The acceptance of gay members in church

Gallo hosted a “Religious Leader Roundtable” with Brian Richard Seage, the tenth and current bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, Mississippi Episcopal Bishop James E. Swanson Sr., and Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz, Catholic Diocese of Jackson. During that roundtable, discussion of the societal acceptance of homosexuality drew some interesting answers from some of Mississippi’s most prominent leaders.

The REAL fear of Donald Trump is … his success?

The commencement of Donald Trump’s presidency brings some increased animosity from the left. Congressman John Lewis, among others, is boycotting the inauguration and there are multiple protests planned for this weekend. Gallo thinks, however, that this fear of Trump isn’t in his potential failure, but in his imminent success.  

“Bikers for Trump” plan on forming a “Wall of Meat” to stop inauguration protesters

The big news leading up to the Donald Trump Presidential Inauguration this week has been the upcoming efforts of protesters to taint the ceremony in many ways. A new “organization” called “Bikers for Trump” has a different idea, and they plan to execute that plan without physical confrontation. Gallo has the audio…

Everybody loves a Keurig for coffee, but what about a similar contraption for booze?

The Keurig coffee makers have taken the industry by storm with their unique approach at fast and easy morning joe for the hard working American.  However, what about the fun-loving night owl? Gallo shares a story about how the technology is taking a .. spirited .. turn.  

Mississippi’s unemployment rate is dropping, but 7 counties are doing EXTREMELY well in that category

The latest numbers show that more Mississippians are working now than they were just a few months ago.  Gallo has the numbers, and singles out 7 counties that have unemployment numbers that are simply outstanding.

Vaccine Debate Turns to Talk of Autism Links

The producer from the film “Vaxxed” goes head to head with Dr. Katy Patterson on The Gallo Show…. and the debate turned to the infant mortality rate in Mississippi. Listen to the entire interview here.

State Senator Willie Simmons joined Gallo with an update on the potential of a “gas tax”

Senator Simmons, who also serves as chair of the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee, joined Gallo to discuss the status of our Mississippi roads, and the potential implementation of a “gas tax” in Mississippi.  

State Senator Hob Bryan joins the Gallo for a heated legislative debate

A tax cut was passed at the end of the 2016 legislative session that would save the tax payers $415 million over a 12-year period.  However, State Senator Hob Bryan is strongly opposed to that tax cut. He joined the Gallo Show to explain his side and a heated debate broke out.

How a Simple Guideline Can Help Save Lives for Those Battling Addiction

Lauren McGraw joined the Gallo Radio Show to talk about the tragic loss of her son due to addiction and how she hopes to keep other families from going through the same thing. Municipal Judge Dale Danks gave input on Madison’s new guidelines for DUI arrests for those between 18 and 21 and Lauren shares … Continue reading “How a Simple Guideline Can Help Save Lives for Those Battling Addiction”