Mascot Sued…The Devil Made Him Do It…

A Tempe City Councilman has filed a lawsuit against Arizona State University after their mascot jumped on hi back at a football game.  Unknown to the mascot, Councilman David Shapira had back surgery two months before and was walking with a cane.  The can had just been handed to his wife that was taking the … Continue reading “Mascot Sued…The Devil Made Him Do It…”

3,400 ft High Glass Walkway Cracks

JIAOZUO, China, Oct. 7 (UPI) — Tourists on China’s recently-opened glass walkway on a cliff face 3,540 feet above the ground ran for their lives when a visitor’s mug cracked the glass. The walkway on Yuntai Mountain in Henan Province, which opened to the public in September, is closed for repairs after a tourist dropped … Continue reading “3,400 ft High Glass Walkway Cracks”

Win Dinner From Seafood R’evolution

Stop by Seafood R’evolution in the Renaissance in Ridgeland from 11-2pm Thursday June 25 as we raise money for Palmer Home for Children.  Drop your cash, check , or make a credit card donation there at Seafood R’evolution and be a part of impacting lives.  While there, you can also register for Dinner for Two … Continue reading “Win Dinner From Seafood R’evolution”

A Beer, A Sheep, and A Cowboy

There are things you should do after a few brews, and there are things you should not do.  Check out the JT Show Vid of the Day here.   This Cowboy thinks he has found a horse while he enjoys the “High Life.”  Uhhh…. It’s a sheep dude, and you don’t mess with sheep. This … Continue reading “A Beer, A Sheep, and A Cowboy”

Pockets in your Toilet Paper

A new toilet paper has a pocket for you. Michael Findlay’s page on the crowd-funding site says using “extra layers of toilet paper to avoid touching any fecal matter” is “a waste of paper and can cause toilet backups,” but the pocketed design of his “new toilet paper” will let users “participate in the green movement” … Continue reading “Pockets in your Toilet Paper”

Professor Bans Bless You In His Class!

Professor Dr. Leon Gardner has installed grade penalties for saying “Bless You” in his class.  Here is the story… Professor Bans College Students From Saying ‘Bless You’ In Class We thought it would nice to send him a God Bless You from Mississippi.  Tell him to have a great rest of the week as well.  Here … Continue reading “Professor Bans Bless You In His Class!”

Driving under the Influence Hurts Everyone

We had a special young man in studio with us to talk about the Hazards of Driving under the Influence.  Damien Redmond from Cruger, MS was hit by a drunk driver last year while he was headed back to school. He has had 14 surgeries trying to recover from the crash. Listen in to his … Continue reading “Driving under the Influence Hurts Everyone”

The Big Three on The JT Show

The dust has settled and the political speaking is over from the Neshoba County Fair.  We were there stirring it up with the rest of the media and had a chance to sit down with THE BIG THREE.  Check out our interviews with Governor Phil Bryant, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves, and Speaker of the House … Continue reading “The Big Three on The JT Show”

Bob’s World Famous Crack Cheese Dip

Tired of the regular Rotel at your next party.  Try this to stir things up: 3 blocks cream cheese 1 pd sausage (hot will fire up this dip. regular is fine. sage is good too) 1 Large Mild Salsa 1 Small Hot Salsa 1 Sour Cream 16 ounce Brown the Sausage. Drain. Dump everything in … Continue reading “Bob’s World Famous Crack Cheese Dip”

Spicy Pickles? You Bet!

One of our listeners, Bobby Rayborn, sent this recipe in after our discussion of pickles.  We thought you all might like it: 1 quart store bought sliced dill pickles Drain off dill juice and discard chop about 3-4 wedges of garlic and onion add to pickles top off jar with sugar usually about 3/4 to … Continue reading “Spicy Pickles? You Bet!”