The Liberals’ Unwritten Commandments

When in the course of duty above all to the Party, thou shalt punish without retribution those who bear ills or false witness to the greater good of the Body. Thou shalt come together as one united voice of condemnation against any female who professes the sins of Conservatism. If she is one who chooses to … Continue reading “The Liberals’ Unwritten Commandments”

It’s almost time.

In the South, when it’s the conversation that decides life or death, right or wrong, winning or losing, staying or leaving, we label it our “Come to Jesus” meeting. It’s time for that meeting with the remaining disenfranchised Conservatives In our State… If a snapshot of a tiebreaker’s vote from a victorious Mississippi Democratic Senator … Continue reading “It’s almost time.”

Headlines void of “Hope & Change”

Maybe it takes an unusually good Sunday sermon or the unexpected death of an old acquaintance. It might be a visit to a children hospital where you see in the eyes of the innocent the true stock of your blessings. It could be something as simple as another birthday rolling over the odometer of life. … Continue reading “Headlines void of “Hope & Change””

Guess who came to dinner?

Here’s the plan, we’ll send a few out of town McCoys to the Hatfields’ reunion. We’ll tell them stuff that will make the Hatfield family dinner a war zone among the Hatfield family worst than any fight ever with the McCoys. Throughout this GOP Primary blood fest, I’ve asked the question, “Who are these people?” … Continue reading “Guess who came to dinner?”

Faith, Family and Ferguson

Several of the Founding fathers made it indelibly clear that the framework of this new country’s democracy would be held together only by faith. Many were wise enough to warned if that faith left the people, freedom would surely follow. The looting in Ferguson, MO is a stark reminder that faith and family are no … Continue reading “Faith, Family and Ferguson”

GalloRecap: Dave Mollender & Mark Leggett

This morning on the Gallo Radio Show we were joined by Dave Mollender of the Hotel Chester in Starkville and Mark Leggett of the MS Poultry Assn.  Check out the audio clips below: Dave Mollender-Owner of Hotel Chester in Starkville. His hotel is featured Monday night on Fox’s Hotel Hell starring Gordon Ramsey. Filming was done … Continue reading “GalloRecap: Dave Mollender & Mark Leggett”

There May Be No Way Out of the McDaniel Monster Maze!

We may have arrived at a point of no graceful or politically salvageable way out for State Senator Chris McDaniel. If asked to take on the job, it’s doubtful even the much maligned Henry Barbour would attempt such a monumental task. The top tier policy wonks across the nation have been watching this from the … Continue reading “There May Be No Way Out of the McDaniel Monster Maze!”

MAEP – Make Another Extra Payment

A bee keeper once mused that you should always expect the bigger the pot of honey, the greater and more voracious the bees. The pot of Mississippi education funding of around $3.5 billion produces a roaring buzz from activist, teachers’ unions, out of state professional gun slingers, politicians and anyone else protecting their share of … Continue reading “MAEP – Make Another Extra Payment”

The Seeds of Despair

You know the numbers, from illegal immigrants to gang members, drug convictions to overdose deaths, homelessness to sex trafficking. On page two of the frightening headlines are future projections of turning America into a third world country. Those same numbers reveal the majority of illegals coming across the border are teenagers; most of them will … Continue reading “The Seeds of Despair”

Getting the Record Straight

In the ongoing MS GOP runoff spectacled, one that will go down in history as both the most divisive and bizarre, the loser fails to accept defeat or destiny. To set the record straight-if victory came to the Cochran campaign wrapped in real fraud and corruption, McDaniel has both the legal and moral responsibility to … Continue reading “Getting the Record Straight”

Wired Differently

Over the years I’ve condensed the philosophical differences between liberals and conservatives down to a belief system from dependency to tough love. Conservatives hold that each person (who is able to do so) should be taught how to fish so as to provide for himself and his family. Those same conservatives, who are by large … Continue reading “Wired Differently”

There Must Be A Better Way.

There is a cavernous void and sadness with news of any death. In cases of apparent suicide, the tragedy of “ifs” to those left behind is magnified. When I heard the news about Mark Mayfield, like everyone else I was shocked and saddened. Mark’s passion for good government and an adherence to the Constitution was … Continue reading “There Must Be A Better Way.”

Palmer Home Radiothon Update : 9:40 a.m.

We have an AMAZING update at 9:40 this morning!  Thanks to an anonymous matching donation of $20,000, we have exceeded the $40,000 mark during the Paul Gallo Show! How you can help:– Donate $10 by texting PALMER to 501501– Donate over the phone at 662-245-4642 – Donate online at– Visit the Palmer Home for Children Thrift … Continue reading “Palmer Home Radiothon Update : 9:40 a.m.”

