Obscure Super Bowl Facts with Gallo

Did YOU know the Super Bowl is this Sunday?  The last football game of the season is between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons from NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.  Gallo, being the good American he is, has a list of obscure Super Bowl facts that you can impress your friends with at … Continue reading “Obscure Super Bowl Facts with Gallo”

Vaccine Debate Turns to Talk of Autism Links

The producer from the film “Vaxxed” goes head to head with Dr. Katy Patterson on The Gallo Show…. and the debate turned to the infant mortality rate in Mississippi. Listen to the entire interview here.

Talking Education with State Superintendent Dr. Carey Wright

“They are finding out that the children that have been in PreK are coming in much better prepared for Kindergarten than those who have not.” – Dr. Carey Wright State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey M. Wright, joined the Gallo Radio Show to talk about Charter Schools, education funding in Mississippi and the newly named US … Continue reading “Talking Education with State Superintendent Dr. Carey Wright”

Rick Looser on the Relaunch of the Mississippi…Believe It! Campaign

“He asked me where I was from and I said I was from Mississippi and he said let me ask you something, do you see the KKK on your streets everyday and do you hate black people?” – Rick Looser Rick Looser, COO of the Cirlot Agency, discusses the Mississippi…Believe It! campaign including a conversation … Continue reading “Rick Looser on the Relaunch of the Mississippi…Believe It! Campaign”

GalloSnippet: Ron Aldridge Shares a Story of Trivial Regulations on a Small Business

Today’s Gallo Snippet features Ron Aldridge, State Director of NFIB, telling the story of a small business that almost had to shut its doors due to a trivial regulation dealing with a bathroom in their home:   Click HERE for the Full Interview

Patti Ann Herrington on the Loss of Her Son & Firefly Outreach

“On August 3, 2011 my world came tumbling down. My sweet precious son decided to take his own life. Walking into my home that day, I experienced a pain and despair that no mother should ever have to endure. I found my 17-year-old precious son had hung himself in his closet. I desperately tried to … Continue reading “Patti Ann Herrington on the Loss of Her Son & Firefly Outreach”