Science has apparently discovered a breakthrough for weight loss, but Gallo has his doubts

Eating well and exercising? Those days are over … maybe … as a scientist has discovered an injection that seemingly burns fat. Its still in clinical trials, but it looks promising.  Despite the promise, Gallo has his doubts

If you’re worried about your fancy new sports car getting stolen, Gallo might ease your mind

Driving a hot new fancy sports car around and worried its more likely to be stolen?  Never fear, Gallo is here to tell you the cars that are most likely to be stolen and the list is a litttttle surprising.

Joseph R. Murray, author, political commentator, and operator of LGBTrump, joins Gallo

Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic Nomination and basked in the glow of being the first women to achieve a major party’s presidential nomination. But as Hillary sat on the edge of history, she delivered a speech that turned her historic moment into a mundane chapter of politics as usual. Murray joined the Gallo Show to … Continue reading “Joseph R. Murray, author, political commentator, and operator of LGBTrump, joins Gallo”

Is the United States headed in the same direction Germany is when it comes to immigration policy?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel isn’t backing down on her immigration policy and has sparked some anger among the citizens. Hillary Clinton, Gallo says, might takes the U.S. down that same path.

Ravi Gupta, Founder and CEO of RePublic Schools, joins the Gallo Show

Charter schools have been a hot-topic here in Mississippi lately.  No one knows the successes of charter schools better than Ravi Gupta, founder of the charter school organization RePublic Schools, to give his story on public schools and explains how he KNOWS they have nothing but a positive impact on local communities.