Political Correctness Gone Wild

flagLGBTQ has been so effective in brainwashing the public that they’ve blurred the lines between flagrant discrimination and professing one’s religious beliefs. The two are vastly different and deserve to be recognized as such.

Discrimination is refusing to serve someone who is gay. That’s grossly different from refusing to compromise on the tenets of one’s faith. A Christian embraces his faith, and when faced with moral guidelines that run contrary to popular culture, still serves all with love and compassion.

We are quickly becoming a country where political correctness trumps the Constitution; where the teachings of Jesus (outside the church gathering) is to be whispered; where freedom is redefined by those in control of molding culture. And most worrisome of all, we are quickly becoming a country with an appetite for an increasing severity of punishment for all those who violate the new law of Political Correctness.

The pages of history are stained with the tears of millions who came before us. They warn us that political correctness is a disease that starts in benign places of culture and metastasizes into a cancer, eating away at the doors of your hometown church.