#AfterTheGalloShow: Hosemann won’t seek another term as Secretary of State

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann opens up topics such as not seeking another term, looking to what’s next in his political future. I ask him what his answer would be should the Governor call him to accept the open Senate seat in DC. For that answer and more, here’s a sampling of the full interview. … Continue reading “#AfterTheGalloShow: Hosemann won’t seek another term as Secretary of State”

#AfterTheGalloShow: Gov. Bryant has tough decision to make

Congressman Steven Palazzo joined us on the program this morning on SuperTalk Mississippi to talk about what’s going on in Washington, DC and we talked about the tough decision ahead of Governor Phil Bryant – choosing an interim replacement for retiring Senator Thad Cochran. Cochran is on the Senate Appropriations Committee – a powerful position … Continue reading “#AfterTheGalloShow: Gov. Bryant has tough decision to make”

Holland: BRIDGE is “the most heinous bill”

Representative Steve Holland doesn’t pull any punches when he comes on The Gallo Radio Show, and today was no exception. We talked about education funding and a possible special session. He has some thoughts about what should happen before any special session. And Rep. Holland had a LOT to say about the BRIDGE bill. Hear the … Continue reading “Holland: BRIDGE is “the most heinous bill””

State Auditor: Counties and cities owe thousands to state of Mississippi

43 counties and 120 towns/municipalities are behind in paying their assessment money to the state of Mississippi. When someone pays a traffic ticket, for example, there is an assessment on the ticket. Money that is supposed to go to the state to fund programs like those for fallen officers and Crime Stoppers. The State Auditor’s … Continue reading “State Auditor: Counties and cities owe thousands to state of Mississippi”

Highway Commissioner says BRIDGE Act puts politics into the roads

Central Highway Commissioner Dick Hall joined The Gallo Show during the final hour to blast the Lieutenant Governor’s “Bridge Act” and how harmful it would be to the long term progress of Mississippi’s highway system. To listen to the entire interview, click here.  

#AfterTheGalloShow: Accountability in the Education Funding Formula

The new Education Chairman in the House, Richard Bennett, joined us for the first time on the heels of a Senate Committee deadline to release the MAEP rewrite to the floor. We covered a range of educational topics from vouchers to funding. I also asked Chairman Bennett about the latest rumors that Speaker of the … Continue reading “#AfterTheGalloShow: Accountability in the Education Funding Formula”

#AfterTheGalloShow: The status of the ‘reverse auction’ bill

Senator John Polk covered several topics. First was the Reverse Auction bill that is now in the Senate. This bill would mandate that State Government use (in most cases) as of January 1st this year, a reverse auction process in procurement. He did say that government entities that use this method did not necessarily have … Continue reading “#AfterTheGalloShow: The status of the ‘reverse auction’ bill”

Dr. Wright: There are no ‘exit’ exams in Mississippi public schools

Rep. Tom Miles successfully pushed a bill through the House for public schools to drop “Exit Test” requirements for students. We invited the State’s Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey Wright, to explain the reason the Deptartment of Education is against this. If you haven’t heard the reasoning behind this…it may surprise you. Pete Smith from … Continue reading “Dr. Wright: There are no ‘exit’ exams in Mississippi public schools”

US Attorney: I.C.E. ‘aggressively active’ in Mississippi

If you’re a criminal in the Capital City, you’ve heard the buzz on the streets to watch out for the “law.” US Attorney Mike Hurst says Project Eject that’s only two months old, has already prosecuted 24 bad guys and they are just beginning. The new US Attorney also made news by revealing that ICE … Continue reading “US Attorney: I.C.E. ‘aggressively active’ in Mississippi”

Gallo After The Show: Why state lawmakers are all fired up

Tempers spilled over on the floor of the Mississippi House of Representatives this week, as Democrat Steve Holland called out Republicans for a continued lack of transparency. That theme was continued today on The Gallo Radio Show with State Senator Hob Bryan who says it is the same in the Senate. Here’s a clip from … Continue reading “Gallo After The Show: Why state lawmakers are all fired up”

Governor’s plan to fix Mississippi roads

Governor Bryant returned to Mississippi late last night from the historic infrastructure meeting with the President at the White House. Another notable participant, sitting directly on Trump’s left, was Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs. The audio is from Gov Bryant revealing his suggestion on addressing the roads and bridges issue in our state. He made news … Continue reading “Governor’s plan to fix Mississippi roads”

State Rep. Jeff Smith Breaks Jobs News on Gallo

House Ways & Means Chairman, Jeff Smith broke some news on The Gallo Radio Show this morning that an economic bill moving through the House is for a rather large aerospace company that could produce 4,000 jobs if Mississippi is selected. Here’s what he said about the timetable of the decision.