Grill Still Getting it Done

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She doesn’t look like much, but when those smoked ribs, chops, and burgers come off they sing of years of grilling lore.  I remember my dad, Joe Sullender, firing this bad boy up on Saturday nights and making some of the best fare this growing boy had ever eaten.  My brother Scott and I have guesstimated that this Aluminum Portable Kitchen was purchased around 1960 from Mississippi Hardware in Vicksburg.  He remembers Dad getting a new grilling grate welded at that same hardware store around 1973-74.  It still had the same grate 40 years later when I rescued the grill from my Mom’s backyard in 2012.  I did some research on the grill and found the same company in Little Rock, AR was still selling the Portable Kitchens they now call the PK Grill ( ) along with replacement grates and parts.  I ordered a new grilling grate, charcoal grate, and vent slide and the rebirth was underway.  The solid aluminum top and bottom continue to provide a great grilling experience some 50 plus years later. The memories will continue to flow for many more years.

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