The Tupelo High School band heads to the Inauguration

The inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump begins on Friday morning.  We like to do things big here in America, and the inauguration of a new president is no exception. They are full-day events with musical performers, speeches, ceremonies, parades, and so on.  Its a very, very big deal. The Tupelo High School Band was presented … Continue reading “The Tupelo High School band heads to the Inauguration”

J.T. to the Brits: Just Give Donald Trump a Chance

J.T. Williamson was a guest of James Whale on UK Talk Radio today. They talked about incoming president-elect Donald Trump, Obamacare, Mississippi… and how different the weather is between the Magnolia State and London, where the radio show is based. J.T. has a message for people in the U.K., as well as those in the United … Continue reading “J.T. to the Brits: Just Give Donald Trump a Chance”

The Legend of the “Secret Santa”

Back in 1971 in Houston, Mississippi, the legend of Secret Santa was born. A homeless man by the name of Larry Stewart wandered in to the Dixie Diner in Houston with the plans of ordering the largest breakfast he could and then sneaking out before the bill came. Dixie Diner owner, Ted Horn, instead showed … Continue reading “The Legend of the “Secret Santa””

The Charlie Brown Door Decoration Controversy

“Why can’t we accept Christianity like we accept everything else that we have to?” JT & Ryno discuss the staffer at Charles E. Patterson Middle School in Killeen, Texas, who was forced to take down a Christmas decoration of Charlie Brown from the nurse’s door. The Christmas decoration featured a bible verse and a quote … Continue reading “The Charlie Brown Door Decoration Controversy”

Joe Max Higgins on Bringing Factory Jobs BACK to Mississippi

“We’ve lowered the county millage by 11 mills, borrowed 65 million dollars, can pay it back and still have resources left!” – Joe Max Higgins Joe Max Higgins, CEO of the Golden Triangle Development Link, joined JT live at Ashley Furniture in Columbus to discuss bringing factory jobs back to Mississippi: