Diversity…on the Oxford Square?

oxfordsquareReally! That is what makes a news story for NewsWatch 99, the student run television station at the University of Mississippi. The report by the newscast pointed out that 20% of Oxford’s population is black, while 70% is white  (I’m not sure what happened to the other 10%, but I didn’t write the story).  The students set up a camera on the square for two hours, that’s right two hours, and counted only one black person among every 10. The students then concluded that those numbers indicated a lack of racial diversity on the Square in Oxford. 

I make no efforts to hide my love for the Maroon and White, but this is like somebody picking on your cousin that you don’t really like, but then again they are family. When people go to the Square in Oxford it is their choice, regardless of their color.

What’s next, if a city doesn’t have a Mexican restaurant, are they not diverse enough? What about the Asian food section at the grocery store, is there supposed to be a certain number of people on that aisle? The last time I checked, this is a free country, or at least it used to be. People have the right to choose when and where they want to spend their money, unless of course it comes to their health insurance.  By the way, the Square in Oxford really is a beautiful place.