Remember the Ebola scare? The deadly virus hid silently for years in an unsuspecting host, ready to consume its benefactor for another chance to complete the mission. The Confederate flag flap has much in common. The heinous shooting in Charleston was as much about mental instability as it was about a controversial symbol, but Dylann … Continue reading “FLAG FLAP’S GOOD OUTCOME NOT PROMISING”

The Law of “Style over Substance”

In the private sector, the law of “Style over Substance” has a short life span. It’s enemy is called the “marketplace” and most times -sooner than later- “Style over Substance” is flipped to a polar normality of “Substance over Style.” For example, in the “marketplace”, a stunningly good-looking man or woman who is recruited for … Continue reading “The Law of “Style over Substance””

The Infinite Wisdom of Liberalism

The values of the Republican Party haven’t changed that much since the days of Lincoln. They really haven’t, especially when compared to the Democratic Party of 100 years ago.   That Party is barely recognizable today from yesterday’s champion of the working man and defender of the Constitution. As Socialists continue remodeling the laws of … Continue reading “The Infinite Wisdom of Liberalism”

GalloSnippet: Allen Godfrey

30 Second Snippet :  From the Thursday interview with Gaming Exec. Dir. Allen Godfrey. New Casino finally coming true for one Gulf Coast city who has been looking for twenty years. Here’s more:     Miss today’s show?  We have you covered: Gallo 1st Hour : 6-7 a.m.: Gallo 2nd Hour : 7-8 a.m.: Gallo 3rd Hour : 8-9 … Continue reading “GalloSnippet: Allen Godfrey”

GalloRecap: Brandie Correro

Brandie Correro of MS Families Restoring Excellence in Education (FREE) 60-seconds. Non-Profit group is advocating for the ending of Common Core and requesting Gov.Bryant veto “useless legislation passed by House and Senate that does nothing but change the name.”:   Miss today’s show?  We have you covered: First Hour (6-7 a.m.) Second Hour (7-8 a.m.) Third Hour … Continue reading “GalloRecap: Brandie Correro”

GalloRecap: Mark Baker, Chris Davis & Gov Phil Bryant

30 second clip giving a bit of levity as House Jud A Chairman discusses recently passed gun legislation as pertains to the Speaker Pro tem:   News Mississippi New’s Director Chris Davis brought along, for the Monday appearance, his guitar to bid a  ” farewell salute in song’ to the 2015 Session:   7-8 a.m. … Continue reading “GalloRecap: Mark Baker, Chris Davis & Gov Phil Bryant”

A walk from DisneyLand to DisneyWorld for Awareness

The Cobb family joined the Gallo Radio Show this morning to tell their amazing journey that their family of 5 is currently embarking on. The Cobb family lost their 8 year old daughter last year to cancer and are walking 4,000 miles across America from DisneyLand in California to DisneyWorld in Florida to honor their … Continue reading “A walk from DisneyLand to DisneyWorld for Awareness”

GalloRecap: Gary Chism

House Insurance Chairman, Gary Chism of Columbus discusses the MHA bill to allow them the formation of a non-profit entity to compete with two private companies in disbursement of Medicaid dollars. Many have problems with the bill because the legislation mandates the non-profit’s start up cost (in some form) will be paid for by taxpayers. … Continue reading “GalloRecap: Gary Chism”

This is NOT “leadership.”

The American taxpayers are now burdened with a record, and almost unsustainable debt. A debt accumulated by politicians and politically ignorant voters. Not only that- we face a real possibility of ramping-up a military campaign once again in the Middle East, whether it’s politically correct or not, that’s going to cost billions more to the … Continue reading “This is NOT “leadership.””

Who says, “You can’t say that?”

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said his office has received death threats since his accusing President Barack Obama of not loving America. He said, “I don’t regret making the statement. I believe it,” Giuliani said. “I don’t know if he loves America,” he added. “I don’t feel the same enthusiasm from him for America.” … Continue reading “Who says, “You can’t say that?””

Allen Nunnelee: “Not only did he make a difference-he was the difference”

When I heard Alan’s question, “Did I make a difference?”, it struck a chord with me. The one thing I’ve carried with me, ingrained by my upbringing, is the true meaning of success. It is not one evaluated on wealth or position attained in life. To me it’s simply this-with all the talents given to … Continue reading “Allen Nunnelee: “Not only did he make a difference-he was the difference””

Top Ten Reasons I’m Pulling for the Patriots

Who am I pulling for this Sunday? The Patriots of course….and these are the Top 10 Reasons why: 10– Seattle is inundated with latte liberals, whose forefathers invaded the great Northwest from across the border and still would rather sing O Canada. 9-The New England Patriots, long ago known as the Boston Patriots, helped give … Continue reading “Top Ten Reasons I’m Pulling for the Patriots”

Exemptions for Vaccinations : A Medical Perspective

Physicians are lobbying against a bill that would broaden the exemptions for vaccinations required to enter school or day care. House Bill 130 would allow parents or guardians to get a certificate saying they have conscientious objections to certain vaccinations for their children. It would have to be renewed every year. The state already allows people … Continue reading “Exemptions for Vaccinations : A Medical Perspective”

GalloRecap: Jeff Smith & Rita Martinson

Short clip of House Chairman of Ways and Means, Jeff Smith on the Galllo Show to discuss HB 122 that increases $200 per month salary for School Board members up to $800 and puts them in PERS, MS’s state retirement system. All at taxpayers’ expense:     You can check out the full interview with Jeff … Continue reading “GalloRecap: Jeff Smith & Rita Martinson”

Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see!

These are words of wisdom that our grandparents passed on to us. It is wisdom learned from previous generations. If asked the single most difficult message to deliver to the audience on a daily basis-the one that is the most harmfully transformative to a free society-it would be encased within that wisdom. I know some … Continue reading “Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see!”

WWSD? Sharpton-A “Profile Incorrigible”

You know how some video games have become so real that you have to do a reality check? So it is with this made up story that I used to illustrate absurdity only. The Rev Al Sharpton addresses a gathering of over a thousand in a Los Angeles convention center. The topic of his high-paid … Continue reading “WWSD? Sharpton-A “Profile Incorrigible””

Watching the Presidential Campaign from a Different Vantage Point

In Russia, North Korea, China and several other countries, the media and its contents are controlled by the government. In those countries, control is exerted by political force. Before you start hearing patriotic music in the background, understand that the mass of the media and entertainment complex in the good ole USA is also controlled … Continue reading “Watching the Presidential Campaign from a Different Vantage Point”

Will it be Christians demanding separation of church and state in the near future?

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves granted a preliminary injunction blocking the state’s ban against same-sex unions as sought by the Campaign for Southern Equality and two lesbian couples who had sued in the state in federal court. For a growing number of Mississippians it may no longer be one of their top three concerns. That … Continue reading “Will it be Christians demanding separation of church and state in the near future?”

Tactical Compromise

There has been a lot of examination of what the voters were saying in the last election. On most conservative airwaves it is that Americans want to block anything Obama wants. From the Left it was a statement to compromise. In a post election interview, Obama said that the people wanted a bipartisan effort. Here’s … Continue reading “Tactical Compromise”