Can I really DIY?

We’ve embarked on a bit of a project at the Cross house. Back in October, we  bought an older house that needed a ton of updating, a lot of TLC, and a little more space. The house is a modern-ish ranch from the sixties, and we loved it’s character.

If you’ve ever done a remodel,  you know staying in budget is as big a part of the job as any painting, trim work or plumbing. And in a bid to save money, I’m debating the merits of being my own general contractor. Mind you I’ve never built a house.

You’ll hear frequent updates on Head to Head as the progress of this project, and I’m likely to solicit your advice along the way. I’ve done okay so far with the demolition, but all that means is semi-orderly destruction.


But the big question for now is, can I really DIY (or DIM, if you will)? Knocking out walls and pulling out insulation and drywall is easy, but can I put it back together? Can I manage other people putting it back together. I’m open to suggestions.