Joe Max Higgins on Bringing Factory Jobs BACK to Mississippi

“We’ve lowered the county millage by 11 mills, borrowed 65 million dollars, can pay it back and still have resources left!” – Joe Max Higgins Joe Max Higgins, CEO of the Golden Triangle Development Link, joined JT live at Ashley Furniture in Columbus to discuss bringing factory jobs back to Mississippi:

JT & Ryno Discuss Liberals Attacking the hosts of Fixer Upper

“The mainstream media and the gaystopo are unleashing their fury over the Gaines family attending Antioch Community Church, a nondenominational megachurch in Waco, Texas…” JT & Ryno discuss the hosts of Fixer Upper, Chip & JoAnna Gaines, being attacked by Liberals simply because of the church they attend:

Dr. Gerard Lameiro on the end game for Anti-Trump Protestors

“If the country were determined by a few big cities, then nobody would campaign to the rest of the country. No one would care about the rest of the country.” – Dr. Gerard Lameiro Dr. Gerard Lameiro, author, philosopher, economist, & engineer, discusses Trump, the end game for anti-trump protestors/rioters, the electoral college + more: