Your Calls on Melania’s Speech

Caller Philip, a language teacher, breaks down on whether or not Melania’s speech should be considered plagiarism: Caller Sal thinks that Melania “…showed more class in her speech than Michelle Obama has ever shown as the First Lady” + much more: Caller John from the Delta brings up the question of whether or not President Obama has … Continue reading “Your Calls on Melania’s Speech”

Chad Dacus joins the JT Show to discuss Fawns

“Had a call on Friday that someone had a fawn that was in their garage and wanted to know what they needed to do…” Chad Dacus, Wildlife Director at the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, talks about because of the time of year, you will start to see more fawns in weird places … Continue reading “Chad Dacus joins the JT Show to discuss Fawns”

Captain Johnny Poulos on the Recent Police Shootings

“When you treat a police officer with respect…9 times out 10 he’s going to treat you with respect.” – JT Captain Johnny Poulos talks about how the recent police shootings have changed the mindset of officers + goes over the proper way to be pulled over and the simple things you can do to communicate:

Caller Ronnie & JT Discuss Open Carry

“Open carry is not the problem right now.  The problem is that we have a tremendous amount of hate in this country.” – JT JT & Caller Ronnie don’t always agree, but check out the audio to hear how they both feel on open carry and what it’s going to take to turn things around … Continue reading “Caller Ronnie & JT Discuss Open Carry”

Governor Phil Bryant on the Baton Rouge Shootings & the RNC

“America has to realize that this is a larger problem than just a few isolated incidences.” – Governor Phil Bryant Governor Bryant addresses the recent police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge as well as the lack of leadership from the POTUS that we are unfortunately experiencing.