A Unique Perspective on Drugs on @TheJTShow

James Moore joined the discussion to bring his unique perspective to the conversation surrounding decriminalization of marijuana. His son Jeffrey passed away in 2015 after an accidental overdose of Heroin, but during his 10 year addiction to controlled substances, he re-iterated to his father that if he only had access to Marijuana, he likely wouldn’t … Continue reading “A Unique Perspective on Drugs on @TheJTShow”

Andy Gipson on @TheJTShow with @DaveHughes

Commissioner Andy Gipson(Ag Commissioner) joins the conversation to give you some more information on the new campaign “Genuine MS” and to talk with Dave Hughes about how the campaign will help Mississippians market their products and services to world! If you missed his discussion, you can find it here – Be sure to check out … Continue reading “Andy Gipson on @TheJTShow with @DaveHughes”

“Blues Over Biloxi” Info on @TheJTShow

Vincent Creel(City of Biloxi) joined the conversation by phone from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to give you all the information you need to know if you are making your way to Biloxi to see the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels as they perform an air show for “Blues over Biloxi”. If you missed his conversation with … Continue reading ““Blues Over Biloxi” Info on @TheJTShow”

Special Olympics Mississippi on @TheJTShow

Sam Wells(Marketing Director – Mississippi Special Olympics) joins the discussion to talk about the outstanding accomplishments of the Mississippi Delegation at the Special Olympics USA Games 2018 in Seattle earlier this month, and you’ll also get to hear from Mr. Kyle Duteil as he recounts his journey from Mississippi to Seattle and as he discusses … Continue reading “Special Olympics Mississippi on @TheJTShow”

Thursday on @TheJTShow with @DaveHughes

The JT Show – Thursday, July 19th, 2018 Scheduled Guests You will hear from Michael Borkey(Producer – Head to Head Radio) at some point during the conversation today, as he gives you another update on SEC Media Days from Atlanta.  12:05PM – Shad White(newly appointed Mississippi State Auditor) will join the discussion to talk about what his life has … Continue reading “Thursday on @TheJTShow with @DaveHughes”

Borkey on @TheJTShow

Michael Borkey(Producer for Head to Head Radio | @MichaelBorkey on Twitter) joined the conversation LIVE from Atlanta to discuss Mississippi State’s turn at SEC Media Days and to give JT the low-down on what’s on the lunch buffet for the media members today. If you missed his quick update with JT, you can find it … Continue reading “Borkey on @TheJTShow”

Corinth Police Dept on @TheJTShow

The Corinth Police Department(@CorinthPD on Twitter) joined the conversation by phone to discuss the making of their #LipSyncChallenge video that has gone viral with over 1 Million views on Facebook! Detective Heather Russell helped film the video, and she hopped on the show with JT.  If you missed her conversation, you can find it here … Continue reading “Corinth Police Dept on @TheJTShow”

Wednesday on @TheJTShow

The JT Show – Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 Scheduled Guests 11:05AM – Lt. Heather Russell(Corinth Police Department)will join the conversation by phone to discuss Corinth PD’s #LipSyncChallenge video going viral(over 1 million views already)! 12:05PM – Sam Wells(Marketing Director –Mississippi Special Olympics) will join the discussion to talk about the outstanding accomplishments of the Mississippi Delagation at the Special … Continue reading “Wednesday on @TheJTShow”

Chairman Charles Busby on @TheJTShow

Chairman Charles Busby(Representative – MS District 111) joined the conversation to discuss the upcoming special session and what he thinks will be on the call. From the Lottery to shifting of taxes to cover infrastructure needs, he covers a lot of ground with JT, and if you missed his conversation on @TheJTShow, you can find … Continue reading “Chairman Charles Busby on @TheJTShow”