Governor Phil Bryant joins Gallo to give his thoughts on the special session

Governor Phil Bryant called a special session to pass legislation that would allow him to tap into the “rainy day” fund. He joined Gallo to talk about what he ‘s going to do with that fund, his thoughts on how it all went down, and more..

Democrats Leaving out Some Key Points in Their Blame Game

“…and he should have said ‘and we voted for!’ Thats the part he left off.  Isn’t that pretty convenient?” JT talks about how the Democrats are not telling the whole truth and are instead pointing the finger at the Republicans, but leaving out the point that “they”, the Democrats, voted for it:

Mayor Fisher Talks about the Economic Impact of Continental Tire

“What I’m hoping now is that other companies will come back and give us a second look and maybe open up their plants here too. ” – Mayor Phil Fisher of Clinton Mayor Fisher talks about the economical impact that Continental Tire will have on not only the City of Clinton, but surrounding areas and … Continue reading “Mayor Fisher Talks about the Economic Impact of Continental Tire”

Senator Angela Hill Explains Her Vote

“If you really want to know why our budget is hurting, you need to look at what happened during the Obamacare enrollment. Mississippi increased its medicaid recipients by about 150,000 in 2 years.” -State Senator Angela Hill Senator Hill explains her vote during the special session as well as multiple reasons why budget projections were off:

MS House Dems “Are Making the Big Money”

“I respectfully request…we are big boys and girls. We are making the big money here today. Lets debate this issue.” – MS House Democrat Listen below for a glimpse into the waste of time that the Mississippi Democrats caused during today’s special session vote in an attempt to debate/delay:

An Australian bridezilla asked her wedding party to pay for her dress. Gallo has a suggestion for her

You’ve all heard crazy bride stories, but maybe not one this crazy.  On top of asking her bridesmaids to create spreadsheets for wedding details, she asked them to pay for her dress! Gallo and Perez have some advice for her.

Speaker Pro Tempor Greg Snowden joins the Gallo show to talk the special legislative session

A special session was called by Governor Bryant to accomplish one task, move money from the “rainy day” fund in order to balance the budget for FY2016. However, that motion has been pushed back a day by the democratic leaders, costing the tax payers more money and delaying the inevitable.

JT, Ryno & Caller Tim Sound off on the “Super Racist” Red Cross Swim Poster

“If you have enough time to go out and be an activist, then you obviously don’t have a full-time job and responsibilities that require you to be responsible.” Ryno, JT & Caller Tim sound off on the “Super Racist” Red Cross Swim Poster & the widespread outrage by those who are claiming to be offended … Continue reading “JT, Ryno & Caller Tim Sound off on the “Super Racist” Red Cross Swim Poster”

Big Pop’s Fireworks out of Ellisville on the JT Show

“You don’t want to be shooting out of a metal pipe. It can blow up in the tube and the tube expands and you have shrapnel going out” David Chancellor, Pyrotechnician with Big Pop’s Fireworks out of Ellisville, explains not only what a “pyrotechnician” does, but also talks about fireworks safety and more:

A court in Michigan is considering using a … parrot … as a murder witness?

If you’ve ever been around a parrot you know they have a knack for repeating the things that they hear.  This particular parrot happened to witness a murder, and keeps repeating the phrase “dont f****ing shoot!” and the court is working on determining whether it could be used in court.  Can’t make this stuff up.

The Supreme Court made a contraversial ruling on an abortion suit

The SCOTUS ruled on a Texas suit which will not make abortions more accessible for women.  Paul Gallo and his professor roundtable discuss the ruling and its constitutionality, as well as what it means for Christians who work in government issuing these licences.

What does Brexit mean for America and Mississippi?

The Brexit vote happened and the United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union.  Why did that happen?  Was it motivated by immigration policy?  What does that mean for the United States and Mississippi.  Matt Steffy, Jim Leggett, and Gallo answer those questions in this segment from the “Professor Roundtable”

Gallo hosts a “Professor Roundtable” with Matt Steffy and Jim Leggett

Over the last couple of weeks a ton of extremely impactful things have happened in this country and abroad, from Brexit to Orlando to the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.  Gallo hosted a professor roundtable and touched on ALL of these things from a legal prospective.

To the surprise of no one, CNN’s fact-checkers aren’t accurately checking facts

CNN has recently released a fact-check on a segment of a Donald Trump speech that talked about the Clinton Foundation and rated it as incorrect.  But, shocking no one, the CNN fact-checkers were wrong…

Tennessee and Josh Dobbs are receiving a ton of off-season hype, but do they deserve it?

