Have you tried the Mediterranean Diet?

March is National Nutrition Month and Mississippians are more confused than ever about what to eat to achieve good health. While the hype around fad diets seems alluring, the recommendations typically aren’t based on science and the sources may not be credible. Registered dietitian, Mary Martin Nordness, with The Dairy Alliance, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things … Continue reading “Have you tried the Mediterranean Diet?”

Do you know a WWII Veteran?

Chances are you have a WWII Veteran in your family tree. Referred to as the greatest generation, they are slowly becoming beloved ones that have passed on. But their stories have not yet be forgotten. “Fading Front” is a documentary which captures the untold stories of the conflict which changed the world told by the … Continue reading “Do you know a WWII Veteran?”

Workforce development reaching students with disabilities.

A national program designed to help students with disabilities obtain competitive community-based employment expanded to central Mississippi through a strategic collaboration of the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS), the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), the Rankin County School District and the Mississippi Council for Developmental Disabilities. Project SEARCH UMMC is offering up to … Continue reading “Workforce development reaching students with disabilities.”

Could your hearing loss be correlated to cognitive decline?

The MIND Center, at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, is currently trying to answer that question: Is there a correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline? Considering aging is apart of life, it’s always good to know how prevalent hearing loss is in older adults and the effect it may have on an individual. … Continue reading “Could your hearing loss be correlated to cognitive decline?”

Can your high schooler code under pressure?

The 5th C Spire Coding Challenge is getting underway this week in Mississippi. Approximately, 130 students from 33 schools in 24 different counties will come with no prep information beforehand. Each year, the challenge is kept secret until the day of competition. Teams work with a C Spire mentor to flex their critical thinking and problem-solving … Continue reading “Can your high schooler code under pressure?”

The Extraordinary Story of Bringing Home Apollo 11

On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 did the impossible and landed on the moon. Four days later, the space capsule burned through the Earth’s atmosphere and splashed down into the Pacific Ocean. Navy SEAL John Wolfram, a member of the Navy’s elite Special Forces and trained in spacecraft recovery, leaped from a helicopter into the … Continue reading “The Extraordinary Story of Bringing Home Apollo 11”

How do you spend your tax return?

In late 2017, Congress was racing forward to enact the largest overhaul of the US tax code in 3 decades. Fast forward to 2019 and Mississippians are experience the effects of the changes while filing their 2018 taxes. It’s interesting to know that there were more words in the IRS tax code than in the … Continue reading “How do you spend your tax return?”

Want to be a filmmaker in Mississippi?

Michael Williams of West Point, MS, has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC). This grant is a portion of the nearly $1.4 million in grants the Commission awarded in 2018-2019 and will be used to support and continue the development of future film projects. The grants are made possible by … Continue reading “Want to be a filmmaker in Mississippi?”

Learn to make vegetables taste good.

March is National Nutrition Month created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as an educational campaign to help consumers make informed food decisions. Fiona Lewis, DrPH, RDN, LDN with the Department of Preventive Medicine at UMMC and Mississippi American Heart Association Spokesperson joined Rebecca Turner, a registered dietitian, to share healthy tips. In addition to … Continue reading “Learn to make vegetables taste good.”

Mississippi Women in Rotary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of women being allowed in the Rotary Club, and it took a Supreme Court decision in 1987 to do it! Barbara Travis and Roscoe Greene, both Past District Governors for Central Mississippi District 6820, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to share the fascinating story of how women have contributed … Continue reading “Mississippi Women in Rotary”

State Climatologist Launches Weather Balloons

Mississippi State University professor and State of Mississippi climatologist Michael Brown launched a weather balloon with fifth grade students at Starkville Academy, demonstrating how weather scientists collect data and learn about the formation of storms. Mike Brown joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to explain more and give his thoughts on the groundhog’s weather predictions. … Continue reading “State Climatologist Launches Weather Balloons”

Bel-Air Elementary Culinary Club

Students at Bel-Air Elementary in Harrison County School District are getting the opportunity to extend learning from the classroom into the cafeteria! Third through sixth graders are cultivating culinary skills in the kitchen and encouraged to take that knowledge home. Cafeteria Manager Tammy Marion joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to share more about the culinary … Continue reading “Bel-Air Elementary Culinary Club”