The most important Birthday of 2017

May 17th might just be the most important date in the entire calendar year for 2017. That isn’t meant to belittle other days of the year, but in this case, May 17th is THE day that millions around the world are hoping will come to pass without incident, for one little sports fan. If you … Continue reading “The most important Birthday of 2017”

Guns and the Gridiron

Recent legislation in the neighboring state of Arkansas might have some unintended results that bring up some valid questions about concealed carry. The proposed law will give Arkansas residents similar coverage to the Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit in Mississippi, but the wording of the new law made it legal to carry firearms into the stadium … Continue reading “Guns and the Gridiron”

The perfect time to be Patriotic

Tonight, a team representing the United States of America will take the field against a foreign foe with the hopes of continuing a run of historic significance. At 9:55 PM on Fox Sports 1, the U.S. Men’s National Team will take on Honduras in the 3rd match of the Hexagonal stage of CONCACAF World Cup … Continue reading “The perfect time to be Patriotic”

Getting the Band Back Together

JT mentioned how he’d heard Sammy Hagar wants to get Van Halen(or Van Hagar…whichever you choose) back together, and Ryno was a little hesitant to get excited about another old band giving another go at a tour. It sparked a conversation about which band you would want to get back together, and the 90’s band … Continue reading “Getting the Band Back Together”

Tinnitus Prophylactics

In Washington, Democrats are doing everything in their limited power to fight the Hearing Protection Act, which would make it easier to purchase a suppressor for your firearms. The arguments presented by many of these loony liberals are based on less facts than a Bat Boy article from the Weekly World News, and only further … Continue reading “Tinnitus Prophylactics”

Who are you calling a chicken!?

There is a video making the rounds online featuring a particularly prodigious poultry, and it has some folks wondering if it could even be real. While the video does appear to show an animal much too large to be an actual member of its species, everything points to this footage being factual. The Brahma chicken … Continue reading “Who are you calling a chicken!?”

MDHS: Releasing the first in a series of Better Me Better Mississippi videos

Today, the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) in partnership with the Families First For Mississippi (FFFM) is releasing the first in a series of Better Me Better Mississippi videos highlighting the importance of partnerships with others to assist individuals and families on their path to success. The Generation Plus (gen+) approach requires partnerships as … Continue reading “MDHS: Releasing the first in a series of Better Me Better Mississippi videos”

Rivers’ Law

At what point in life does a child have to take responsibility for their own actions? At what age does parenting have to give way to personal progress? Is the age of 21 a magic number? In the State of Mississippi, the age of majority is 21, which means you are considered a minor, legally, until … Continue reading “Rivers’ Law”

Ryno Acts Like a Redneck

Did you ever try to make home movies or set up a photo shoot with your friends when you were younger? Do you have any evidence from an embarrassing memory in your past? Nine years ago, Ryno and a couple of his college buddies decided to make use of a DUI educational tool as a … Continue reading “Ryno Acts Like a Redneck”

Ole Miss…Was It Worth It?

With the self-imposed penalties announced in Oxford yesterday afternoon, the question comes up for Ole Miss fans…Was it worth it? If you’re a fan of the University of Mississippi, the last 24 hours might have made you feel a little uncomfortable. The elation and pride you carried with you from when your team and its coach landed … Continue reading “Ole Miss…Was It Worth It?”

The Mystery of the Missing Magnolia State Lottery

JT has been touting a lottery in Mississippi as a means to raise infrastructure funding for over a year now, but it appears any hope of getting a lottery bill through the legislature is dead in the water for yet another year. Whether you agree with Speaker Gunn’s flat refusal to hear debate on a … Continue reading “The Mystery of the Missing Magnolia State Lottery”

Blow Off Classes and a Cute Professor

Did you ever take a class in school just for the fun of it? Not an elective that you might need to progress academically, but a true blow off class? JT asked Ryno if he ever took a blow off class, and Ryno turned it around and admitted to taking several history classes in college just … Continue reading “Blow Off Classes and a Cute Professor”