Senator Josh Harkins Stops By @TheJTShow

Senator Josh Harkins(Mississippi Senate District 20(Rankin Co) and purported member of the “Rankin County Mafia”) stopped by the studio to talk about the impact of a law that he proposed as a bill that limits the powers of Mississippi Mayors to appoint their friends to positions in the government without oversight, but the conversation covered … Continue reading “Senator Josh Harkins Stops By @TheJTShow”

Chairman Josh Harkins on the JT Show

Senator Josh Harkins(Chairman of the Universities and Colleges Committee) stopped by the studio to talk with JT about the 2018 Legislative session, and the topic of HB1083 came up, with Sen. Harkins pointing out that there isn’t an SEC stadium anywhere that allows the concealed carry of firearms – not even in Texas! If you … Continue reading “Chairman Josh Harkins on the JT Show”