Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney Addresses Fears About Health Insurance & Trump

“…you have to have some changes made to it and I don’t think you will see a whole repeal of the Act.” – Mike Chaney Mississippi State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney joins the Gallo Radio Show to address fears Americans may have in regards to Trump and health insurance: Mike Chaney – Part 2

Millennial Round Table Discussion on the Election

What’s the mindset of a typical millennial voter this election cycle?  What issues are most important to a typical millennial voter? Find out the answer to these questions plus much more in a Millennial Round Table Discussion on the Gallo Radio Show: Check out the first segment below: Don’t miss the final segment:

Ashley Runnels, Stacy Dodd and Emily Dodd Educate on Dyslexia & Therapies Available

“It’s kind of like they are translating all the time because their brain is working harder to understand what is being said to them in understanding spoken and written language. So they are constantly in translation mode…” – Ashley Runnels Ashley Runnels, Dyslexia Therapist, Stacy Dodd, teacher at New Summit School ,& Emily Dodd, student … Continue reading “Ashley Runnels, Stacy Dodd and Emily Dodd Educate on Dyslexia & Therapies Available”

Joe Murray Discusses Both Candidates from LGBT Perspective

“Hillary Clinton opened saying, ‘I will appoint Justices that will protect marriage equality.’ Well Hillary, where were you 10 years ago? You were opposing it!” – Joseph Murray Joseph Murray, administrator for LGBTrump, talks about the abundance of support for Trump from the LGBT community and discusses some of the key issues:

Former Senator Kenny Wayne Jones vs Rep Monsour on the 3rd Presidential Debate

Former state Senator Kenny Wayne Jones went head to head with House Rep Alex Monsour on 3 key issues discussed during the 3rd Presidential debate: National debt, the Supreme Court and Immigration. Check out the discussion below: “How are you going to bring that debt down when you are increasing spending all the time?” – House … Continue reading “Former Senator Kenny Wayne Jones vs Rep Monsour on the 3rd Presidential Debate”

Gallo Sits Down with Ross Adams of WAPT to Discuss the Election & Media Bias

“When you look at the media landscape, do you think it’s fair and balanced?” Ross Adams, investigative reporter for WAPT, sat down with Paul Gallo of the Gallo Radio Show to talk about the Presidential election and the influence of the mainstream media:

Fact-checkers are inserting bias in their rulings, to the surprise of no one

If you’ve watched the debates you have heard the term “fact-checking” a lot.  But, as it turns out, the people doing these fact-checks also have an agenda to push and are using their platform to do it.  Gallo explains….