Former LA State Senator Elbert Guillory Talks Politics with Gallo

“We have created a couple of generations of young people who believe that the Government’s job is to take care of them.” – Elbert Guillory Former Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory talks about running for a US Congressman seat, politics and the Presidential race:

Gallo QuickShot: “The Vomitorium”

“Hey! Wanna see my…uhhh…tube?” Today’s Gallo Quickshot takes a look at what Gallo has termed “The Vomitorium” which is a machine that will allow you to eat a meal and then dump your undigested food straight into the toilet.  Supposedly taking the calories out of your system before they can do any damage to your … Continue reading “Gallo QuickShot: “The Vomitorium””

Sam Britton talks about the Kemper Coal Plant

“Can they get it up and running and to what level? That’s when we will sit down and make the next decision on this…” – Sam Britton on what is next for the Kemper Coal Plant Sam Britton, Public Service Commissioner, talks about everything from the Do Not Call Registry now being open for cell … Continue reading “Sam Britton talks about the Kemper Coal Plant”

Chairman John Moore on the Southern Poverty Law Center Lawsuit

“The groups that call themselves ‘Pro Public Education’ are raising money in defense of the poor while they are working hard against them.” – Chairman John Moore Chairman John Moore speaks out on his frustrations with the recent lawsuit by the Southern Poverty Law Center over Charter Schools in Mississippi:

Paul Sounds Off On Outraged Mother of “Frozen Dress Boy”

When a 3 year old asks to wear a Frozen Elsa dress to school, there normally is no problem. When that 3 year old is a little boy, questions might arise. A mother was outraged when she was shamed by another parent for allowing her son to wear a princess dress to school. Her response … Continue reading “Paul Sounds Off On Outraged Mother of “Frozen Dress Boy””