Final Thoughts from a Hard Fought Primary

It has been one of the most brutal GOP Primary elections in modern history. For a person who has been a part of the talk/opinion/editorial side of the media, it has been equally as brutal.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.55.28 PMSomeone tweeted recently that I have been enhancing a McDaniel win simply by taking a Cochran position. My honest response to that thought process is this-if that is the case and someone cast their single vote in revenge instead of reasonable reflection of the issues, then a McDaniel win is deserved.

Besides the brutality, there is the bizarre. Maybe it’s cultivated by the millions of dollars poured into the state that channels and directs Mississippians’ anger towards one particular candidate.

For over five years of the Obama Administration, we been talking about loyal voters who are guided by passionate emotion. Those who’s fervent desire for hope and change is targeted on enemies selectively classified as the “establishment.”

As the final hours slip away and we reach a conclusion, it’s up to the voters to decide. As a native Mississippian who understands the inside and outside of politics, I hope Senior US Senator Thad Cochran can pull this out. As a talk show host, a McDaniel win would be better for ratings and for future shows topics.

Why? Because you can prepare for an onslaught of a Democrat juggernaut political machine, unleashing a barrage of firepower that will make my comments look benign. Plus, to those who seek change from an emotional perspective, the honeymoon given to elected officials is shorter than their first term.

Washington D.C. is a vampire to virgins in Congress. For those voters who expect immediate transformation, the stake in the heart is usually found in their newly crowned leader’s first few votes. That alone provides a good talk show host with a multitude of topics for the future.