time for the screening. We felt so honored and blessed to be so quickly a part of the family of The Little Light House! Mackenzie started school the following August and has enjoyed every minute of it. She has really been able to learn interaction and how reaction is important to communication. She used to get lost in her surroundings but has now become a big part of it. We continue to work on her intentional communication and movements. Only through the unconditional love and unselfish giving of time and talents of her teachers and therapists at The Little Light House has Mackenzie been able to grow into the precious girl that she is today! Offering such services tuition free has greatly helped us not to worry about the next month’s funds. Thank you to those who have given of their time and/or monetary donations in effort to provide our little ones with a safe, loving, Christian environment.

Help us Light the Way for the Little Light House by Donating here.


Check out Mackenzie’s interview this morning on the J.T. Show:

The J.T. Show_9_3
9/3/14: Interview with Tammy Tadlock- Special Events Coordinator, Chelcie Wilbanks (mom) and Mackenzie (Daughter) 

MS Farm Bureau HS Scoreboard Show : Scores for 8-29-14



  • Adams County Christian School 51   River Oaks School 21
  • Bassfield 24   Forrest County AHS 7
  • Belmont 43   Mantachie 6
  • Bens Ford Christian 20   Amite School 15
  • Biloxi 42   Fort Walton (FL) 35
  • Brandon 42   Pearl 0
  • Brookhaven 27   Lawrence County 19
  • Bruce 41   Potts Camp 7
  • Centreville Academy 51   Trinity Episcopal 24
  • Charleston 41   West Tallahatchie 0
  • Clinton 43   Ridgeland 14
  • Coahoma AHS 54   Riverside 6
  • Coffeeville 20   Water Valley 14
  • Collins 26   Heidelberg 15
  • Corinth 17   Lafayette 14
  • Eupora 51   French Camp 0
  • Florence 34   Crystal Springs 27
  • Franklin Co 28   North Pike 20
  • George County 20   Greene County 7
  • Germantown 17   Yazoo County 7
  • Glenbrook School 28   Riverdale Academy 22
  • Greenville Christian 27   Claiborne Academy 20
  • Hattiesburg 42   Laurel 26
  • Heidelberg Academy 58   Wayne Academy 19
  • Hebron Christian School 41   Humphreys Academy 0
  • Horn Lake 20   Lake Comorant 13
  • Jim Hill 28   Lanier 14
  • Kosciusko 27   Neshoba Central 24
  • Kossuth 20   McNairy Central (TN) 0
  • Louisville 40   Wilkinson County 19
  • Lumberton 14   West Marion 8
  • Madison Central 25   Gulfport 22
  • MRA 42   PCS 14
  • Magee 36   Forest 35
  • Magnolia Heights School 34   North Delta School 14
  • Manchester Academy 47   Carroll academy 7
  • Marshall Academy 49   Oak Hill Academy 35
  • McComb 33   Forest Hill 27
  • Meridian 42   Quitman 6
  • Mize 27   Mount Olive 6
  • Morton 33   Coahoma County 8
  • Moss Point 25   Gautier 14
  • Murrah 34   Provine 13
  • Nanih Waiya 30   Clarkdale 8
  • NE Lauderdale 13   West Lauderdale 12
  • New Hope 35   Aberdeen 6
  • New Site 62   Biggersville 28
  • Newton County Academy 42   Park Place 0
  • Northwest Rankin 48   Mendenhall 17
  • Noxubee 46   Columbus 7
  • Oak Forest Academy 53   Bowling Green School 0
  • Oak Grove 17   Wayne County 7
  • Pelahatchie 40   Puckett 20
  • Perry Central 52   Pass Christian 30
  • Philadelphia 36   JZ George 7  
  • Picayune 40   Petal 35
  • Pillow Academy 40   Indianola Academy 6
  • Prentiss 42   Loyd Star 12
  • Purvis 28   Bay High 7
  • Rebul Academy 66   The Veritas School 36
  • Richland 32   St. Andrews 20
  • Ripley 49   North Pontotoc 7
  • Prentiss 42   Loyd Star 12
  • St. Aloysius 35   Pisgah 14
  • St. Stanislaus 55   Long Beach 0
  • Seminary 42   South Jones 17
  • Senatobia 34   Amory 27
  • Silliman 27   Simpson Academy 0
  • Southaven 35   Trezevant (TN) 34
  • Starkville 52   Oxford 29
  • Starkville Academy 31   East Rankin Academy 10
  • Stone 28   Vancleave 21
  • Taylorsville 51   Hazelhurst 12
  • Tishomingo 40   Alcorn Central 0
  • Tri-County Academy 43   WCCA 12
  • Tupelo 48   Center Hill 7
  • Tylertown 33   South Pike 18
  • Union Christian Academy 39   Deer Creek School 28
  • Warren Central 34   Callaway 6
  • Washington School 22   Leake Academy 7
  • Wesson 27   Sumrall 26
  • West Lincoln 15   Scared Heart 3
  • Winona 34   Choctaw County 21
  • Winona Christian 46   Columbus Christian 6
  • Yazoo City 21   Humphreys County 14





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