BLM Mothers VS Mothers of Slain LEOs at the DNC

“There is no widow, no mother of a slain police officer that is going to be on the stage at the DNC…” Kipp Greggory, filling in for JT, discusses the DNC’s choice of having mothers of black men who have lost their lives due to a police officer or gun violence and not having a single … Continue reading “BLM Mothers VS Mothers of Slain LEOs at the DNC”

Caller Tyler “Preaches Gospel” to JT

“I just don’t understand the mentality of the black community today that takes up for a party that is holding us down with this self-victimization mentality…” Caller Tyler, a 27 year old black conservative, discusses the ridicule he gets for his political stance and his frustrations with the Democratic party and the black community:

Senator Tindell Discusses New Legislation to Protect Law Enforcement

“It will be treated like any hate crime in Mississippi, but it will protect law enforcement in the same manner and double the penalty if anyone is convicted of targeting law enforcement.” Senator Sean Tindell discusses & explains new legislation that will force stiffer punishment for those that target and assault law enforcement officers:

Caller Jerome Inspires a Ryno Rant

“Just because you are living in America as a Black man or woman doesn’t mean you have a target on your chest. That is you playing the victim card.” – Ryno Caller Jerome set off a famous “Ryno Rant” after Jerome called in about his disagreement with the new legislation that would give stiffer punishment for … Continue reading “Caller Jerome Inspires a Ryno Rant”

Caller Hal VS JT on the NBA Hypocrisy

“It’s all about hypocrisy because the NBA plays exhibition games in countries where it is illegal to even be homosexual…” Caller Hal & JT face off over the hypocrisy over the NBA pulling the All-Star Game from Charlotte over transgender law Caller Hal continues his face off with JT and this time discusses Trump vs Hillary: