House Rep David Baria on Moving Forward in the Democratic Party

“America chose the outsider who represented their anger and distrust of our government and I understand that motivation.” –  David Baria House Minority Leader David Baria joined the JT Show to discuss his thoughts of President-Elect Trump from a Democratic perspective:

This Weekend With Tanya T – 11/11/16

Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you to all the men and women who have served our country.  Thanks to you, we enjoy so many freedoms, including going to the movies!  Here’s what you need to know about this weekend’s new flicks: Almost Christmas stars Danny Glover as a father who invites his four adult children … Continue reading “This Weekend With Tanya T – 11/11/16”

USM Head Football Coach Jay Hopson Joined the JT Show LIVE

“As a football coach with young men you try to help build that moral fiber, that moral character. I think that’s what is big in life. That’s what carries you…” – Jay Hopson University of Southern Mississippi Head Football Coach Jay Hopson talks football and the current season with JT:

JT on the Clinton News Networks Reporting Today’s Breaking News

“They’ve got it buried about twelve hours ago even though it just broke!” Listen as JT & Ryno hear about the breaking news live during the JT Show about the FBI reopening their investigation on the Clinton emails and see if you guessed correctly which network JT is referring to in the quote above:

Wayne Allyn Root on Why He Doesn’t Trust Polls

“I have this intuition that working class black voters are coming out in numbers for Trump that no Republican has gotten in modern political history.” – Wayne Allyn Root Conservative Media Dynamo, Wayne Allyn Root, discusses the key states that Trump needs to win plus why he doesn’t trust the national media polls:

Caller Lee on How The JT Show “Converted” Him

“About 4 or 5 years ago I turned this radio program on and you was just pissing me off big time, but I was intrigued and kept listening…” – Caller Lee Caller Lee from Blue Mountain tells JT how he evolved from being a life-time Democrat for over 60 years to switching over to Republican after tuning … Continue reading “Caller Lee on How The JT Show “Converted” Him”