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The Liberals’ Unwritten Commandments

When in the course of duty above all to the Party, thou shalt punish without retribution those who bear ills or false witness to the greater good of the Body.

Thou shalt come together as one united voice of condemnation against any female who professes the sins of Conservatism. If she is one who chooses to leave the Body of Liberalism, you may disregard her rationale and her race, her cause and her commitment. No works that came before her are be counted. Ye shall gather as one, black and white, man and woman, feminist and friend, to rebuke any female who stands against the Party

Thou shalt be rewarded in the Kingdom of Liberalism for slaying the words and dreams of the black man or the brown man, or any who threaten the Body with defeat. No matter your gender, station in life or ethnicity, you are ordained with complete immunity in your condemnations.

Thou shall not be restrained by facts or indicted by indiscretion nor indecency, for the mass of the media have been appointed your guardian to watch over your good deeds in the name of the Party.

Thou shall proselytize the abortion of babies as just-and the prayers in the public square against those freedoms as unjust. For it is this allegiance that shall gain thee everlasting power in the Body of the Party.

Thou shall have no greater cause than the Party, for no deed can be performed and no power can be obtained without the health of Body.

Thou shall teach your sons as daughters, your daughters as sons, condemn the restraints of marriage as defined by those who would shackle you to the past, and seek the ultimate truth of self-confirmation through the baptism of the Body. For thy savior appears in each’s reflection and thy deity is Mother Earth.

Thou shall lay down thy arms and submit thy will to prove worthiness to those who may seek to do ye harm. But cast out from that number all who call themselves Conservatives, for they are the true enemies. Their lot is ladened with sins for they cannot be trusted nor converted to the Body.

Thou shalt have no commitments that come before the blood of the Body.

Thou shalt guard the rivers of life that feed the Body with all thy being in the tributaries of education, the growth of government, the divisiveness of race, the cowardliness of capitulation and the self-definition of true morality.

It is with these commandments that true lasting power may be achieved for the greater good of mankind, womankind and transgendered kind. Above all ye shall swear loyalty without recourse to Party, Politics and Power. It is thy ultimate destiny to defeat those who bow in idol reverence to Faith, Family and Flag.

Go forth and cast thy votes in multiple numbers. Amen.


It’s almost time.

voteIn the South, when it’s the conversation that decides life or death, right or wrong, winning or losing, staying or leaving, we label it our “Come to Jesus” meeting.
It’s time for that meeting with the remaining disenfranchised Conservatives In our State…

If a snapshot of a tiebreaker’s vote from a victorious Mississippi Democratic Senator Travis Childers, making national news putting Harry Reid back in power for another six years is not enough to shake you back into reality, maybe things like amnesty, carbon tax and new gun laws will be.

The mid term elections are nearing and every single force on the Left is hoping their work in dividing us has worked. The question is, how successful will they be.


Headlines void of “Hope & Change”

Ghetto_Headlines_-_NARA_-_559351Maybe it takes an unusually good Sunday sermon or the unexpected death of an old acquaintance. It might be a visit to a children hospital where you see in the eyes of the innocent the true stock of your blessings. It could be something as simple as another birthday rolling over the odometer of life. Whatever the reason or reasons, the continued inundation of negative news seems to be grinding on America’s nerves like thinning cartilage on an aged knee.

We all understand that news is not about the shooting or fire that never happens but the continued onslaught of bad news is dragging “hope and change” into therapy. From ISIS to the IRS, ObamaCare to climate change, it’s becoming easier everyday to find an atheist who believes the Rapture is near.

The regrettable part of this is that there are many positive stories that never make the headlines or even the back pages. There are incredible acts of charity in time and money from NFL stars who are not beating family members behind closed doors. There are politicians, believe it or not, who do have the heart of a public servant. These stories aren’t glitzy enough to be covered. How about all the everyday heroes behind the morbid headlines like the police, fire, paramedic, emergency room staff and even the ministers?

As important as it is to stay informed, it is equally important to stay focus on reality. Thank goodness for the brief respite afforded to us with sports. That’s why you hear a general disgust from fans over more news coverage than sports coverage on sports shows.


GalloRecap: 9-15-14

galloaudio9-15ICYMI: This morning on the Gallo Radio Show, we talked about the latest new food rules in schools across America  and memories of Donald Duck orange juice pops up. Check out the audio below:


Miss today’s show? We have you covered:

Gallo Radio Show
9/15/14: 7:30 am- Sarah Kogod-Senior Content Producer for SB Nation and writer 

Guess who came to dinner?

1280px-HatfieldClanHere’s the plan, we’ll send a few out of town McCoys to the Hatfields’ reunion. We’ll tell them stuff that will make the Hatfield family dinner a war zone among the Hatfield family worst than any fight ever with the McCoys.

Throughout this GOP Primary blood fest, I’ve asked the question, “Who are these people?” They really didn’t sound nor act like Conservatives Republicans. It‘s always been the Democrats who were eager to eat their own if they ever strayed from the Party’s platform and talking points.

Each day now we’re learning more about who these “movement leaders” are. Kudos to Ya’ll Politics(  for being one of the few investigative sources to unmask the infiltrators.

What should have been a traditional GOP family competition turned out to be a civil war. Some of the key players included those with political and financial stakes from outside the family, as well as disenchanted and defeated ideologist who came to the reality that their Third Party would never gain traction in MS.

Many of them came together as self appointed leaders with self appointed powers under the banner of Tea Party.  In hindsight, no political movement in our history could have survived this kind of failed “leadership.”

Last week, I received three examples of how that leadership, from the highest level of the Tea Party all the way to the McDaniel Campaign office, disenfranchised and ostracized former supporters who even suggested an end to this marathon challenge for the good of the Conservative cause.

I’ve heard sad stories of long friendships between best friends, business associates, clients, family and church members, etc., being torn apart because of this election.

In politics, an active and energetic Primary should signal a Party’s healthy growth. Regrettably, this one was hijacked by a few groups that turned that growth into something resembling more of an ugly tumor.