Denzel Nkemdiche and the Man in the Mirror

After finding himself falling asleep on yesterday’s Head to Head, Denzel Nkemdiche joined the conversation today, wide awake and in seemingly good spirits. The former Ole Miss linebacker and older brother of NFL rookie Robert Nkemdiche joined Matt and Richard to give you an update on his life’s journey, his unique perspective on the universe and reality, his music career, and his prior struggles with substance abuse and addiction.

While Denzel Nkemdiche was candid and open about his life experiences and view points, his meandering explanations and answers to the guys questions left many scratching their heads. What do you think? Can you follow Denzel’s stream of consciousness?

You can check out Denzel’s interview below.

Denzel Nkemdiche Awake...Sorta
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2/10/17: Denzel Nkemdiche Awake...Sorta