Contemporary Southern Cuisine

If you pop into one of Mississippi’s finest, locally owned and grown restaurants, there is almost always an incredible story to be told.   And, that holds true with Ravine Restaurant out of Oxford, MS- and founder Jole Miller joined us by phone to share their unique story from sketch to reality. 

Together for Hope

Together for Hope, formed in 2001 and is a 20-year commitment to the 20 poorest counties in the country. Using the Texas Hunger Initiative toolkit, Together for Hope, is looking to cultivate a rural development coalition that can help build stronger communities from the inside out. Rev. Jason Coker stopped by the studio to talk … Continue reading “Together for Hope”

Lacrosse in Mississippi

If you’ve got kids looking for a sport outside the traditional selection- listen up- there is a high intensity, team sport that is growing in popularity in the South- and right here in Mississippi.  Mississippi Lacrosse stopped by the studio to share more about their sport.   Lacrosse player, Cole, did an exceptional job describing … Continue reading “Lacrosse in Mississippi”

Inspiring Mississippi Women

Sara Ann Powers had fun in D’Lo teaching Major Berry and his town yoga, but that is not all she is up too. Sara Anna also helps women in Mississippi and Internationally pursue their powerful purpose. Sara Ann stopped by the studio to give ladies an encouraging word for the upcoming holiday season and stresses.

Mississippi Choir to Sing at Carnegie Hall

Every church choir has it’s own personality, sound, and uniqueness. All making a joyful noise in the name of worship. But every once in awhile, a church choir comes along that catches the attention of others outside of the church walls and gets recognized for it. And that is what has happened to a church … Continue reading “Mississippi Choir to Sing at Carnegie Hall”

Mississippi IRONMAN Champ

Imagine running into open water with about 2,400 people, all trying to get out and back faster than you! There are countless hours of preparation, countless things that can go wrong, and countless memories made in the entire journey. Only 40 of those 2,400 at the Louisville, Kentucky IROMAN ended race day by crossing the … Continue reading “Mississippi IRONMAN Champ”

Mississippi’s Bagpipe Band

Pipe Bands are a fun and exciting way for students to get a feel of the traditional Scottish bagpipe and drum band at Presbyterian Christian School in Hattiesburg Mississippi and the surrounding area. The band is the only high-school based pipe band in the state.   PCS Pipe Band Director, Mathew Beall, stopped by the Good Things … Continue reading “Mississippi’s Bagpipe Band”

Ryno’s “Aluminum Overcast” Flight

I had the opportunity to touch a piece of history, and unexpectedly, history seemed to reach through the years and touch me in ways a history class or Hollywood movie never could. When I loaded up in one of the final dozen or so B-17 Bombers still capable of flying, I was allowed to explore … Continue reading “Ryno’s “Aluminum Overcast” Flight”

Ditch the Dentist Dread with Laser Technology

Carter Sledge Family Dentistry isn’t your typical dentist office. Understanding that family comes first, and the dentist shouldn’t be scary, they have created a safe and comfortable environment for patients of all ages. Dr. Carter and Dr. Sledge stopped by the studio to talk about the latest technology like the Solea Laser and the CEREC Crown … Continue reading “Ditch the Dentist Dread with Laser Technology”

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, yet there is still types of the disease that hasn’t gain enough awareness. Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC): a rare and very aggressive disease in which cancer cells block lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. This type of breast cancer is called “inflammatory” because the breast often looks swollen … Continue reading “Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)”

Belhaven Offers New Doctoral Program

Belhaven University has reached another historic milestone in Christian higher education and will now offer its first doctoral degree. “This is an exciting time in the academic life of Belhaven University,” said Dr. David Hand, dean of Belhaven’s School of Education. “The new doctoral program places the University at an entirely new level and status … Continue reading “Belhaven Offers New Doctoral Program”

Bare Knuckle Fighting in Mississippi

Brother Rodgers with Mississippi Department of Archive and History is a wealth of wonderful information from the annals of Mississippi history. Brothers stopped by the SuperTalk studios for Good Things and talked  about the last bare knuckle championship boxing match taking place outside of Hattiesburg in 1889. Listen to this fascinating 10 minute story here: … Continue reading “Bare Knuckle Fighting in Mississippi”