Crab, corn and green tomato relish

One of Mississippi’s best natural (and delicious) resources is SEAFOOD! For the last 9 years Mississippi’s  most talented chefs have been celebrated in an annual throwdown! Those named the Best Seafood Chef in Mississippi will earn a spot in the Great American Seafood Cookoff. Each of the 12 chefs bring their own style, perspective and flavor … Continue reading “Crab, corn and green tomato relish”

Plan a Mississippi Vacation

You might have heard the term “Stay-cation” – where a vacation is spent at home or nearby rather than traveling far and wide. Mississippi has plenty of hot spots for you and your family to travel to this summer.  Craig Ray is the Director of Visit Mississippi, the Tourism office of the Mississippi Development Authority, … Continue reading “Plan a Mississippi Vacation”

The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers is the  musical duo of Michael Bacon and Kevin Bacon. Although they have played music together since they were boys, the brothers have been an official band since 1995. The Bacon Brothers made their Mississippi debut at Duling Hall in 2017. During their time in Jackson,  Kevin Bacon was inspired to write … Continue reading “The Bacon Brothers”

Oak River Company

When Mitzi Galason thinks of her hometown in Mississippi, she thinks of its oak trees. Strong, durable, and the ability to provide a place to rest.  Although she no longer lives in the Magnolia State she keeps the values close to heart and integrates them into her business, Oak River Company. Mitzi Galason joined Rebecca … Continue reading “Oak River Company”

Drones to Boost Rural Internet Access

Conor Ferguson grew up in Batesville, Mississippi always curious about tech. Following in his dad’s footsteps, Conor learned to build computers at the age of 6, and followed his dad’s company into the community, testing wireless internet connections. It wasn’t until he was an engineering student at Mississippi State that Conor created drones that could … Continue reading “Drones to Boost Rural Internet Access”

Eat to Protect Your Mind

An estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s dementia in 2018. This number includes an estimated 5.5 millionpeople age 65 and older and approximately 200,000 individuals under age 65 who have younger-onset Alzheimer’s. (According to Currently there is no cure for alzheimer’s, nor can any one diet or lifestyle change … Continue reading “Eat to Protect Your Mind”

One Decision Can

One decision can transform your life from stress to success. Don’t believe it? Just ask entrepreneur, and author, Dave Jesiolowski. Dave joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to talk about his journey from playing professional hockey in Canada to living in Mississippi, happily married, but unhappy professionally. That’s when “one decision” changed everything. Listen:

Meridian’s Rose Hill Cemetery

Rose Hill Cemetery is one of Meridian, Mississippi’s oldest. Much of the city’s history was shaped by those resting there.  The oldest grave marker dates back to 1853, but burials were most likely taking place prior to that.  Anne B. McKee is the Creator and Director of Rose Hill Historic Cemetery Costumed Tour and she stopped by … Continue reading “Meridian’s Rose Hill Cemetery”

Dance Majors to Represent Mississippi on National Stage

Twelve Belhaven University dance majors are traveling to the nation’s capital for a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Among hundreds of compositions from the nation’s top collegiate dance programs, Belhaven is the only Mississippi university and Christian college that will perform at the 2018 National College Dance Festival in Washington, D.C. The American College Dance Association (ACDA) selected … Continue reading “Dance Majors to Represent Mississippi on National Stage”

The State Games of Mississippi

Mississippi’s largest amateur sportsfest! The State Games of Mississippi began in 1991 with 1,200 athletes competing in 12 sports. The 2017 State Games consisted of 38 sports with more than 5,000 athletes competing. This year, 40 sports will again attract amateur athletes from across the state for top competition. Hear from the 2018 Male Athlete … Continue reading “The State Games of Mississippi”

Mississippi Physicians Creating Opioid Use Alternatives Model

Mississippi’s statistics on opioid use resulting in addiction and deaths are scary, and everyone seems to agree that there is an issue, but what to do next is up for debate. A team of University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) physicians and caregivers is tackling the problem of pain from different angles. Let’s face it, … Continue reading “Mississippi Physicians Creating Opioid Use Alternatives Model”