It has become a recognized and accepted truism these days that the difference between Democratic philosophy in Mississippi and Washington is the difference between a half dozen and six. No matter what the geography, Liberalism’s universal faith is practiced in the gospel of “divisiveness.”

gallobloghalfdozen6Last week, one of the nameless, cowardly, surreptitious left wing blogs rewarded me with a piece that called me a “pig’ for denouncing teachers. The fact that I didn’t, doesn’t really matter. Instead of addressing real issues with real solutions, Liberal advocates appear more like spoiled brat and school yard bullies.

If you bring attention to black-on-black crime in the inner city, you are a racist. If you suggest that hate crime laws should be applied evenly (such as in the “knockout” game onslaught) you are a racist. If you denounce this Administration pathetic leadership and continue molestation of the Constitution, you are a racist. If you raise issue with the encroachment of proposed legislation towards the First and Second Amendments, you are a racist.

If you promote competition of any sorts in a failing educational system, you are against teachers. If you demand that good teachers be rewarded and bad teachers be fired, you’re anti-teacher. If you have the audacity to suggest that even more money taken from taxpayers does not equate to more students getting a quality education, you are an enemy of public schools. If you stand against the worrisome principles of CommonCore and government taking more control from parents in a child’s education, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

It has been noted that today in Mississippi, you’re more likely to see an Ivory Bill woodpecker than a true Blue Dog Democrat. In the conclaves of the Party, the Saul Alinsky bible of divide and conquer is preached and practiced with zeal. That’s why nothing changes with today’s Socialist indoctrinated Democrats. It is truly all about Party and Power, not Patriotism and People.

So, from the War Rooms of Washington to state Party Headquarters in every Red State, Democrats salivate over an entitlement trend towards Blue. The question most Americans ask is simply this–What do you really have when it’s all Blue? The answer? Detroit!