Keeping Your Children Safe In & Around the Car

In light of the recent tragic death of a 2 year old child in Madison County that was accidentally left in the backseat of the mother’s car, Lt Johnny Poulos, Director of the Public Affairs Division for the Mississippi Highway Patrol, talks about how to keep your children safe both in and around your car:

Governor Bryant on the ACLU Lawsuit and an Apparent Budget Error

Governor Phil Bryant joined the JT Show to discuss both the ACLU lawsuit against the state of Mississippi on the grounds of HB 1523, and a budget error that puts the budget deficit $54 million more in the hole. Check out the audio below as Governor Bryant sounds off on the ACLU’s lawsuit: Governor Bryant … Continue reading “Governor Bryant on the ACLU Lawsuit and an Apparent Budget Error”

This Weekend with Tanya T – 5/6/2016

Nothing screams summer is coming better than a great blockbuster!  Captain America:  Civil War picks up a year after the events in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and finds that the government thinks our favorite superheroes need a babysitter.  Because their good deeds have caused quite a bit of devastation, the United Nations proposes to establish a … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 5/6/2016”

This Weekend with Tanya T – 4/29/16

Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts on the same big screen?  Yes, please!  Mother’s Day tells the story of several women coming to terms with their relationships with their respective mothers as the holiday draws near.  You’ve already heard about Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, but the movie also stars Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, Margo Martindale … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 4/29/16”