Novelist from Hattiesburg

Many of Mississippi’s most interesting writers have a day job, just like you- but are fulfilling their dreams of putting stories into the world as becoming a published author. Len Melvin from Hattiesburg, has three decades of law experiences and two novels under his belt.  You can hear more about his unique story here:

Mississippi Gets Glistered

How many entrepreneur success stories start with glitter? Not many, but there is a breakout Mississippi company that is on track to glister the world. What is glister? To sparkle and shine. Carlie Hogan, founder of Galexie Glister, stopped by the studio to tell us more.    Listen here: Watch Ryno #GetGlistered  

Mississippi Snake Grabbers

Mississippi Snake Grabbers is a lifestyle-reality episodic series featuring 6 Mississippi law enforcement agents. Two of them stopped by the Good Things studio to tell us more about their exciting new show and hobby! You’re going to want to listen.

Southaven Middle Schoolers Going to Disney

When you think of a trip to Disney, you don’t necessarily think school work, but the two can go hand-in-hand.  Ashley Riley, 8th grade AP English teacher, from Southaven is taking 10 lucky middle schoolers to Disney for learning. Hear about their exciting opportunity here:

Mississippi’s African Bible College

Mississippi has been deemed the most generous state in the nation- and the generosity doesn’t stay stateside.  African Bible Colleges, Inc. is a non-profit mission organization registered in the State of Mississippi, founded for the purpose of establishing and operating Bible colleges on the continent of Africa. Dr. Chinchen stopped by the studios to tell … Continue reading “Mississippi’s African Bible College”

Mississippi Urban Forest Council

Promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests which contribute to clean air and water, economic stability, and beautiful green places in which all Mississippians and future generations will live, work and play. That’s the mission of the Mississippi Urban Forest Council. Donna Yowell, the executive director stopped by the studio to talk trees and … Continue reading “Mississippi Urban Forest Council”

Gift Shop at Mississippi Museums

Mississippi Museum of History and Mississippi Civil Rights Museum have had their doors wide open for two weeks and welcoming people from all over the globe. Make plans to stop in on your Holiday break, and if you are still looking for last minute gift ideas, you’ll find those at the gift shop. Brother Rodgers … Continue reading “Gift Shop at Mississippi Museums”

Living life at the next level.

You might know him as a decorated football player, coach, or simply inspired by his efforts to improve the health of Mississippi. You might think you know who Paul Lacoste is, but there is a lot more to his story.  Paul Lacoste long time friend and author, Mike Frascogna stopped by the studio to talk … Continue reading “Living life at the next level.”

Mississippi Distilled Whiskey

Mississippi was the first state in the country to enact alcohol prohibition in 1917 and the last state in the union to repeal it in 1966. And up until recently, if you enjoyed a nice bourbon- it came from somewhere outside our state’s borders- but that’s changing. The man behind Mississippi’s first distillery specializing in … Continue reading “Mississippi Distilled Whiskey”

Mississippi Farm Tables

Your dinner is more than a place to eat, it’s a place where your family connects, celebrates, and continues traditions. Learn how a gentleman from Ireland fell in love with Mississippi and crafting tables by hand. Listen here: Watch here: