Senator Kid Rock?!

It isn’t too uncommon to have a celebrity run for public office, and it isn’t unheard of to have a celebrity actually win an election. From former California Governor Schwarzenegger to former Governor Jesse Ventura and even President Donald Trump, political strategists have struggled to replicate the brand and name recognition enjoyed by celebs in America. Now it looks like the Michigan GOP is at least discussing a Senate ticket including self-proclaimed Libertarian rocker Kid Rock.

While no one has actually reached out to Kid Rock(real name Robert Ritchie) to see if he’d even be willing to run for office, but he has thrown his weight behind Republican candidates in the past, including President Trump. While it is unlikely that American politics has made a shift towards celebrities joining the world of politics en masse(except to complain via social media), it is a fun thought problem. If you could pick a celebrity from Mississippi to become a politician, who would you pick? Would Morgan Freeman make a good Governor? What about Brett Favre as a Senator? Would Lance Bass be a good fit in the Legislature? 

NEW YORK, NY – (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
Senator Kid Rock
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2/15/17: Michigan GOP wants Kid Rock to run for Senate