Ole Miss…Was It Worth It?

With the self-imposed penalties announced in Oxford yesterday afternoon, the question comes up for Ole Miss fans…Was it worth it?

If you’re a fan of the University of Mississippi, the last 24 hours might have made you feel a little uncomfortable. The elation and pride you carried with you from when your team and its coach landed a top recruiting class, won a bunch of games, and tamed the Tide from Tuscaloosa twice, gave way to confusion and at least a little indignation. This last season hadn’t turned out like you’d hoped, but you’d been told by people you trusted that the NCAA investigation was a “witch hunt” and that things were being blown out of proportion. You’d suffered the slings of rival fans claiming to “know” your beloved Rebels would be getting “hammered” by the NCAA, yet you still believed in the family values and principles prescribed by Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss Football. Like most things in life, it seems the truth was somewhere in the middle, but the result somehow seems worse than you were imagining it would be.

After the Ole Miss administration responded to the now 21 alleged NCAA infractions with a self-imposed 1-year postseason ban(on top of the loss of scholarships and a forfeiture of future income), you might have felt like the rug was pulled from underneath you. That sinking sensation might have been assuaged by the fact that the school appears to be backing their head coach in defending against these allegations, and social media posts promoting solidarity from players on the football team might have emboldened you to believe that things might not be so bad. In all fairness, it might not be that bad. The Rebels will have to serve out their self-imposed penalties, but many expect the NCAA to serve up more punishment, the amount and severity of which is still to be determined. The NCAA could potentially walk back some of the more serious alleged infractions if the Ole Miss administration can prove to the NCAA that the investigation came to the wrong conclusions about the compliance atmosphere in Oxford, but history is not on the side of Hugh Freeze and the Rebels.

So Rebel fans, if the penalties stop with just the self-imposed variety, was it worth it?

If you said yes and the penalties start piling up from the NCAA, will you still say it was worth it?