Analyzing Brent Musburger’s comments on Joe Mixon during the Sugar Bowl

The Sugar Bowl became a sideshow when play-by-play broadcaster Brent Musburger decided to use his platform to give the viewers an “update” of sorts on Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. If you don’t know who Mixon is, he was suspended from the team for striking a woman in the face two years ago, causing her … Continue reading “Analyzing Brent Musburger’s comments on Joe Mixon during the Sugar Bowl”

The size of the NCAA tournament has ruined college basketball’s regular season

There is a ton of talk in the sports world about expanding the College Football Playoff to include more teams.  It sounds good in theory, but Michael Borkey is very against that idea, and uses college basketball as his prime example why.

How important is Cam Akers to Ole Miss’ signing class?

Everyone by now knows that Cam Akers is the best high school prospect in Mississippi, and one of the best in the country.  So where is he going to college? No one really knows.  What would he mean for Ole Miss?  Some say everything.  But on the field? The Rebels have bigger problems than an … Continue reading “How important is Cam Akers to Ole Miss’ signing class?”

How real were the Dan Mullen to Oregon rumors? What do they mean?

Another year, another round of “Dan Mullen to X-School” rumors go swirling around the college football world.  Why does this always happen?  Was there some reality to Dan Mullen to Oregon? Should this bother Mississippi State fans? Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey discuss.

Who would you take: Lane Kiffin or Les Miles?

Houston has an opening for its football head coaching job, and there are many options on the table to fill that position.  The general consensus, however, is that they are possibly down to Lane Kiffin and Les Miles.  So who would you choose?  Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross discuss.