Valentine’s Day

From Pakistan banning public celebrations of Valentine’s Day to the plethora ofWorst Valentine’s Day Giftslists you’ll see around the web today, the negative emotions that seem to have been swirling around the nation recently are trying to taint Cupid’s favorite day. Then again, not everyone has a Valentine to with whom they can celebrate today, but you wonderfully single folks can take heart in the fact that you are not alone. Americans are avoiding getting married at a rate that hasn’t been seen since 1920 and just because you may not have a “special someone” today, you can still enjoy this Tuesday.

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day, remember that some will no doubt have it better than you, while others undoubtedly have it worse. Take time today to remember and focus on the blessings you have. The emotions you feel today, whether it be love or loneliness, are a blessing in and of themselves, because if you are feeling, it means you are alive(and reading this), which means there is hope that tomorrow can be better, no matter what.