Phil Steele, along with many other football experts, have picked Tennessee to win the SEC East.  There’s no doubt its a talented football team, and the East is weak.  They also return their quarterback Josh Dobbs, but is that a good thing?

Gov. Phil Bryant joins the Gallo Show to give the details about the special legislative session

There have been a lot of reports/talking lately about the fiscal year budget in Mississippi.  Governor Phil Bryant joined the Gallo to talk about the calling of a special session to balance that budget, as well as the use of the rainy day fund, unemployment rates, and more.

The democrats in congress had a sit-in, but their motives don’t seem to be pure

Some congressional democrats held a sit-in to try and force the republicans to vote on gun control measures.  They were equipped with pillows, blankets, and of course media opportunities.  Gallo thinks their motivation behind doing the sit-in was not pure.

The first open lesbian has won Miss Missouri. But why does her sexuality matter?

Erin O’Flaherty, an open lesbian, won the Miss Missouri pageant.  At the forefront of her victory comes the attention drawn to her sexuality.  Gallo wonders, if she is a hard-working and deserving candidate, why does her sexuality matter to anyone? Shouldn’t she be honored for her accomplishments absent of making it about her sexuality?

A woman is planning on walking from Mississippi to Washington D.C. topless. Nope, we aren’t kidding

In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer and the problems with negative body image, a woman is planning on walking from Mississippi to D.C.  Paul and Perez try to rationalize this, while giving her tips and predicting how long she’ll make it.

JT Sounds Off on the Democrats Sit-In Comparison to the Woolworth Counter Sit-in

“Those people that marched in Alabama and in Woolworth…they were risking their lives. These guys aren’t doing anything. This is a dog and pony show…” JT sounds off on the Democrats involved in the sit-in on gun control comparing their sit-in to Selma and the Woolworth Counter sit-in:

A Tribute to Dave

“Dave will be missed, so I ask that you keep Nell in your prayers and their children and their immediate family. Rest in peace my friend.” The TeleSouth Communications, Inc family sadly reports that Dave Ingram, formerly of the JT & Dave Show, passed away Tuesday, June 21st. We hope that you can join us in keeping Nell, … Continue reading “A Tribute to Dave”

Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, joins the Gallo Show.

The Republican National Convention is coming up soon in Cleveland (if it’s still standing after the Cavs NBA Finals victory celebrations die down) and there has been some concerns that Donald Trump does not have the support of all of his earned delegates. Noesef says not to worry..

Abigail Meisel, author of a recent article called “America, don’t give up on Mississippi” joins the Gallo Show

Third-generation New Yorker Abigail Meisel, a writer who’s been featured on publications such as the New York Times and the Huffington Post, moved to Mississippi on a whim.  What she discovered here was misconception, some ugly, and a lot of beautiful.

House Rep Becky Currie Talks about State Agencies and Budget Cuts

“What the agencies don’t seem to get is that it is the tax payers money. It’s not owned by the agency. We swept those funds in and said that we want more accountability. They have to come to the legislature now and propose their budget.” House Representative Becky Currie talks about the Legislature clamping down … Continue reading “House Rep Becky Currie Talks about State Agencies and Budget Cuts”

Caller Don Insults Legislatures & Senator Younger Responds

“They are very selfish to get health insurance when they are part time workers and some probably have businesses where they don’t give their own employees health insurance.” Caller Don calls out the Legislatures of Mississippi and Senator Younger follows up with his own response:

College football players boxing in the locker room is, well, kind of stupid

The Florida Gators have been in the news lately because some videos surfaced of them holding boxing matches in their locker room.  So, how stupid is that?  Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross of Head to Head discuss this and somehow bring up .. jousting?

Dish currently doesn’t carry the NFL Network, so what should you do?

So Dish Network has blackeed-out the NFL Network due to some negotiations, and Matt Wyatt isn’t happy about it.  So he asks the question, what should he do?  Do you wait it out, change services, or take Michael Borkey’s not-so-genuine advice?

