This Weekend with Tanya T – 9/16/16

Why am I suddenly craving afternoon tea?  Oh yes, Bridget Jones is back in theaters this weekend in Bridget Jones’s Baby. Finally!  It’s been 12 years since you’ve seen Bridget get her love life in order and get engaged to marry Mark Darcy.  Fast forward to today, and we find that she and Mark have … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 9/16/16”

Caller Don & Caller Ronnie on Kaepernick’s “Protest”

“I’ve bled. I’ve watched them die and I have suffered for my flag and my country. I take offense to any one who disrespects my flag and country.” Caller Don, Vietnam Vet, gives his personal opinion on Kaepernick and his “protest”: Caller Ronnie responds to Caller Don’s phone call:

Larry Pratt on President Obama’s Commitment to Ratify the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty

“In all of our public massacres since 1950, all but 3 took place in gun free zones. Doesn’t that suggest that we should get rid of them?” Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, talks about Obama Pushing for UN Gun Treaty Ratification as well as our 2nd amendment rights:

Austin LaSource & Allen Joiner Talk about RyanMan

“We are the only event of our kind in that we donate all of our proceeds to help fight childhood cancer.” Austin LaSource, founder of RyanMan Foundation & father of Ryan LaSource who recently passed away after a hard fought battle against Leukemia, joined the JT Show with RyanMan race director Allen Joiner to talk … Continue reading “Austin LaSource & Allen Joiner Talk about RyanMan”

This Weekend with Tanya T – 9/9/16

Go ahead and etch Tom Hanks’ name into his Oscar Statue.  Overlooked for his flawless performance in Captain Phillips, Hanks brings another true character to the big screen in Sully.  You already know about the pilot who miraculously landed his passenger plane safely on the Hudson River after birds flew into its engine, but this … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 9/9/16”

This Weekend with Tanya T – 9/2/16

Happy Labor Day!  With the long weekend ahead, you’ll have plenty of time to squeeze in a movie between all those football games.  Here’s what’s new:   The Light Between Oceans, based on the 2012 novel, couldn’t have a better cast.  Alicia Vikander, Michael Fassbender and Rachel Weisz star in this heart-wrenching period drama about … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 9/2/16”

Talking about the Mississippi Top 50 with Alan Lange of Y’all Politics

Mississippi Top 50 is an annual list of the people who help, by virtue of their position and talent, move the conversation in Mississippi forward. Alan Lange with Y’all Politics discusses the award with the JT Show and how to nominate. For more info, click HERE and be sure to check out the full audio below: