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The J.T. Show (3rd Hour)
Mississippi Outdoors takes over The JT Show for the 12 o'clock hour every Monday, and today, you're learning about how you can become a better marksman by using the facilities available through the MDWFP!,
The J.T. Show (2nd Hour)
Weather update for the Magnolia State, , David's asinine call on "Circle K sells e-cigs too", , A look ahead at a potential Special Session, , Your Daily Calendar!,
The J.T. Show (1st Hour)
Dr. Mark Keenum(MS State President) on his new position with the College Football Playoff/Stadium Security and Metal Detectors/National Guard Scholarship, , The rain for high school football Friday Night - the rain coming this afternoon,, Alcohol in Stadiums - JT asks why we can't just ask like adults and Ryno responds with a valid point about teenagers and their lack of responsibility, Listener responses to Millennials having kids, Convenience Stores selling vape oil with Fentanyl in it!,

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The JT Show – Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

The JT Show is LIVE from West Point at Sally Kate Winters Park as they get geared up for the 40th Annual Prairie Arts Festival!

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