How would you like a multi-purpose drone delivery service?

Trending Now with Matt Wyatt went off the rails, or on the rails depending on how you look at it, and was inspired to create a multi-purpose drone delivery service.  While that  concept is still in the idea stage, there is a real burrito (Yes, like the food) delivery service via drone coming to the … Continue reading “How would you like a multi-purpose drone delivery service?”

The first AP top-25 is out for the 2016 season, Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey break it down

Ahhh, the age-old tradition of pre-season polls and debating their worth.  Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey on Trending Now discuss the newly released poll and whether or not it REALLY means anything.

Film Study: Chad Kelly can beat you in multiple ways

As part of his “Film Study” series, Head to Head’s Matt Wyatt breaks down plays from the biggest names in Mississippi sports. Check out his analysis of Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly here: For the rest of Wyatt’s “Film Study” breakdowns, click here

A high school football player held a press conference to commit to … his own school?

Lately, these “commitment ceremonies” have become a big event for the high school football star.  The media coverage is huge, and they come from all over to cover the event.  This high school star, though, had some fun with it. However, he took it way too far.