There’s a beer bill currently being considered by legislators… so why should you care?

Did you know that breweries in Mississippi CAN NOT sell their own product on-site?  Sounds weird, right?  That’s because they can everywhere else in the country.  So why does it matter?  Matthew McLaughlin, Director of the Craft Brewers Guild joins JT to tell you.

Ryno Acts Like a Redneck

Did you ever try to make home movies or set up a photo shoot with your friends when you were younger? Do you have any evidence from an embarrassing memory in your past? Nine years ago, Ryno and a couple of his college buddies decided to make use of a DUI educational tool as a … Continue reading “Ryno Acts Like a Redneck”

The Mystery of the Missing Magnolia State Lottery

JT has been touting a lottery in Mississippi as a means to raise infrastructure funding for over a year now, but it appears any hope of getting a lottery bill through the legislature is dead in the water for yet another year. Whether you agree with Speaker Gunn’s flat refusal to hear debate on a … Continue reading “The Mystery of the Missing Magnolia State Lottery”

Blow Off Classes and a Cute Professor

Did you ever take a class in school just for the fun of it? Not an elective that you might need to progress academically, but a true blow off class? JT asked Ryno if he ever took a blow off class, and Ryno turned it around and admitted to taking several history classes in college just … Continue reading “Blow Off Classes and a Cute Professor”

Senator Kid Rock?!

It isn’t too uncommon to have a celebrity run for public office, and it isn’t unheard of to have a celebrity actually win an election. From former California Governor Schwarzenegger to former Governor Jesse Ventura and even President Donald Trump, political strategists have struggled to replicate the brand and name recognition enjoyed by celebs in America. … Continue reading “Senator Kid Rock?!”

Valentine’s Day

From Pakistan banning public celebrations of Valentine’s Day to the plethora of “Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts” lists you’ll see around the web today, the negative emotions that seem to have been swirling around the nation recently are trying to taint Cupid’s favorite day. Then again, not everyone has a Valentine to with whom they can … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Human Trafficking hits close to home

Human Trafficking is a sterilized way of saying modern-day slavery, and it’s easy to get caught up in thinking it could never happen in the Magnolia State. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, and the Mississippi Center for Violence Prevention is doing everything they can to pull victims of slavery out of their horrifying … Continue reading “Human Trafficking hits close to home”

The Tupelo High School band heads to the Inauguration

The inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump begins on Friday morning.  We like to do things big here in America, and the inauguration of a new president is no exception. They are full-day events with musical performers, speeches, ceremonies, parades, and so on.  Its a very, very big deal. The Tupelo High School Band was presented … Continue reading “The Tupelo High School band heads to the Inauguration”

J.T. to the Brits: Just Give Donald Trump a Chance

J.T. Williamson was a guest of James Whale on UK Talk Radio today. They talked about incoming president-elect Donald Trump, Obamacare, Mississippi… and how different the weather is between the Magnolia State and London, where the radio show is based. J.T. has a message for people in the U.K., as well as those in the United … Continue reading “J.T. to the Brits: Just Give Donald Trump a Chance”