Rev Jesse Lee Peterson Gives his Take on the Charlotte Riots

“What we see happening in Charlotte, North Carolina is becoming the norm. Until we get a new President, we might as well get used to it…” Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of BOND: Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man, gives his take on the Charlotte Riots and what it’s going to take to improve race … Continue reading “Rev Jesse Lee Peterson Gives his Take on the Charlotte Riots”

Study Estimates How Many Votes Can Be Shifted Due to Google Search Bias

“Google’s manipulation in this Presidential race is worth about $3 million votes…” Gallo discusses a study completed by Robert Epstein that examines how bias search suggestions and search autocomplete can sway voters during an election including the upcoming Presidential election:

Rep Bomgar Discusses

Representative Bomgar has created a new website to answer definitively why Mississippi is in last place, how we got there and what it will take to get us out of it with all of this supported with economic modeling, data crunching, and solutions on how we can close the gap. Listen below for more: You … Continue reading “Rep Bomgar Discusses”

“Make America Great Again” = Trump is a Racist? BUT Ok for Bill Clinton

According to former President Bill Clinton, apparently Donald Trump is a racist with using “Make America Great Again” as his campaign slogan. But oh the irony that “Slick Willie” that Bill Clinton used the same exact tagline when he campaigned in the early 1990s.  Check out the audio below for Bill Clinton’s remarks today vs … Continue reading ““Make America Great Again” = Trump is a Racist? BUT Ok for Bill Clinton”

Congressman Palazzo joins the Gallo Radio Show

“We know Hillary will appoint 2-3 of the most liberal judges in the history of America & it will affect the United States for at least the next 50 years…” – Congressman Palazzo Congressman Steven Palazzo talks about the stark contrast between Trump and Hillary as well as the way the Liberal Media has affected … Continue reading “Congressman Palazzo joins the Gallo Radio Show”