Ryno Acts Like a Redneck

Did you ever try to make home movies or set up a photo shoot with your friends when you were younger? Do you have any evidence from an embarrassing memory in your past?

Nine years ago, Ryno and a couple of his college buddies decided to make use of a DUI educational tool as a prop in a spur-of-the-moment skit, complete with bad improv acting. The skit was shot in one take and slapped on the internet for all the world to see. To this day, few people have ever actually seen it. One of the actors, Josh Powell, has gone on to a full-time career in acting, making an appearance in a Super Bowl ad most recently, Jim went on to teach and work on computers, and Ryno found his way behind the microphone and the sound board at Supertalk. While the language in the video is a little coarse and the production value is nearing zero, it is a humorous look back at the past and a reminder of how much some things change and some things stay the same over the course of almost a decade.

[Warning: Ryno does use one curse word in his portrayal of Earl, so there’s your NSFW Language warning. His brother Earl may be cursing the whole time, but you just can’t understand him.]

You might not have video evidence of a stupid skit from your youth, but surely you’ve still got a picture of yourself stuck back somewhere, wearing an outfit or sporting a hair style that looks ridiculous nowadays. Are you still a little embarrassed by some of the stupider or sillier things you did in your youth? Or do you look back and laugh at yourself?