JT & Ryno Discuss Liberals Attacking the hosts of Fixer Upper

“The mainstream media and the gaystopo are unleashing their fury over the Gaines family attending Antioch Community Church, a nondenominational megachurch in Waco, Texas…” JT & Ryno discuss the hosts of Fixer Upper, Chip & JoAnna Gaines, being attacked by Liberals simply because of the church they attend:

Film Study: Bulldogs offense | Egg Bowl success

Hat-on-hat = Fitz out the gate pic.twitter.com/WM730n9F0G — Matt Wyatt (@RadioWyatt) November 28, 2016 Win 1-on-1s blocking at every level = home run pic.twitter.com/CVJ5WPtw8i — Matt Wyatt (@RadioWyatt) November 28, 2016 Athlete at QB + block it up + make 1 miss = big run pic.twitter.com/zlWgGXCMGV — Matt Wyatt (@RadioWyatt) November 28, 2016 Variation takes … Continue reading “Film Study: Bulldogs offense | Egg Bowl success”

Some Creative Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

From a turkey & feta cheese pizza for lunch to turkey tacos to even putting your cranberry sauce on top of your ice cream, Rebecca Turner, host of Mission Nutrition, shares some healthy, some not, but all creative ideas for what you can do with your Thanksgiving leftovers in place of the traditional turkey sandwich: