Leonardo da Vinci: Machines

Da Vinci’s Machines brings the innovations of Leonardo da Vinci to life. Featuring over 75 inventions reconstructed from his illustrations and writings, guests will encounter and test these amazing inventions, from flying machines and war weapons to diving gear and the self-propelled car. Da Vinci’s Machines is on exhibition at the Lauren Rogers Museum of … Continue reading “Leonardo da Vinci: Machines”

Sports-Related Injuries

If it’s fall in Mississippi, it’s the season for sports-related injuries. When athletes get hurt, there’s a fairly short list of common injuries that come into play. Chief among them: ankle sprains, muscle strains, concussions, shin splints and knee injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament tears and meniscal tears. Dr. Jim Hurt, assistant professor of orthopedic … Continue reading “Sports-Related Injuries”

Miss Catfish 2018

The World Catfish Festival has become a major tourist draw to the Mississippi Delta. Because of its reputation as a family-oriented event, the World Catfish Festival has received several awards including Top 100 Events in North America and Top 20 Events of the Southeast. In addition to the live entertainment, the crowds are entertained with … Continue reading “Miss Catfish 2018”

Mississippi Black Prairie Restoration

Prairie Wildlife is a premier conservation-driven sporting estate that is leading the native prairie grass restoration movement in the Black Prairie region of Mississippi. Located in the Golden Triangle in West Point Mississippi. Bennie Atkinson, the general manager, sat down with Rebecca Turner on Good Things to talk about how reviving Mississippi’s prairie land got … Continue reading “Mississippi Black Prairie Restoration”

Tailgating Tips

The start of college football season means it is the start of tailgating season.  Whether you prefer The Grove, The District, or The Junction, you’ll want to know the ends and outs of your tailgating spot. Kyle Thorton joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to talk tailgating tips.      

Starkville Women Bring Laundry Love

Starkville’s United Methodist Church gathered a group of women interested in serving their local community and headed down to a low-income apartment complex. They started by loving on ladies (and men) while they did their laundry and listened to their additional needs. Cindy Melby joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to share how helping with … Continue reading “Starkville Women Bring Laundry Love”

Mississippi Aquarium

Mississippi Aquarium will display the aquatic wonders of the gulf. Opening in Gulfport, Mississippi in late 2019 / earl 2020. The aquarium will be a sprawling campus of indoor and outdoor exhibits celebrating Mississippi’s unique mars and gulf environments. Gulfport’s Mayor Billy Hewes joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to give a construction update and share … Continue reading “Mississippi Aquarium”

Mississippi’s Toughest Kid Foundation

Mississippi’s Toughest Kids Foundation (MTKF) is creating a place for children to explore new things, thrill over exciting adventures, and discover the great big wonderful outdoors. It will be a very special camp facility designed exclusively for children and adults who want to have fun but who are often limited because of serious illnesses, physical and mental challenges, and … Continue reading “Mississippi’s Toughest Kid Foundation”

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Mississippi’s medical community is continually exploring new options for patients, such as genetic testing and clinical research for those with a family history of breast cancer. Surgical oncologist Phillip Ley, M.D., FACS, has more than 20 years of experience with special expertise in breast cancer surgery. Dr. Ley chatted with Rebecca Turner on Good Things … Continue reading “Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer”

Healthy Teens for a Better Mississippi

Families First for Mississippi is expanding Governor Bryant’s Healthy Teens for a Better Mississippi initiative throughout the State to include educational and innovative programs on healthy choices to engage teens. Jalisa Wilson, the coordinator for Healthy Teens Coordinator, chatted with Rebecca Turner on Good Things about how Families First is working to promote healthy choices … Continue reading “Healthy Teens for a Better Mississippi”

Mississippi Boychoir

The Mississippi Boychoir celebrates their 24th Season.  In the last twenty years, hundreds of musically talented young men have worked to develop vocal techniques, self-discipline, learn music in a variety of styles, and have fun singing! There is still time to get your young man an audition.

Hattiesburg Zoo’s Sloth

Located on 12-acres within Kamper Park,  The Hattiesburg Zoo houses nearly 100 species of animals from around the world.  It is operated by the Hattiesburg Convention Commission, but the animals are cared for day-to-day by a dedicated staff of zookeepers.  Zookeeper, Corissa Harvey, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to talk about caring for animals … Continue reading “Hattiesburg Zoo’s Sloth”