Congressman Palazzo joins the Gallo Radio Show

“We know Hillary will appoint 2-3 of the most liberal judges in the history of America & it will affect the United States for at least the next 50 years…” – Congressman Palazzo Congressman Steven Palazzo talks about the stark contrast between Trump and Hillary as well as the way the Liberal Media has affected … Continue reading “Congressman Palazzo joins the Gallo Radio Show”

Former LA State Senator Elbert Guillory Talks Politics with Gallo

“We have created a couple of generations of young people who believe that the Government’s job is to take care of them.” – Elbert Guillory Former Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory talks about running for a US Congressman seat, politics and the Presidential race:

Gallo QuickShot: “The Vomitorium”

“Hey! Wanna see my…uhhh…tube?” Today’s Gallo Quickshot takes a look at what Gallo has termed “The Vomitorium” which is a machine that will allow you to eat a meal and then dump your undigested food straight into the toilet.  Supposedly taking the calories out of your system before they can do any damage to your … Continue reading “Gallo QuickShot: “The Vomitorium””