Mitch Tyner talks Delegates & a Text Message from Nosef

Mitch Tyner, Mississippi Chair for the Trump Campaign, discusses delegates, Trump’s chances of getting to that golden number of 1,237, and a text message that Joe Nosef supposedly sent him that Tyner claims threatened the use of law enforcement to get their way to select the delegates to go to Ohio.  Check out the interview below: … Continue reading “Mitch Tyner talks Delegates & a Text Message from Nosef”

GalloSnippet: Lynn Fitch & Mitch Tyner

30-Second Snippet: State Treasurer Lynn Fitch says she is appalled over the bond bills that passed in the recently completed Session that should not have met the State’s criteria for passage- 60-Second Snippet: State Chairman for the Trump Campaign, Mitch Tyner, suggests that the governor remove State Party Chairman of the GOP, Joe Nosef, Jr. for (alleged) threat in … Continue reading “GalloSnippet: Lynn Fitch & Mitch Tyner”