Gallo QuickShot: “The Vomitorium”

“Hey! Wanna see my…uhhh…tube?” Today’s Gallo Quickshot takes a look at what Gallo has termed “The Vomitorium” which is a machine that will allow you to eat a meal and then dump your undigested food straight into the toilet.  Supposedly taking the calories out of your system before they can do any damage to your … Continue reading “Gallo QuickShot: “The Vomitorium””

Sam Britton talks about the Kemper Coal Plant

“Can they get it up and running and to what level? That’s when we will sit down and make the next decision on this…” – Sam Britton on what is next for the Kemper Coal Plant Sam Britton, Public Service Commissioner, talks about everything from the Do Not Call Registry now being open for cell … Continue reading “Sam Britton talks about the Kemper Coal Plant”

Chairman John Moore on the Southern Poverty Law Center Lawsuit

“The groups that call themselves ‘Pro Public Education’ are raising money in defense of the poor while they are working hard against them.” – Chairman John Moore Chairman John Moore speaks out on his frustrations with the recent lawsuit by the Southern Poverty Law Center over Charter Schools in Mississippi:

Gallo hosts a roundtable on recent police-involved shootings

Special circumstances call for a special show.  Gallo hosted Reverend J Rhodes, Neddie Winters of Mission Mississippi, and Major Thomas Tuggle of the Mississippi Highway Patrol for a roundtable discussion on the recent police-involved shootings and the protests that came with them.

Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes joins Gallo

Big things are happening on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Most recently, Chiquita Brands International Inc. is returning its shipping operations to Gulfport from the Port of New Orleans. Chiquita will employ 10 management and operations personnel, while providing local longshoremen additional hours lost when, after 40 years in Gulfport, the company moved its shipping operations to … Continue reading “Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes joins Gallo”

Caller Vince and Gallo share and intense back-and-forth about Hillary’s emails

We rarely take calls on the Gallo show, but when we do they always end up being noteworthy.  Caller Vince “applauds” the FBI’s decision to not charge Hillary Clinton despite proving she broke the law. As a result, he and Gallo have a heated exchange.

The Zika virus is here in the United States, but the mosquitoes who carry it have … odd … selection methods

This year’s disease fear is the Zika virus. With multiple cases already reported in the United States, disease experts expect a full blown outbreak. How its being spread, though, is more odd than you’d think.