The democrats in congress had a sit-in, but their motives don’t seem to be pure

Some congressional democrats held a sit-in to try and force the republicans to vote on gun control measures.  They were equipped with pillows, blankets, and of course media opportunities.  Gallo thinks their motivation behind doing the sit-in was not pure.

The first open lesbian has won Miss Missouri. But why does her sexuality matter?

Erin O’Flaherty, an open lesbian, won the Miss Missouri pageant.  At the forefront of her victory comes the attention drawn to her sexuality.  Gallo wonders, if she is a hard-working and deserving candidate, why does her sexuality matter to anyone? Shouldn’t she be honored for her accomplishments absent of making it about her sexuality?

A woman is planning on walking from Mississippi to Washington D.C. topless. Nope, we aren’t kidding

In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer and the problems with negative body image, a woman is planning on walking from Mississippi to D.C.  Paul and Perez try to rationalize this, while giving her tips and predicting how long she’ll make it.

Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, joins the Gallo Show.

The Republican National Convention is coming up soon in Cleveland (if it’s still standing after the Cavs NBA Finals victory celebrations die down) and there has been some concerns that Donald Trump does not have the support of all of his earned delegates. Noesef says not to worry..

Abigail Meisel, author of a recent article called “America, don’t give up on Mississippi” joins the Gallo Show

Third-generation New Yorker Abigail Meisel, a writer who’s been featured on publications such as the New York Times and the Huffington Post, moved to Mississippi on a whim.  What she discovered here was misconception, some ugly, and a lot of beautiful.

Bello Nock, daredevil/circus preformer/tightrope walker, joins the Gallo Show

World renowned performer Bello Nock joined the Gallo Show in one of the more unique interviews you could ever hear. He’s preformed in front of millions upon millions of people doing everything from motorcycle stunts, to tight rope walking, to animal tricks, and even magic.  He’s bringing his talents to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in … Continue reading “Bello Nock, daredevil/circus preformer/tightrope walker, joins the Gallo Show”

Wayne Allyn Root, political columnist/commentator/personality, joins the Gallo Show

The always entertaining Wayne Root joined the Gallo Show to give his reaction to the political fallout in wake of the Orlando tragedy.  Most importantly, his response to Barack Obama’s “pathetic” address to the nation following that attack.

Donte Jones and Frank Wynn of the Mississippi Community Education Center join the Gallo Show

The purpose of the Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) is the promotion, improvement, and expansion of communities through concept development, educational processes, and resource referrals. Two leaders from the MCEC joined the Gallo Show to discuss exactly what that all means, and explain how they’re accomplishing their goals to improve the lives of fathers in … Continue reading “Donte Jones and Frank Wynn of the Mississippi Community Education Center join the Gallo Show”

The government is going to regulate “vaping.” So what does that mean?

Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, joined the Gallo Show to discuss new regulations on the “vape” world.  Many millions of people use the e-cigarette each day, and the industry is growing rapidly. So what do these new regulations mean?

Matt Steffey, Mississippi College Law Professor, joins the Gallo Show

One major question that has come in the wake of the Orlando shootings is; how could we have not seen this coming?  Matt Steffey, a regular guest on the Gallo Show, joins to discuss monitoring of mosques, the legality of reporting suspicious activity, and more..

Author, political commentator, and attorney Joseph Murray joins the Gallo Show

In wake of the tragic events in Orlando is the inevitable political fallout.  There aren’t many better to break things down than Joseph Murray. He joined the Gallo show to discuss the events in Orlando and what we need to do from here.

Are Judges above being criticized? Retired Supreme Court Justice George Carlson explains.

Trump has been quite critical of a certain justice lately, and some people do not appreciate his attacks.  The vitriol against Trump for this begs the question, are judges above being criticized?

Socialism is gaining popularity and that should scare you

Switzerland recently had a proposition that would give a monthly salary of $2,800 to every citizen.  While that should sound ridiculous to everyone, that has drawn a lot of attention.  Gallo attacks this notion, and warns everyone how scary socialism really is.

