This Weekend with Tanya T – 6/20/14

This weekend you have three new movies to see – each very different from the other.

RobertFirst up, The Rover is a movie about a guy who hunts down the men who stole his only possession left after hard economic times – his car.  The action takes place in the Australian outback, and he forces one of the wounded thieves left behind to carry out his revenge.  If you’ve missed Robert Pattinson on the big screen, he co-stars with Guy Pierce.  Both actors and the film have gotten positive reviews on the festival circuit.

Next up, a sequel, Think Like a Man Too, showcases the comedic talent of Kevin Hart and the cast from the original.  The couples reunite for a wedding in Vegas, but their activities threaten to ruin the big event.  This is another sequel that you’ll enjoy if you liked the first movie.

Finally, if you love Broadway musicals like me, the latest stage to big screen offering is Jersey Boys.  Featuring the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, this biography tells the story of their rise and subsequent conflicts as their music influenced a generation.  If you like a little drama along with your toe-tapping, this is the movie for you.

Tune into the Paul Gallo show every Friday and I’ll keep YOU in the movie loop!