The Seeds of Despair

You know the numbers, from illegal immigrants to gang members, drug convictions to overdose deaths, homelessness to sex trafficking. On page two of the frightening headlines are future projections of turning America into a third world country.

immigrationThose same numbers reveal the majority of illegals coming across the border are teenagers; most of them will fall through the cracks and never return to Latin America or beyond. The Coyotaje Cancer is metastasizing in America with seeds planted from sea to shining sea.

An unimaginable amount of drug money is flowing like a river of blood across the Rio Grande and its dire consequences are aimed at the future of unsuspecting American citizens.

Read the stories. The drug cartels are as innovative in technology as they are heinously cruel. How many of those being dropped into American communities are future drug dealers by choice or force?

The ripple effect from tens of thousands of undocumented aliens pouring into America creates a lot of scary questions.

For instance- If you’re a family in Latin America that hasn’t paid the smuggler the full fee, what is the payoff?

What would you do if the bad guys know where your children are and you know they wouldn’t hesitate to decapitate an innocent child to make an example?

If you’re a teenager who misses his parents back in Latin America and cartel members enlist your services, what happens then? They make one call and one parent is history. You’re emailed the horrid picture.

What about those who are left stranded without a family and are adopted by some of the most vicious gangs already existing in both large cities and small communities across the country?

Unfortunately these questions will most likely be answered, not by the Obama Administration, but by future headlines in ever increasing numbers.

Listening to the news today, one thing is for sure. As more innocent victims fall, there is more than one assailant who has blood on his hands.