Paul Sounds Off On Outraged Mother of “Frozen Dress Boy”

When a 3 year old asks to wear a Frozen Elsa dress to school, there normally is no problem. When that 3 year old is a little boy, questions might arise. A mother was outraged when she was shamed by another parent for allowing her son to wear a princess dress to school. Her response … Continue reading “Paul Sounds Off On Outraged Mother of “Frozen Dress Boy””

Retired US Navy LT William Jeans joins Gallo to talk about the true meaning of Memorial Day

When you’re lighting the grill, firing up the boat, or doing the myriad of activities synonymous with Memorial Day it’s good to remember exactly what the day is all about.  William Jeans joined Paul in studio for a nostalgia-filled interview that will remind you how lucky we are to have such great people defend our … Continue reading “Retired US Navy LT William Jeans joins Gallo to talk about the true meaning of Memorial Day”

Gallo Tries to Make Sense of the “No Fat Stripper” Law Proposed in Louisiana

Representative Kenneth E. Havard of Jackson Parish, Louisiana proposed a … controversial … amendment to a bill recently that would limit a strippers weight to 160 pounds and their age to a maximum of 28-years-old.  He said their “safety” was his motivation for the amendment, but Paul and Perez have other ideas….

Does the national media make a conscious effort to tell minorities who to vote for?

The distrust of the main-stream media is at an all time high.  Gallo breaks down an example, from a focus group of Trump supporters hosted by CNN’s Drew Griffin, questioning minority voters on their selection.  How big of a problem is this?  Do you agree with Paul’s assessment?

Is allowing pharmacies to decline services that cause them to lose money a necessary thing?

House Representative Sam Mims joined Gallo to explain the motivation behind the new law that allows pharmacists to deny transactions, the misconception surrounding mental health legislation, and more..

Mississippi Receives Award for Innovation for Education Reform

Jeremy Anderson, President of the Education Commission of the States, and Laurie Smith, the Governor’s education policy advisor, talk about Mississippi receiving the 2016 Frank Newman Award for State Innovation for a transformational education reform package that prioritized early learning reading skills, expanded charter schools opportunities and created a clear A-F rating system for schools. … Continue reading “Mississippi Receives Award for Innovation for Education Reform”

Mitch Tyner talks Delegates & a Text Message from Nosef

Mitch Tyner, Mississippi Chair for the Trump Campaign, discusses delegates, Trump’s chances of getting to that golden number of 1,237, and a text message that Joe Nosef supposedly sent him that Tyner claims threatened the use of law enforcement to get their way to select the delegates to go to Ohio.  Check out the interview below: … Continue reading “Mitch Tyner talks Delegates & a Text Message from Nosef”

GalloSnippet: Lynn Fitch & Mitch Tyner

30-Second Snippet: State Treasurer Lynn Fitch says she is appalled over the bond bills that passed in the recently completed Session that should not have met the State’s criteria for passage- 60-Second Snippet: State Chairman for the Trump Campaign, Mitch Tyner, suggests that the governor remove State Party Chairman of the GOP, Joe Nosef, Jr. for (alleged) threat in … Continue reading “GalloSnippet: Lynn Fitch & Mitch Tyner”

Greg Snowden Defends the Passing of the Religious Liberties Act

Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden joined the Gallo Radio Show Wednesday morning to discuss what HB 1523, “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act”, does and doesn’t do.  He also discusses his frustrations with how the media and some Mississippians have reacted:

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GalloSnippet: John Reeves and Okolo Rashid

60 second snippet of John Reeves, former legislator and attorney, talking about his relationship with Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes. Stokes makes national news for comments about cops:   60 second snippet of Okolo Rashid, founder and Executive Director of the International Museum of Muslim Cultures, as she answers the age old question about whether Islam men who … Continue reading “GalloSnippet: John Reeves and Okolo Rashid”

Donald Trump’s Simple Answer May be the Best Answer of All

Not to defend Trump’s answer to numerous problems of simply “good management”, but he’s dead on. If you’re one of the people who demand specifics from Trump on a variety of problems in this country from ISIS to the economy, any answer would be just to placate you. For instance, if you’re hiring a new … Continue reading “Donald Trump’s Simple Answer May be the Best Answer of All”

Fifteen Undeniable Truths of the Initiative 42 Amendment

#1-It was designed by Democrats for Democrats to regain power in the State Legislature by using a manufactured crisis to increase voter turnout. #2-The effort is almost exclusively funded and promoted by Left wing, Liberal groups (like New Venture Fund) who also provide funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading provider of abortions. #3-With most … Continue reading “Fifteen Undeniable Truths of the Initiative 42 Amendment”

Initiative 42 Debate btw Justice Carlson & Russ Latino

ICYM this morning’s Initiative 42 Roundtable Debate between Former Justice George Carlson and Russ Latino: Segment 1: (2:02) Opening remarks from Russ Latino (4:12) Opening remarks/retort from Former Justice George Carlson (5:43) How does the Court play into Initiative 42 (7:31) Questioning 30 second ad that featured Carlson (11:05) Latino gives his take on what … Continue reading “Initiative 42 Debate btw Justice Carlson & Russ Latino”