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GalloRecap: John Champion on the Jessica Chamber’s Case

galloaudio12-17ICYMI: Panola County DA, John Champion on the GalloShow for updates in the Jessica Chambers death investigation:

  The full interview with John Champion:

Gallo Radio Show_12_17
12/17/14: Interview with DA John Champion about the Jessica Chambers murder investigation 


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Gallo Radio Show
12/17/14: December 17th: 6:45 a.m.: Chris Davis, News Director for News Mississippi, will be joining Paul to give an update on the Jessica Chamber\'s case | 7:30 a.m.: Joel Jasper, Morgan White Group, will be joining the Gallo Radio Show to discuss the new ACA Rules kicking in on Jan. 1st, 2015 and what employers need to do immediately to prepare for changes. | 8:05 a.m.: District Attorney John Champion giving an update on the Jessica Chamber\'s murder investigation 

GalloRecap: Sam Haskell

galloaudio12-16Former head of William Morris Agency, Mississippian Sam Haskell joins me for some little known background on one of his former clients, Bill Cosby:


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Gallo Radio Show
12/16/14: December 16th : 7:30 am-8:30 am: Sam Haskell- Sam Haskell, former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Head of Television for the venerable William Morris Agency. 

GalloRecap: October 15th

Gov. Phil Bryant on relationship between Gov, Lt. Gov. and Speaker and Supt. of Education Dr. Wright:


US Senator Roger Wicker opens up on fellow GOP member Ted Cruz and what was gained by failed strategy:



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Gallo Radio Show
12/15/14: December 15th: 7:30 am- Phil Bryant - Governor of MS- Topic: Expanding Medicaid through President Obama\'s healthcare law hinders economic growth and costs jobs. | 8:05 am- Roger Wicker - US Senator: Topic: FY 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill 

Watching the Presidential Campaign from a Different Vantage Point

In Russia, North Korea, China and several other countries, the media and its contents are controlled by the government. In those countries, control is exerted by political force.

Before you start hearing patriotic music in the background, understand that the mass of the media and entertainment complex in the good ole USA is also controlled in many of the same ways, not by brut political force but by Liberal political ideology.

gruberAs the 2016 presidential campaign begins to ramp up next year, watch for these proven tactics on Gruber’s Goobers.

Those Republican candidates polling any threatening numbers to the Democrat base will get hammered with unrelenting negative news stories, parodies, targeted rumors and innuendoes. It’s Saul Alinksy’s tactic of bringing a canon to a knife fight to exact immediate decapitation of any future threat.

That’s just part of the strategy. Conservatives candidates who are thought to be unelectable in the General Election, will be showered with positive media prior to the GOP Convention as “real threats to Democrats’ chances of winning in November.”

It’s a simple strategy that has nuclear power at the ballot box with an electorate described by Gruber as “stupid.”

But to the voters who understand a media that openly proclaims a Leftist ideology and agenda, we are thankfully free of inclusion into the ranks of “Gruber’s Goobers.”


GalloRecap: Herb Frierson

galloaudio12-1House Appropriation Chairman Herb Frierson talks about the 2105 legislative session and the budget for education as well as the possibility of an “alternative initiative” being on the ballot against MAEP initiative:


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Gallo Radio Show
12/1/14: 7:30 am- Herb Frierson - House of Reps/HD Seat (106/Lamar 

Will it be Christians demanding separation of church and state in the near future?

Rainbow_flag_breezeU.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves granted a preliminary injunction blocking the state’s ban against same-sex unions as sought by the Campaign for Southern Equality and two lesbian couples who had sued in the state in federal court.

For a growing number of Mississippians it may no longer be one of their top three concerns. That said, those opposing the lifestyle have become weary of proclaiming the Christian message of loving the sinner but rejecting the sin.

What the Christian community demands, should same-sex marriage becomes the civil rights law of the state, is no future legal threat denouncing that lifestyle within the practice of their faith.

Considering how successful the war on Christianity has been in just the recent past, no one has any confidence the next arrest warrant will not follow the next sermon.


GalloRecap: Senator Videt Carmichael

galloaudio11-25State Senator Videt Carmichael joined the GalloShow and made his intentions known that he would like to be considered for the open position of President Pro Tem of the Senate:


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Gallo Radio Show
11/25/14: November 25th: 7:00 a.m.: Videt Carmichael will be joining Paul to discuss the 2015 Legislative Session. 7:30 a.m.: Robert Khayat, former All-American football player, will join the Gallo Radio Show to discuss the Egg Bowl and what we can expect from both teams. 8:05 a.m.: Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol Capt. Thomas Tuggle will join the Gallo Radio Show to discuss the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy in Pearl. 

GalloRecap: George Bell

galloaudio11-24Time out from politics to reminisce a bit on this Monday. Sharing some old stories about football play by play with Mr. Davenport and the name George Dale comes up. The former Commissioner calls in to set Steve and the record straight:


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Gallo Radio Show
11/24/14: November 24th: 7:00 am- Chuck Espy-House of Representative/District 26 - Coahoma, Quitman (Clarksdale,MS) and Tim Mask, Vice President Maris West and Baker | 7:30 am- Dan Stein -President of Fair  

GalloRecap: Aaron Vance

galloaudio11-21MS Singer Aaron Vance pays a visit to the GalloShow and the SuperTalk MS Network to talk about his new CD and a new single (Love My Rebels and My Dawgs) getting a lot of airplay across the state:


Miss today’s show?  We have you covered:

Gallo Radio Show
11/21/14: November 21st: 7:30 am- Aaron Vance- Country Music singer, songwriter, and guitar player | 8:00 am- Greg Harper - US Congressman - District 3 | 8:30 am- Tanya T.