Faith, Family and Ferguson

Several of the Founding fathers made it indelibly clear that the framework of this new country’s democracy would be held together only by faith. Many were wise enough to warned if that faith left the people, freedom would surely follow.

The looting in Ferguson, MO is a stark reminder that faith and family are no longer the guiding influences during moments of crisis. To use the tragedy of others for personal gains is animalistic. The livelihood of innocent, hard working owners and employees (of all ethnicities) at these small businesses were attacked simply because lawless thugs felt they were justified in stealing.

Spirit_of_America_webWe have left behind yesterday’s America, where morals and consequences guided a civil society. Of course even then there were many wayward individuals who had no limits on their depravity. That said, on average in Norman Rockwell’s America, fear of embarrassment or punishment from God and/or your parents were enough to keep order.

Today, we have gone from the innocence of sneaking a few free grapes in the neighborhood grocery store to a near unsustainable number of people demanding free access to the entire vineyard. Sadly, the results of that generational dependency is playing out before our very eyes each night on the six o’clock news .