Mississippi High School Football :: Key Match-Ups for 10-14

Although there are many great games that will be aired on the SuperTalk Network this Friday, there are two key match-ups that we have our eyes on: Starkville (5-2) at Madison Central (4-3-1) The Starkville Yellowjackets will hit the road to head to the Jungle to play the Madison Central Jaguars in a big 6A … Continue reading “Mississippi High School Football :: Key Match-Ups for 10-14”

Mike Bonner of the Clarion-Ledger joins Head to Head to defend his MSU athletics director story

So Wednesday in the media world was a lot of fun.  One side said John Cohen has been named as the AD at Mississippi State and the other says its not true.  Mike Bonner, who wrote the story claiming Cohen will be named AD, joined Head to Head to explain his side of the story.

Shutting down false narratives about Dan Mullen at Mississippi State

With losing games comes irrational fan reaction.  That goes for any team in the country.  Right now, Mississippi State is not meeting expectations, and fans are livid.  Matt Wyatt goes through those false narratives and shoots them down in the only way he knows how.

Auburn recruits far better than Mississippi State, but the on-field results don’t prove it

Recruiting rankings DO matter.  Its no coincidence that Alabama and Ohio State are the best teams in the country while also recruiting the best players in the country.  BUT, like every rule, there are exceptions.  The last few games between Auburn and Mississippi State prove that.  But is this the year where the difference in … Continue reading “Auburn recruits far better than Mississippi State, but the on-field results don’t prove it”

The NCAA is proposing a new early singing period for football recruits. So what does that mean?

Signing day in college football world has become almost like a holiday.  BUT, the NCAA might rain on that parade in the future, as they have proposed two early signing periods for recruits that have made up their mind.  Is this a good idea or a bad one?  Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross discuss.

Will Charlie Strong be the coach at Texas next year?

Its been a bumpy few years at Texas football, and this season has become downright rocky.  The Texas Athletics Director after the Longhorn’s loss to Oklahoma State had some interesting words about head coach Charlie Strong.  So will he be the coach next year?  Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey discuss.

Radio calls from the craziness that was the end of the UGA/Tennessee game

If you missed the game between Tennessee and Georgia you missed an absolute classic.  However, what’s more classic than the game itself was the radio calls from both the UT and UGA radio crews.  Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross deliver the gold.