Caller Jake Takes Opposition to JT’s Parental Notice about the Transgender Stingray

It all started with JT’s warning/notice to parents about a transgender stingray being in the new movie Finding Dory in which JT just wanted parents to be aware prior to taking their kids to see it.  You can check out the audio below. Caller Jake, not from State Farm, didn’t care too much for JT’s … Continue reading “Caller Jake Takes Opposition to JT’s Parental Notice about the Transgender Stingray”

Bello Nock, daredevil/circus preformer/tightrope walker, joins the Gallo Show

World renowned performer Bello Nock joined the Gallo Show in one of the more unique interviews you could ever hear. He’s preformed in front of millions upon millions of people doing everything from motorcycle stunts, to tight rope walking, to animal tricks, and even magic.  He’s bringing his talents to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in … Continue reading “Bello Nock, daredevil/circus preformer/tightrope walker, joins the Gallo Show”

Ricky Flynt on the Disney Resort Alligator Attack

“The most dangerous situation that exists with alligators is when someone feeds them because they associate human activity with a source of food…” Ricky Flynt, Alligator Program Coordinator at MS Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, talks bout the recent tragedy at a Disney World Resort where a two year old was killed by an alligator:

Larry Pratt Talks about Democrats Going on the Offensive After Each Shooting

“It is in gun free zones that all but two of our mass murders since 1950 have occurred…” Larry Pratt with Gun Owners of America talks about Democrats going on the offensive after each shooting and pointing the finger at what we did to facilitate it:

Rusty Barnes with Homeland Security on the Orlando Mass Shooting

“All of the politicians on one side of the aisle are trying to label this as a gun crime. A gun was used, but this is an act of terrorism.” Rusty Barnes, Executive Director of the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, joins the JT Show to talk about the Orlando Mass Shooting and how you and … Continue reading “Rusty Barnes with Homeland Security on the Orlando Mass Shooting”

Wayne Allyn Root, political columnist/commentator/personality, joins the Gallo Show

The always entertaining Wayne Root joined the Gallo Show to give his reaction to the political fallout in wake of the Orlando tragedy.  Most importantly, his response to Barack Obama’s “pathetic” address to the nation following that attack.

Donte Jones and Frank Wynn of the Mississippi Community Education Center join the Gallo Show

The purpose of the Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) is the promotion, improvement, and expansion of communities through concept development, educational processes, and resource referrals. Two leaders from the MCEC joined the Gallo Show to discuss exactly what that all means, and explain how they’re accomplishing their goals to improve the lives of fathers in … Continue reading “Donte Jones and Frank Wynn of the Mississippi Community Education Center join the Gallo Show”

Gun Shop Owner Sets the Media Straight on FL Gun Laws

“Funny how the left thinks if you are under FBI investigation you shouldn’t be able to buy/own a gun, but it’s ok to run for President.” – JT JT talks about how Ed Henson, the owner of the gun shop that legally sold the Orlando shooter his weapons, set the media straight on gun laws in Florida:

The government is going to regulate “vaping.” So what does that mean?

Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, joined the Gallo Show to discuss new regulations on the “vape” world.  Many millions of people use the e-cigarette each day, and the industry is growing rapidly. So what do these new regulations mean?

Matt Steffey, Mississippi College Law Professor, joins the Gallo Show

One major question that has come in the wake of the Orlando shootings is; how could we have not seen this coming?  Matt Steffey, a regular guest on the Gallo Show, joins to discuss monitoring of mosques, the legality of reporting suspicious activity, and more..

Should Media Outrage Influence Decision Making?

“Sometimes  you don’t even say the wrong thing. Sometimes what you say is the truth and people don’t like it because it doesn’t fit whatever their agenda might be and you get the outrage.” – Richard Cross Matt Wyatt & Richard Cross with Head to Head discuss the everchanging social media landscape and it’s affect … Continue reading “Should Media Outrage Influence Decision Making?”

Author, political commentator, and attorney Joseph Murray joins the Gallo Show

In wake of the tragic events in Orlando is the inevitable political fallout.  There aren’t many better to break things down than Joseph Murray. He joined the Gallo show to discuss the events in Orlando and what we need to do from here.

Jim Harbaugh held a satellite camp in Mississippi, but why did he REALLY do it?

Much has been made over satellite camps over the last few weeks.  Jim Harbaugh and Michigan held one in the Jackson area at Pearl High School. By all accounts, it was a typical instructional camp, but what is the real motive here?

Are Judges above being criticized? Retired Supreme Court Justice George Carlson explains.

Trump has been quite critical of a certain justice lately, and some people do not appreciate his attacks.  The vitriol against Trump for this begs the question, are judges above being criticized?

Are Beer Sales in SEC Stadiums Coming in the Near Future?

Ohio State recently announced that they are going to sell beer throughout their stadium after last season’s “pilot program.”  The SEC currently doesn’t allow schools to sell alcohol in their stadiums.  Do the results of Ohio State’s season (in relation to alcohol sales, incidents, ect) have an impact on what the SEC decides in the … Continue reading “Are Beer Sales in SEC Stadiums Coming in the Near Future?”