There May Be No Way Out of the McDaniel Monster Maze!

10251940_214248132118434_2612795668473092464_nWe may have arrived at a point of no graceful or politically salvageable way out for State Senator Chris McDaniel. If asked to take on the job, it’s doubtful even the much maligned Henry Barbour would attempt such a monumental task.

The top tier policy wonks across the nation have been watching this from the 50 yard line, and even they are spellbound by this overtime spectacle.

Weeks ago I mentioned on the air that McDaniel was a “Dead Political Man Walking.” With every press release and press conference he (or one of his entourage) has emboldened that statement.

If the courts decide McD is the winner, he will have alienated 194,000 Mississippi voters he needs in the general election. You’ve heard that before, but in this case the shoe would be on the other foot. He alone would be the reason each of those individual’s vote was voided.

If he is the nominee and wins the general election, he’s got six years to make everyone forget this nightmare by mending fences and fulfilling his promises to single handedly save America (or at least set such an impressive example, others follow suit.

If the courts throw out the Cochran votes and then McDaniel loses in the general election, and if Senator- Elect Childers is one of the reasons Harry Reid retains his gavel, McDaniel won’t be able to call a real estate agent fast enough.

If he wins and the Republicans kick Harry Reid back to three mules south of a Nevada brothel, the formation of the new GOP power base in Washington D.C. will not include the rookie senator. What Mississippians will see is the loss of powerful chairmanships that will be given to others in very competitive southern states. Long-term, that could be disastrous to Mississippi.

That’s just the “If by some miracle the courts agreed with him” scenario. The more realistic (and equally daunting) maze is how does he survive as a state senator and as a member of the Mississippi Republican Party?

As the stories continue to be written about this election, one thing is for sure, Chris McDaniel and the assembled team of the McDaniel campaign, has cultivated one of the most impressive political mazes in our election history.

If any sense is to be made of this massive maze and survivors are to navigate it successfully, it’s probably going to take a much higher position of clarity than a bird’s eye view. We’re talking satellite or beyond.