Buddy Stephens on What Makes Chad Kelly Tick

“In no stretch of my imagination do I think that Dabo wanted to get rid of him, but I think it was something where it was best for that program & Chad for them to move on.” – Buddy Stephens Former coach of Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly, Buddy Stephens of EMCC, joined Head to … Continue reading “Buddy Stephens on What Makes Chad Kelly Tick”

Did Chad Kelly provide bulletin board material?

“You have a situation where all they are going to put on the locker room wall is ‘I’m the best QB in the nation.’” – Caller Bruce Caller Bruce from Houston, Mississippi discussed with Matt & Richard on whether Chad Kelly provided bulletin board material for opponents with his statements at SEC Media Days:

Should Media Outrage Influence Decision Making?

“Sometimes  you don’t even say the wrong thing. Sometimes what you say is the truth and people don’t like it because it doesn’t fit whatever their agenda might be and you get the outrage.” – Richard Cross Matt Wyatt & Richard Cross with Head to Head discuss the everchanging social media landscape and it’s affect … Continue reading “Should Media Outrage Influence Decision Making?”