Southern Miss Wants YOU…to play hooky!

Southern Miss has a lot to look forward to on the diamond this season, and the defending 2016 C-USA Champions will get the first pitch of their 2017 season across the plate against Northeatern around 4PM at Pete Taylor Park in Hattiesburg. The Golden Eagles will run Junior right-hander Hayden Roberts out on the mound to … Continue reading “Southern Miss Wants YOU…to play hooky!”

Senator Kid Rock?!

It isn’t too uncommon to have a celebrity run for public office, and it isn’t unheard of to have a celebrity actually win an election. From former California Governor Schwarzenegger to former Governor Jesse Ventura and even President Donald Trump, political strategists have struggled to replicate the brand and name recognition enjoyed by celebs in America. … Continue reading “Senator Kid Rock?!”

Valentine’s Day

From Pakistan banning public celebrations of Valentine’s Day to the plethora of “Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts” lists you’ll see around the web today, the negative emotions that seem to have been swirling around the nation recently are trying to taint Cupid’s favorite day. Then again, not everyone has a Valentine to with whom they can … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Denzel Nkemdiche and the Man in the Mirror

After finding himself falling asleep on yesterday’s Head to Head, Denzel Nkemdiche joined the conversation today, wide awake and in seemingly good spirits. The former Ole Miss linebacker and older brother of NFL rookie Robert Nkemdiche joined Matt and Richard to give you an update on his life’s journey, his unique perspective on the universe … Continue reading “Denzel Nkemdiche and the Man in the Mirror”

Free Baseball

For a die-hard fan and purist of America’s Pastime, an extra inning game is a rare treat to be enjoyed whenever possible, and the experience of seeing a steamy late-afternoon game stretch into the cooler conditions of the midnight hour, with infielders taking the mound to give it a go of throwing strikes, makes for … Continue reading “Free Baseball”

The Value of an Education

Matt gets frustrated by most of the arguments for paying college athletes, but he takes special umbrage with the argument that student-athletes aren’t compensated enough for “providing their time and efforts”. Matt’s argument is that just because the school isn’t writing a check to each student-athlete, it doesn’t mean the athlete is going without all … Continue reading “The Value of an Education”

Human Trafficking hits close to home

Human Trafficking is a sterilized way of saying modern-day slavery, and it’s easy to get caught up in thinking it could never happen in the Magnolia State. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, and the Mississippi Center for Violence Prevention is doing everything they can to pull victims of slavery out of their horrifying … Continue reading “Human Trafficking hits close to home”

Oregon’s “No Means No” Chant

Several University of Oregon players are facing discipline after celebrating their win over Florida State in the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual by mocking FSU quarterback Jameis Winston and allegations of sexual assault against him. The short Vine video below is courtesy of Bear Heiser of Fox Sports West:

A Guide to the World Cup, Part Eight

The US Men’s National Team was undefeated in its send-off series against Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Nigeria. The team has found its identity and developed a defensive-minded playing style that allows for quick counters and fast moving attacks in transition. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann angered many fans with his assertion that the US “can’t win the World … Continue reading “A Guide to the World Cup, Part Eight”