Final Thoughts from a Hard Fought Primary

It has been one of the most brutal GOP Primary elections in modern history. For a person who has been a part of the talk/opinion/editorial side of the media, it has been equally as brutal. Someone tweeted recently that I have been enhancing a McDaniel win simply by taking a Cochran position. My honest response … Continue reading “Final Thoughts from a Hard Fought Primary”

Run for “Mister”, Run for Health

At just 29 weeks pregnant, Lauren and Wesley Clay found out at that their son, John Pearson Clay (Mister), was going to be born with a severe congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This is a condition where the left side of his heart is severely underdeveloped. It means he basically was … Continue reading “Run for “Mister”, Run for Health”

Dr. Ben Carson LIVE

Ben Carson’s ONE NATION will be coming to Mississippi. He will be in Meridian at LifeWay Christian Store on Thursday June 5th at 12:00 p.m. signing copies of his latest book. Then he will head to Jackson to Lemuria book store at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 5th. Carson is the first surgeon to successfully separate … Continue reading “Dr. Ben Carson LIVE”

When It Comes to Tea Party Poopers-The Question Remains-“Who Are These Guys?”

The Chris McDaniel’s U.S. Senate campaign demands voters suspend logic in daring to question a multitude of bizarre contradictions.  But that’s exactly what voters should be doing in vetting a new statewide face. He’s a politician who could be representing Mississippi in the US Senate for a long time to come. As the state senator … Continue reading “When It Comes to Tea Party Poopers-The Question Remains-“Who Are These Guys?””

Chris McDaniel – One on One

State Senator Chris McDaniel joins me tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.  Questions abound on contradicting statements given by the candidate and his staff on the arrest of Clayton Thomas Kelly. We will also cover other topics from pork barrel spending to Tort Reform.  Join us at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow! You can listen LIVE online by clicking here or … Continue reading “Chris McDaniel – One on One”

GalloRecap: Haley Barbour & Kevin Curtis

ICYMI: Former Governor Haley Barbour joined the Gallo Radio Show and gave an update on Toyota of Blue Springs.  Check out the audio below: Kevin Curtis also joined the Gallo Radio Show this morning to discuss his making the international news in ricin arrest against President.  Check out the audio below: Miss the Gallo Radio … Continue reading “GalloRecap: Haley Barbour & Kevin Curtis”

Political Correctness Gone Wild

LGBTQ has been so effective in brainwashing the public that they’ve blurred the lines between flagrant discrimination and professing one’s religious beliefs. The two are vastly different and deserve to be recognized as such. Discrimination is refusing to serve someone who is gay. That’s grossly different from refusing to compromise on the tenets of one’s … Continue reading “Political Correctness Gone Wild”

Radical Idea after the Second America Revolution

So that heavily armed swat teams don’t show up to replace my alarm clock, let me make clear that I’m not suggesting a second American revolution. But should one dictate a complete course correction that caused said revolution, I have just one of many suggestions. That would be to revisit our elected officials’ relationship with … Continue reading “Radical Idea after the Second America Revolution”

Another Courtside Replay View on Sterling’s Racist Rant

There is another thought process on this Donald Sterling full court, front page press story. It involves an issue with people like Sterling from all ethnicities-white, black, brown-it doesn’t matter. It’s the story of self-control. Here’s what I’m talking about. If the owner of the NBA LA Clippers, Donald Sterling racist rant had not been … Continue reading “Another Courtside Replay View on Sterling’s Racist Rant”

As Media Audiences Go, You Are Number 1!

There is not another media audience in America who have more credibility than those in Conservative talk radio. In study after study, you are far more politically active and knowledgeable of the issues and candidates, more involved in your community , your church , your family and your schools. Maybe the most important part of … Continue reading “As Media Audiences Go, You Are Number 1!”

GalloRecap : John Moore

ICYMI : We had John Moore, House Education Chairman, join us on the Gallo Radio Show.  John Moore said “Social Promotions” are back again in schools across the state, even though bills have been passed outlawing that practice. Since the interview this morning, I’ve received numerous messages from parents and teachers in locations from the … Continue reading “GalloRecap : John Moore”

Data Mining and Disinformation

“Like two evil villains joining for the ultimate demise of Superman!” – Paul Gallo In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, data mining is a key element of the plot. This is even more interesting to note when you learn in a recent article by Asawin Suebsaeng that the film’s topical parts were all crafted prior to … Continue reading “Data Mining and Disinformation”

Belly Band Could Cause Taxpayers to Lose Appetite

It was, to say the least, a revealing interview with State Senator Hob Bryan, Chairman of Medicaid in the Senate. Bryan (as noted by one message on Twitter-sounds a lot like Harry Reid) was “tired” of answering questions on the merits of growing government for the good of the people. To a good Liberal, the … Continue reading “Belly Band Could Cause Taxpayers to Lose Appetite”


It has become a recognized and accepted truism these days that the difference between Democratic philosophy in Mississippi and Washington is the difference between a half dozen and six. No matter what the geography, Liberalism’s universal faith is practiced in the gospel of “divisiveness.” Last week, one of the nameless, cowardly, surreptitious left wing blogs … Continue reading “DEMOCRATS HAVE BECOME MORE LIKE A SCHOOLYARD BULLY THAN POLITICAL LEADERS”