Rick Cleveland on a 1907 Match-Up Between Mississippi A&M and the University of Mississippi

Richard Cross shares a fantastic nugget courtesy of Rick Cleveland as he talks about a 1907 match-up between Mississippi A&M and the University of Mississippi that included a field of knee-deep water + players being given coffee spiked with whiskey. Take a listen below: {Photo shown above is from a 1970’s Egg Bowl game.}

Enter to WIN an Ole Miss/MSU Hover Helmet!

Hover Helmets will have you amazed at how the helmets actually float and spin on air. What makes them cooler is that some SEC coaches already have them on their desks. Hover Helmets are so unique that once you see it, you will definitely want one. Check out hoverhelmets.com and see how it works. Hover Helmets have been in such high-demand, supplies … Continue reading “Enter to WIN an Ole Miss/MSU Hover Helmet!”

H2H Rewind: 3/18 – Carter, Godfrey, Cronin & Robertson

Talking Ole Miss hoops with former Ole Miss Basketball All-American Keith Carter:   MSU offseason issues  with SBNation’s Steven Godfrey:   Caught up with Courtney Cronin, High School Sports and Recruiting Editor for the Clarion Ledger, about the MHSAA ruling against Callaway playing in a National Champtionship game:   Talking “The Great Catfish Saga” with Steve Robertson: