Radical Idea after the Second America Revolution

revolutionary-war-031So that heavily armed swat teams don’t show up to replace my alarm clock, let me make clear that I’m not suggesting a second American revolution. But should one dictate a complete course correction that caused said revolution, I have just one of many suggestions. That would be to revisit our elected officials’ relationship with Washington-the city, not the president.

Every challenger’s mantra is to replace the “career politician” with a real working dude. Really?  What the candidate is actually saying is that he/she wants to be the next “career politician.” In rapid order, virgin saplings become part of the political jungle. After a term or two, it’s hard to tell one from the other.

Here’s my suggestion. Let’s build an nice “Extended Stay” condo within walking distance of the Capitol. It would be a first class apartment complex with social status befitting  elected officials. The penthouses would be reserved for the Speaker and the Majority leader. The top floor suites would be designated to Committee Chairs, all to assuage egos and status. The rest of the Senators and Representatives would have assigned state rooms (Mississippi, Arkansas, etc.)

What’s the good idea behind this? Each state will be responsible for the upkeep, remodeling, etc of their respective condos. As a small populated state, we would be charged for a total of seven (two senators and four representatives.) An expense report would be available on the website for each state to examine.

Now, here’s the kicker. With high speed internet and today’s technology, there’s absolutely nothing an elected politician can’t do at the home/state office(s) that he or she can do in Washington. This would mean the “people’s representatives” would be among the people, instead of among the lobbyist.

For two weeks each quarter, Congress would be in “Washington Session” and the aforementioned condos would be utilized. When they are not, they would be rented out, producing an income for each state after the cost of construction.

It’s a simple idea that could create powerful changes in the relationship of those who claimed to have the “heart of a servant.” That said, it would take a revolution to accomplish.