Film Study: Bulldogs offense | Egg Bowl success

Hat-on-hat = Fitz out the gate — Matt Wyatt (@RadioWyatt) November 28, 2016 Win 1-on-1s blocking at every level = home run — Matt Wyatt (@RadioWyatt) November 28, 2016 Athlete at QB + block it up + make 1 miss = big run — Matt Wyatt (@RadioWyatt) November 28, 2016 Variation takes … Continue reading “Film Study: Bulldogs offense | Egg Bowl success”

Has sports media crossed the line with political questioning of coaches and athletes?

This most recent Presidential Election is extremely polarizing, but has sports media gone too far?  Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey examine a recent press conference with Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, and explain where the media went wrong.

Andy Kennedy joined Head to Head to preview Ole Miss basketball

Faces change, but expectations don’t has been the motto for Ole Miss basketball recently.  Andy Kennedy, head coach of the Rebels, sat down with Richard Cross of Head to Head to talk about those new names wearing the red and blue.  

Taking a deeper look at Ole Miss’ running game and a pattern of ineffectiveness

The 3-5 start for the Ole Miss Rebels has some fans searching for answers.  There is questions about the linebacker play, defensive scheme, injuries, and other things of the like.  All of those questions are valid, but Michael Borkey took it a step further, following his theory that Ole Miss stumbles late in games due … Continue reading “Taking a deeper look at Ole Miss’ running game and a pattern of ineffectiveness”

Should the NBA eliminate the “One-and-Done” rule?

Former LSU basketball star Ben Simmons had some interesting words of anger directed at the NCAA about the “One-and-Done” rule in college basketball. Even though its not an NCAA rule, its an NBA one, Simmons DOES have a point.  Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey discuss..

Comparing and contrasting Ole Miss and Mississippi State’s linebacker corps

Hooboy defense in Mississippi has NOT been good.  So what’s the deal?  Linebacker is the easy answer for Ole Miss, and that’s evident based on a lack of personnel. But Mississippi State doesn’t have that problem, so why are they also struggling?  Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross examine the linebacker position.