Belly Band Could Cause Taxpayers to Lose Appetite

It was, to say the least, a revealing interview with State Senator Hob Bryan, Chairman of Medicaid in the Senate. Bryan (as noted by one message on Twitter-sounds a lot like Harry Reid) was “tired” of answering questions on the merits of growing government for the good of the people. To a good Liberal, the bigger the government, the closer we are to Utopia.

DiagramGastricSleeveChairman Bryan’s ire was raised when I had the audacity to reveal to the voters an insertion he made on Medicaid appropriation that entitles any qualified recipient to receive Belly Band surgery at the taxpayers’ expense. I figured the taxpayers’ had a right to know a few things like, how many and how much? Asking these questions put me further into the cold hearted Conservative corner.

You’ve got to give Democrats credit. They know how to play hardball when it comes to politics. If taxpayers even suggest food stamps be allowed only on healthy products and not junk food, you are labeled insensitive.

If you don’t join the Miracle Menus of Michelle, who’s doing everything she can to reduce obesity in poor people (except things that really work) then you’re labeled as part of the problem, not the solution.

If you suggest spending millions of dollars on weight reduction surgery might be counterproductive in more ways than one, you’re not a realist.

We have reached a point in local, state and national politics where some elected officials forget who’s the employer and who’s the employee. For me to even jog their memory mentioning that little tidbit is an insult to some of them.

In the end, Democrats have waged a war on personal responsibility. Not because it provides a better life for the voters, but because ultimately… voters provide Democrats with a better life in politics.