The National Weather Service joined Gallo for a Gulf hurricane update

There is a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico that could become a hurricane by days end.  A representative from the National Weather Service joined Gallo to give an update of the strength of the storm, the path of the storm, and how it may impact Mississippi.

This Weekend with Tanya T – 8/26/2016

Mechanic: Resurrection debuts this weekend with Jason Statham back as Arthur Bishop.  This sequel to 2011’s Mechanic picks up with Arthur trying to put his career as an assassin behind him.  But, when his biggest enemy kidnaps his girlfriend, he is forced back into his former career in order to get her back.  If you … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 8/26/2016”

LISTEN: Nigel Farage on the JT Show

The British exit from the European Union, also known as Brexit, has made waves in the United States.  Brexit was shot down and mocked by the media and politicians, but with Farage’s help, they ultimately won and separated from the EU.  So what was the motivation behind that? What can we learn from that here … Continue reading “LISTEN: Nigel Farage on the JT Show”

Mississippi State Representative Scott Bounds joins the JT Show

The 2016 legislature changed the dates of the second amendment sales tax holiday to the from the first weekend in September to the last weekend in August beginning this year.  They did so in order to not conflict with football or dove season, how nice of them.  Bounds joined the JT Show to talk about … Continue reading “Mississippi State Representative Scott Bounds joins the JT Show”

The first AP top-25 is out for the 2016 season, Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey break it down

Ahhh, the age-old tradition of pre-season polls and debating their worth.  Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey on Trending Now discuss the newly released poll and whether or not it REALLY means anything.