OHS Day 29: Week 8 Begins with Stretching(Ryno)

I fought for several days towards the end of last week with a lower back strain that had me walking around the office and my apartment rather gingerly. I stretched and massaged my back as much as I could, but I just couldn’t seem to get any relief. When I showed up to the Gym, … Continue reading “OHS Day 29: Week 8 Begins with Stretching(Ryno)”

Webisode 008: Operation Healthy State

There’s something pretty sneaky in just about everything you eat. You may not even realize just how much sugar is in your diet! Rebecca Turner issues a radical challenge for you to investigate the added sugar in your day. Plus, our coaches share with you the best place to start if you’ve never worked out … Continue reading “Webisode 008: Operation Healthy State”

OHS Day 28: Last Day of Week 7 (Ryno)

Seven weeks in the books and I’m unofficially(we don’t have an “official” weigh in until next week) under 300 pounds for only the 2nd time since probably half-way through high school. I’m going to spend some time this weekend rehabbing my lower back, because I don’t want a niggling injury to hold me back and … Continue reading “OHS Day 28: Last Day of Week 7 (Ryno)”

OHS Day 28: What is “active recovery”? (Dawn with Coach Kilgore)

You don’t have to be injured to go through “active recovery”. Matter of fact, if you’re kicking it up a notch in your fitness program you need an active recovery period. So what is “active recovery” and how do you do it? We’ll let Coach Kilgore explain it to you.

OHS Day 27: Killing Calories with Cardio (Ryno)

Today’s workout included a fair amount of time on the Calorie Bike(a.k.a. the “Devil Bike”), and I burned almost 300 calories with just the bike alone. To put that into perspective, it took roughly 20-25 minutes of heart-pumping, leg-churning work to burn off those roughly 300 calories, and a king-size Snickers could negate all of … Continue reading “OHS Day 27: Killing Calories with Cardio (Ryno)”

OHS Day 27: Frustration sets in (Dawn)

When I played basketball (badly) in high school, our coach was adamant about us wearing flats each day we had practice or a game. He explained why this was the rule and – quite frankly – the reasoning went in one ear and out the other. That came back to me in the last week when … Continue reading “OHS Day 27: Frustration sets in (Dawn)”

OHS Day 26: Back Pain(Ryno)

On the first day of Week 7, I went big on dead lifts and military press, and I didn’t communicate effectively with Coach Kilgore about the tightness developing in my lower back. I blame it mostly on my kinda crazy tolerance for pain, but like you’ve heard us say over and over, you have to … Continue reading “OHS Day 26: Back Pain(Ryno)”

OHS Day 25: Pushing Your Limits(Ryno)

Dawn likes to joke that Coach Kilgore and I have a “bromance”, because two days-a-week I get to work out with Coach on my own, but the truth of the matter is, I respect Coach a whole helluva lot. He takes time out of his day to teach me and help me become a healthier … Continue reading “OHS Day 25: Pushing Your Limits(Ryno)”

Webisode 007: Operation Healthy State

This week, Ryno makes Dawn a little jealous with his “Bro Workout” with Coach Kilgore. Plus, our Coaches explain how everyone can be a runner if they want to and the consistency you need in your fitness program. And don’t forget to wait until the end – for more bloopers.

OHS Day 24: Actually, yes you can! (Ryno & Dawn)

Positive Mental Attitude. This isn’t just a slogan for cheerleaders, it’s something Ryno and I found HELP when we’re struggling through a workout. Your brain gives up long before your body does. Sometimes you just have to say: “Here’s what I can do…”

OHS Day 23: Bench Press and a Heavy Bag is SO MUCH FUN!(Ryno)

I have enjoyed several of Coach Kilgore’s workouts throughout the 6 weeks or so of Boot Camp that I’ve been through, so far, and I’m continually surprised by what Coach will throw at me. Today I got a double dose of fun. First off, I “graduated” to the Bench Press, which is something I’ve always … Continue reading “OHS Day 23: Bench Press and a Heavy Bag is SO MUCH FUN!(Ryno)”

OHS Day 23: Walk it out (Dawn)

Sometimes when you push yourself harder, and are reaching for a new goal – your body says “Nope. We’re done for the day.” This happened during hill repeats during Day 23 of Operation Healthy State when my calf muscle seized up on me and refused to move. Apparently, my left leg decided to go on … Continue reading “OHS Day 23: Walk it out (Dawn)”